bigger is better…


time for a quickie…

hey zazzle fans (and especially contributors), rumor has it that our friends at zazzle will be doubling your royalty payments for a couple of weeks. if you buy your own stuff, that’s like a 20% off coupon! if you buy my stuff, i’ll throw in an 8×10 glossy! nice…

watch your inbox for news.


4 Responses to “bigger is better…”

  1. WitchHazel Says:

    That’s good news!!! Is this for real “Z” ?

  2. inzider Says:

    would the inzider lie to you, ms. hazel? keep a watchful eye on your inbox. good news is on its way.


  3. inzider Says:

    many brave souls lost their lives delivering this last rumor to the zider… too bad it was only 50% correct. take a look at your contributor discount. 20 is bigger and better than 10. my glass is back up against the wall to see if royalties are coming.


  4. azac69* Says:

    As good as that is, it would be much better if we could just set our own royalties as was mentioned in the forum.

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