Meeting with Star Wars Execs…


When Zazzle meets with Star Wars execs, our BD rep Mike is forced (get it, the force) to get into the mindset of a true star wars fan/character. Witness Exhibit A: Mike wearing a storm trooper helmet, which he had on for the entire four hour meeting (kidding).

Mike the star wars exec
Isn’t he cute?

This is what we go through at Zazzle to get all kinds of great Star Wars products for you! So come on down and browse around our the Star Wars collection, if not for me, then for Mike…


6 Responses to “Meeting with Star Wars Execs…”

  1. Laurie L, Product Technology group Says:

    hey, that looks like the SF presidio! Did you check out the yoda fountain and ILM galleries?

  2. paul Says:

    Looks like like a clone trooper helmet not a storm trooper helmet.

  3. Jango Fett Says:

    Dude, its so obvious that he’s wearing a Clone Trooper helmet NOT a Storm Trooper helmet. Any idiot can tell those two apart!

  4. Meatloaf Says:

    Awesome business strategy! You look great. Too bad you eyes are shut.

    Why aren’t you smiling?

  5. potatocrisps Says:

    hot diggety — this would only be better if he was wearing a white button up shirt and a black tie. No doubt, thats a SAUCE-TROOPER..

  6. Mike Says:

    Nice! Does it have a cooling fan?

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