is it really better to suffer the slings and arrows?


speaking of arrows… (sorry, worst segue ever!)

i hear the zazzlers had a mini-debate today over the use of arrows in the latest contributor newsletter. now, the inzider is a fan of all things 1997, but the ms paint aesthetic isn’t one of them. please don’t let me sway the vote… slip on the robe and judge for yourself.

slow arrow

ms paint

smart arrow

not ms paint


6 Responses to “is it really better to suffer the slings and arrows?”

  1. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    I love MS paint

  2. Jinxproof Says:

    I really loved the arrow on the bottom, very nice looking. The arrow on the top actually made me a bit nauseous. Please don’t let the designer of the arrow on the top use a computer ever again.

  3. mspainter Says:

    You’ve just put an arrow through my bleeding heart. Nothing beats MS Paint.

  4. Papa Razzi Says:

    I am a huge fan of what I called: Digital Naive. I beLIEve we will see a huge comeback with MS Paint.

    v.2 MSP

  5. jd Says:

    I want arrows pointing at everything on that page….tiny ones, big ones…oblong arrows!!! arghhhh!!!

  6. random visitor Says:

    although I don’t like the specific instance of the ‘mspaint’ arrow, i think the overall aesthetic present there could work better than the one present in ‘not ms piant’. i really don’t think the ‘not ms paint’ arrow is a good idea, despite comparing it favourably to the above specific use of the ms paint style.

    was that unclear? let me know and I’ll try and clarify.

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