Zazzle at the 30th Anniversary Star Wars Convention


A long, long time ago and home to the LA Galaxy, there was an occasion like few before… bigger than a Death Star, it was the 30th Anniversary Star Wars Convention, and it rocked the house harder than a light saber rave party after too much time on the moons of Dagobah. Here’s Rob ( when he wasn’t actually snapping a photo:

rob at star wars convention

It had EVERYTHING, people weren’t just dressed up as Boba Fett or Darth Vader, they were dressed as every kind of space creature that even had a single cell of screen action in the final cut (some that didn’t too). Walking into that convention center was more like walking into a spaceport, except being dressed like a human was more alien than normal. Zazzle manned the booth handing out fliers to let these die hard fans know about the Zazzle Star Wars Special Collection. Of course the highlight of the entire trip had to be seeing Darth Vader get an autograph FROM Darth Vader (I tried to do that from myself once, but I told myself I didn’t have time, and maybe I would at the next show). Check out the rest of the Robcam shots, and all the Star Wars gear you could ever want in the Star Wars collection.


One Response to “Zazzle at the 30th Anniversary Star Wars Convention”

  1. Jen Fan Says:

    Cool pics, but just one question – when did Hellboy show up in Star Wars?

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