Dads and Grads Appreciation


Note: this contest is now over. View the winners.


(For those of you who are new to Zazzle Contests (beta!), make sure you read the About Zazzle Contests section.)

As both Father’s Day and Graduation approach, we thought it’d be fun to have a dual-themed contest that provides entrants the opportunity to show their appreciation for Dad or upcoming graduates. We’re looking for the best designs that (a) give thanks to Dad for all of the things he does OR (b) celebrates the pending arrival of graduation day for hard working students.

Only ONE ENTRY is permitted per person and we’ll be selecting two winning designs, one for each theme.

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There will be two winners to this contest.

1. The winner of the design that best gives thanks to Dad will receive:

2. The winner of the design that celebrates the pending arrival of graduation will receive:

  • $500.00 USD – COLD HARD CASH: whatever you want to do with it
  • Top-of-the-Line Framed Print: You can go bonkers using our media and framing options to create a graduation portrait that will last for generations to come. Do whatever you want for options, all the way up to $250.

How to Enter:

Submission deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) on June 9, 2007.

  1. Create your design and place it on a product (can be any product type … t-shirts, mugs, posters, stamps, you decide!). Make your product.
  2. Publish your product to the Zazzle marketplace with the tag “DadsAndGradsContest2007” (find out how to tag your product). If you have already published your design prior to the start of this contest, simply tag it “DadsAndGradsContest2007” to submit it.
  3. You’re almost done! To give yourself added publicity, don’t forget to leave a comment below with a link to the product page of your entry.

IMPORTANT: You may only enter one design (on one product) to the contest. You may NOT enter the same design on multiple products and you may NOT enter multiple designs. If you do, only your first entry will be eligible to win. View the contest rules.

How is the winner selected?

  • Once your product is in the Zazzle marketplace, other users will be able to rate it, view it, comment on it and also buy it. All of these factors will be used to determine the top twenty five entries for both of the contest themes. An internal Zazzle judging panel will select the ultimate winner from this set of fifty products (twenty five Father’s Day products and twenty five Graduation themed products). This means that you should tell your friends and family about your entry and encourage them to show their support by rating it, leaving a comment or buying the product … the more visibility you get, the better your chances to win!
  • Note to International Users: Due to contest rules, only entries from individuals within the US are eligible to win the prize.

Promote Your Entry!

  • Create a Zazzle panel showing all of the contest entries! Select a skin and click “Save & Finish” to get the embed code. Then place it on your blog, website, etc.
  • To learn how to embed your submission off of Zazzle, click “link to this” on the product page of your submitted design.

63 Responses to “Dads and Grads Appreciation”

  1. Katherine Bailey Says:

    All dad’s love bucks! Show your Dad just how much you care this Father’s day with a black and brown buck tie. It’s not just ANY tie!

    Black and Brown Buck Tie
    Get this custom tie at Zazzle

  2. Kerry Says:

    ONE ENTRY people!!! Please read the rules ONE ENTRY ONLY!

  3. Schmeer Says:

    Here’s my entry. Hope you all enjoy the humor and oh the love!!

  4. Ann Says:

    I hope you enjoy this. It’s such a great memory for me – fishing with my father as a child. When the contest asked for something to honor what father’s do this was it for me. The picture symbolizes a lot and I hope you see it.

  5. Sweetcheeks72 Says:

    Everything a Dad Can Be
    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  6. Jamiecreates1 Says:

    Here’s my offering… I’m thankful that my Dad always makes us feel loved and cared for as one of his crew! He’s never made me walk the plank either.. Arrrrrr… :o)

  7. Jamiecreates1 Says:

    hrmmm.. Well that link didn’t work.. So here it is again, in a different format…

  8. Dena (aka lioneyes) Says:

    I’m so excited to enter my first Zazzle contest!! You’ll probably see me promoting it all the time, so if it gets really annoying or tacky, PLEASE let me know. Can’t help it…did I mention I’m excited?! :D

    Here’s the link:*/product/137422394559124439

    Please stop by and leave your comments!!

  9. Andrew Says:

    Here is my entry I hope that all of you like it!*/product/235440477169948782

  10. Kerry Says:

    Here is my entry. It’s an old product, but I feel it says it all. Hope you like it.

  11. maximus7 Says:

    You can get the George Washington Father of our country. Leader in Education tie. Very good gift for Fathers and Graduates.

  12. Grace (Horseshoes3) Says:

    Hey – pop over a view my entry “DAD FACTS” – a humorous view of Dad! – Grace*/product/228106622717455456

  13. Kathy (KAZ Creations) Says:

    Please check out my product and let me know what you think! Thanks! : )

  14. Kathy (KAZ Creations) Says:

    OOps! Sorry, I didn’t include the link. I’m kind of new at this, so bear with me! Please check out my Graduation Mug and let me know what you think. It would be really cool to win the cash. Everything I make goes to promote Fibromyalgia Awareness & Research! Thanks, Kathy : )*/product/168658581418240704

  15. D & D Art Studio Says:

    Here is my entry:

  16. ZephyrusBooks Says:

    I have just found this contest page. Here’s my entry:*/product/137285183810020137

  17. ZephyrusBooks Says:

    So much for the Zazzle star…

  18. DianasMoon Says:

    Here’s my entry for Dad. It’s a humorous card with a play on words for the fisherman…good for the older kids who want to pick out their own but don’t want the “mushy” stuff. Wish me luck!! Good luck to all :O)

  19. Lilly (zooogle) Says:


  20. Sylinden Says:

    Just entered! And here it is:

    Good Luck everyone!

  21. matta Says:

    Here you go….

  22. matta Says:

  23. Schmeer Says:

    Here is a more appropriate link to my entry of Big fat froggie and kid , can’t ya feel the love……. lol*/product/235497631357110904 Enjoy! Thanks!

  24. Kerry Says:

    thanks for making the One Entry part larger! :)

  25. folkartblonde Says:

    My Dad is the smartest man I know, and I’m very appreciative of his wisdom and love over the years. :)
    Here’s my entry for the contest! Good luck to everyone!

  26. dianasmoon Says:

    Someone was kind enough to tell me that my entry wasn’t showing up. Here it is again! Hopefully you’ll find it and enjoy!*/product/137791789497409757

  27. matta Says:

    I’ve removed my original one and improved it here: ta!

  28. iiiyaaa Says:

    Some grads love school, encourage them to go for more :)

  29. iiiyaaa Says:

  30. Nightmareartist Says:

    My entry for Father’s Day is a timeless silhouette of Dad in an Arts & Crafts style border. Stop by and let me know what you think.

  31. bio_muse Says:

    Here’s my entry. A proud proclamation for those who have made it through medical school.

  32. MishaBean Says:

    Funny & cute contest entry:*/product/137007235939811700

    Hope you enjoy a laugh.

  33. MishaBean Says:

    Hmmm…why didn’t that link work?

    Try again…

  34. Cloud Bunny Says:

    Graduation is LIVING THE DREAM!

  35. Cloud Bunny Says:

    Graudaiton is Living the Dream!*

  36. Cloud Bunny Says:

    Graduation is Living The Dream!*

  37. GaiaSelini Says:

    My very first Zazzle contest!!!!

    I opted to honor our grads… check it out!

    I am so excited to be apart of Zazzle! I only just started this week! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

  38. Terri Wilkerson Says:

    You gotta love dads and their quirky sayings. This is one of my favorite dadisms “Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around”. If I heard it once, I heard it a million times. Stop by and let me know what you think!

  39. Terri Wilkerson Says:

    It looks like it didn’t take my website above, I’ll try again.

  40. Will la Puerta Says:

    Let your favorite grad know what they’re in for. Welcome to the hamster wheel of life, kids!

  41. Heather Downey Says:

    OK…here’s mine. It’s a design from last month, but I think it would be cute for a little one to be wearing this on father’s day :)

  42. ldcreative Says:

    here’s my graduation entry:

  43. Jess Padgett Says:

    Here is my entry. Enjoy

  44. WendyQZX Says:

    Carpe Mango graduation card — take a peek:

    Good luck, everyone, and best wishes to all the Dads and Grads!

  45. MidnightAkita Says:

    This is my Father’s Day entry.

    Good luck to all of you. There are some exceptional designs in this contest.

  46. Rockangel Says:

    OK here is mine!

  47. Fun T-shirts Says:

    Here’s mine for Father’s Day…

  48. shannon@hahpistuff Says:

    Here’s my first Zazzle contest entry. I hope you all enjoy it. Granted, it is not the mushiest or sweetest card but it does have its charm…..and loads of humor! :)

    see it here:

  49. wolffreeborn Says:

    hmm.. my posting didn’t show..
    my entry for dads and grads contest:

  50. Ashley Says:

    Go to the following page to see my awesome Father’s Day Zazzle Entry! You’ll be suprised what the young people can do! Once u view it please rate it, comment it anything to help me win!

  51. voliman Says:

    I decided to design a Father’s Day poster that was in my heart. I kept it childlike because……”of such is the Kingdom of Heaven! There’s a wealth of symbolism in the design. The two trees representing the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. The birds and of course the white dove. All our weaknesses and transgressions are forgiven by the ultimate sacrifice of LOVE. THANK YOU ABBA!

  52. voliman Says:

    The idea for this design is based on a friend’s daughter who had no idea that she had to pay off her student loan. When she found out she of course panicked!

  53. Slam Dunk DAD Says:

    For Father’s Day – Celebrate the DAD that gets involved – gets in the game – this design has a big DAD with the letters cut out of a basketball. A basketball goal and ball witwh the words SLAM DUNK. And the tag line…..THe Team Star! DAD would love this Father’s Day gift!

  54. Linda Hull Says:

    Remember all the fun things you did as a kid with Dad? The hikes, the fishing trips, the jeep trails? This card is a reminder of all the great memories we share with our Dad. Dads guide us through each step of our lives. Love you, Dad!

  55. Linda Hull Says:

    OOPS! Here’s a link to my Father’s Day Contest entry…

    You can view the card under Top Picks or under New Products.

  56. Borbujas Says:

    Here’s my SUPER DAD Tie. :)

  57. Borbujas Says:

    Hmm…that didn’t work. Let’s try again:

    hErE is my SUPER DAD Tie. :)

  58. Jrcphoto Says:

    Here is my entry

  59. joydriven Says:

    Here’s mine. (I tried to post a notification about it a few days ago, but the comment never showed up.)

  60. Enidk Says:

    Wendyqzx sent me hear, and I am oh so greatful So I added my tags and just thought I should post my link here.

    Good luck to everyone. :0)*/product/168430325564084633

  61. Clara Chandler Says:

    Here’s mine:

    Grandson Grandfather
    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  62. whupsadaisy Says:

    Here is my awesome contest entry…inspired by my own father and a great father’s day gift for any dad!
    Love you Dad…you’ve been a great dad and the best friend any girl could ever have!

  63. JMark Afghans Says:

    The product was published in time – I’m just late leaving a message. Hope that isn’t a problem.

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