Digital World invades the Real World


What is going on!? This recent turn of events reminds me of the scene in the Matrix when Mr. Smith becomes a real person, or when Pinocchio transforms from being wood and string into a real boy… scary yes, but that was fantasy, now it has happened ala Zazzle style! Bhbphotos on Zazzle, had the rather ingenious idea of advertising his contributor gallery by putting his url on the side of his studio – not a virtual studio, a REAL studio (you can touch it!), brilliant! Furthermore, this is awesome because he’s getting referrals from real world advertising (notice his Zazzle Star) – ‘*’ at the end of the url – how cool is that? This is why I love the new forums… you get to discover even more interesting and exciting ways that people are using Zazzle.

Next week, I will tell you about the contributor who tattooed his gallery URL on his forehead, and why he is regretting the gallery name “Kick_Me.” Heh.


2 Responses to “Digital World invades the Real World”

  1. Nicole Says:

    That was a cool idea from Bhb photos! I don’t know if I would be brave enough in showing a tattoo on my forehead! But I have this “stop” sign near my window in AZ and I was thinking of placing a few cards on the pane with perhaps a flashing light of some kind!! He, he! :-)

  2. azac69* Says:

    We should all be so lucky to have our own studio so we could do this too! Good for Bhb!

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