12.99 Zazzle Custom Stamps Promo – Stay of Execution!


The Governor has called and the stamps promo lives! Yes folks, that’s right, the postage promo is EXTENDED, now you can continue to get your .41 cent Zazzle Custom Stamps for 12.99 (usually 18.99 for a 20 stamp sheet) all the way through June (ends 6/30). Actually it’s not like this promo needed any help, stamps have literally been flying off the presses… so fast, in fact, that some did catch on fire. Don’t worry though, we gladly reprinted the stamps for those customers.

So if you’re a ‘Type A’ and want to design your own then get started and create Zazzle Custom Stamps with your own images, or if your a ‘Type B’ and just want to relax, sip girly drinks and look at the amazing designs from contributors, then I would suggest browsing the marketplace. Either way, you will still be getting the highest quality, real US postage around and that’s no bull…..
BUT THIS IS!!! ——> bull stamp

Note: I know that the above animal is not a bull, but I just thought it was so darn cute… it kinda worked, right? Please agree with me… my therapist says I need validation to survive. It probably all started with my father, he was always at wor—Transmission terminated, the person responsible for monitoring this kind of stuff has been sacked.

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