Design tidbit #1: taking a marker to t-shirt


Hi! I’m one of the new kids on the block and let me tell you, it’s been one heck of a block party since I’ve been here. I’m the newest addition to the Product Technologies group, a potpourri of technologists, product designers, industrial engineers, and more. As for myself, I’m a self-proclaimed artist (performing and visual) who went into Mechanical Engineering at MIT because it was the closest thing to arts and crafts(!), continued that train of thought at Stanford while working in national defense, and am now living my design passion at Zazzle. It’s a dream come true to be part of the Product Technologies group, where we pour our whacky, creative energies into dreaming up “the sky’s the limit” product lines. But these aren’t just figments of anyone’s imagination; we aspire to bring them to life as well!

We get our inspiration from each other, our customers, our surroundings, and all the clever designs that we have the good fortune of stumbling across. We’re technologists, so admittedly it’s often the newest cutting-edge technological developments and abilities that inspire us to play. Sometimes it’s simply the clean, sleek feel of an object that balances just-so in the hand, that inspires an silent shiver – a beautifully harmonic trill – of delight. Or maybe it’s the re-purposing of an object; you’ve seen something familiar in one light for so long, that when you see it highlighted in another, it’s a surprising revelation. One thing that never fails to capture me is the elegance of a solution; good design has an unmistakable, eye-catching presence. Needless to say, we’re continuously energized with new discoveries and we’d love to share some of them with you. Think of them as fun tidbits heightening the anticipation until the launches of our upcoming exciting product lines!

Here at Zazzle, we spend most of our waking hours innovating cutting-edge solutions in both the virtual and physical worlds, and we really strive to push the envelope with new technologies. But it’s refreshing to also have fun with “low-tech”. Did you know you could create a customized t-shirt armed with just a black felt-tip marker? At Haque, they make it possible. There’s even an online site where you can plan out your design dynamically. It goes to show that anyone can have a lot of fun with dots of color, a marker, and a healthy dose of imagination.

And imagination is something that the Zazzle community has no shortage of! There’s so much dynamic synergy zinging about, I’m proud to be here, happy to share with you, and eager to hear about your love of design. I welcome your thoughts and ideas, and look forward to many more fun posts like this!

lauriel ^_^


4 Responses to “Design tidbit #1: taking a marker to t-shirt”

  1. CyberTaek Says:

    Wow, a very truthful and poetic blog post as well as a personal and company-wide mission statement. imo.

  2. Rex Says:


  3. Cheer Girl Says:

    I think that was awsom

  4. Cherylsart Says:

    You can go even more low tech and buy some acrylic paint pens, and either use short strokes and/or dots to fill in outline art designs. Check out some of the designs I’ve been making listed in the category Outline Art on my Zazzle page.

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