Zazzle at Maker Faire


Last weekend, a small contingent of Zazzle Employees invaded Maker Faire (yes that is how they spell it), which is is an annual meeting for do-it-yourselfers to show off weekend projects. Since Zazzle is all about bringing creations to life, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what our peers have been “making.” The Zazzle crew witnessed everything from a two-story nose-picking machine to a two-centimeter solar-powered robot. It was hot, it was fun and I think I might have eaten too many corndogs…

Some of our favorites:
A Human-sized Mouse Trap in Rube Goldberg style.

A Flame-spewing Fire Truck and other pyrotechnics.

Art made of Neon Lights from Peterson Neon.

A challenging 3D Marble Maze.

A Mini-terrain Mapping Demo complete with tiny cars from Microsoft Research.


2 Responses to “Zazzle at Maker Faire”

  1. Clara Chandler Says:

    Very cool stuff!! I envy you guys being there. Maybe next year…

  2. codfishlady Says:

    Looks like it was a fun time!

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