Hillary Will say ANYTHING!


Yes that’s right, one of the latest uses of the Zazzle API is Says-It.com’s Hillary Says It. Basically you can type anything you want into a little box, pick a pose and a background, then Hillary will say it! Not only that, once you’ve got your clever expression, you can get it on tons of Zazzle products (everything from steins to stickers). Here is a screen capture of the great advice Hillary recommends to Anne Hathaway (even though this is something I typed in, Hillary did recommend it. Actually, I think the Senate passed a resolution about this…):

Anne Hathaway and Patrick

Check out some of my other Say-It favorites:

Pave the Moon says it
Pave the Moon Says it
I love you Jenny!

Mobster Threat Generator
You talkin’ to me?!
Rummy says it
Chuck Says it
Unfortunately you can’t make him say anything like “Chuck sucks,” I tried and then a foot came through the screen and roundhouse kicked me in the face, true story.

Check out the complete list to get your Says-It on.

Also, here are some other great API examples:
Cogteeth.com Coded T-Shirt
“Hello My Name is” Shirt
License Plate Shirt

If you think you’ve got a great API idea, learn more about how to use the Zazzle API here, and then tell me about it so I can check it out!


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