Says-It let's you say it…through the Zazzle API


Hillary says…This is a very cool implementation of our creation API! let’s you choose from various people, backgrounds, etc, and add your own pearls of wisdom.

Then choose from a list of Zazzle products, like mousepads, t-shirts, mugs, keychains and more. Easy…breezy…beautiful!

For more info on our creation API, check my previous post.

4 Responses to “Says-It let's you say it…through the Zazzle API”

  1. Moira Ashleigh Says:

    I was browsing my own site and noticed that now the “customer” can remove my image and use their own on a card with my copyright. I gave permission to customize but that did not include removing my art on my cards.

    What do I need to do to prevent this – because that is totally against GAG policy and my understanding of copyright. And I remember being assured that customization did not in any way interfere with my art. This is really NOT OK.

    And it opens to “Customization” by default rather than pick the card size – so it appears that Zazzle is encouraging this. :|

    And I had my SO try it, just to be sure it wasn’t an owner only change, he was able to put a man hole cover on the front of my card! Yikes!

    If this is the new policy then I need all of my work to be un-customizable to ensure my copyright.


  2. PHil Says:

    I went to I don’t find any implementation of the Zazzle API, just a reference that you can do your own.

  3. Ed Caggiani, Interaction Designer Says:

    Moira, you can lock objects in a design so that no one can change them. To do so, double click on the object’s name in the design tool, and you should get a little window where you can change the name. Just change it to #LOCK# and hit OK.

  4. Ed Caggiani, Interaction Designer Says:

    PHil, the integration is there. If you choose a product and customize it on Says-It, you will see options to “Get your design printed on a…”. Select one of those.

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