Bacon Salt Joins Zazzle – Get the Shirt!


Get ready for the eventual worldwide take over of bacon-flavored seasoning – it’s kosher friendly, minus all the greasy pig-fat mess from real bacon (I can never wash it off my hands, unclean…unclean…)! Yes that’s right, the brainchild of two Seattle guys, Justin and Dave, Bacon Salt has become a reality through countless trials and diligent research. Learn more about this amazing seasoning here (comes out in mid-July) and if you’re like me, you not only want everything you eat to have that great bacon taste, but you’re also going to want it draped all over your body – get some of the gear from the Bacon Salt Zazzle gallery! ‘Cause, as the Bacon Salt people say, “everything should taste like bacon.”

Bacon Salt Shirt

Can you hear it crackin’? I can, I can….
Note: The only reason I wrote this post is because I really want a free sample, J&D?


28 Responses to “Bacon Salt Joins Zazzle – Get the Shirt!”

  1. dan Says:

    This is the dawning of a new age. KOSHER Bacon. Yes!!!

  2. Potatocrisps Says:

    I still think this is my favorite bacon related t-shirt..
    Push Button; Receive Bacon

  3. josh Says:

    Everything tastes better with bacon. Yum!

  4. Sungoddess Says:

    Extra crispy bacon is on my top 10 food list. Mmmmmmm, bacon.

  5. Jeri Says:

    Surprisingly, it even works for diaper rash! Don’t ask how I found out.
    Seriously though, bacon salt has quickly made it on to about 7 out of 10 dishes in our household.
    I recommend BS and Eggs.

  6. Chris Esch Says:

    Bacon Salt is the greatest thing ever invented. I know this because I was fortunate enough to obtain some samples from
    Dave & Justin this week. Trust me YOU want some!!!!

  7. Chris Says:

    Anything with bacon is good in my book!!!

  8. Mike Says:

    Save the pigs, eat the salt!!

  9. The Jacobian Says:

    Bacon Salt is the real deal. Seriously. I had the opportunity to attend the prototype BBQ, and not only did it eliminate any skepticism…it flat out KICKED ASS. Get ready to tighten your belts, ’cause when this hits the market, you will never need to buy bacon again…EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER WITH BACON SALT!!!

  10. Alan Says:

    Bacon Salt is going to take the world by storm … you heard it here first.

  11. Jason Rasmussen Says:

    Bacon Salt is the single greatest invention of the millenium. Dissolving salty bacony goodness on Eggs, Meat, popcorn, rice, and my personal favorite Potatoes (baked, mashed, fried, hash browns, potato salad etc.). I have three bottles in my kitchen (original, hickory and peppered) and even carry a stach in my car. You need to try this stuff!

  12. Bill Says:

    Bacon Salt is FANTASTIC!

    Maybe we could have a shirt just for Vegetarians “Save a Pig – Use Bacon Salt!”

  13. Linds Says:

    the next best thing…fabulous idea. can’t wait to try it!

  14. Megan Says:

    Bacon salt changed my life. Not only does it give everything I eat a yummy kick, but it’s good for me too! I love Bacon Salt!

  15. Martha Says:

    I think the only thing that could possibly make this T-shirt any better was if it was scratch-and-sniff. Everything should taste like bacon right!?! Well men like bacon and we all know they like boobs…. I think it would be marketing GENIUS to combine the two. I would however avoiding making thongs.

  16. Joe Says:

    I’ll just quote Frank the Tank here…”When it Hits your lips”. Seriously, it’s almost like a crack addiction. I can’t even cook without it. Get some and get it on everything.

  17. Matt Says:

    Great addition to the summer time BBQ no matter whats on the grill!

  18. Andrew Says:

    I pretty much put it on everything I eat…. I grill A LOT !!!

  19. Anthony Slyter Says:

    No BS here… this stuff is incredible. I really think I’m addicted to the flavor. I went as far as to Bacon Salt a Coors Light and it was great, not for everyone but, I loved it. Vegatables, eggs and any potatoe product is a no brainer. The funnest part is being in your kitchen and thinking of all the things you want to try it on or in. When this stuff hits the shelf on 7/15/07, I’d go stock up. No summer meal is complete without it!

  20. Tony Says:

    I can’t wait til Bacon Salt hits Costco so I can buy it in 10lb containers! The best idea since sliced bread and you don’t have to make your house smell for 3 days to enjoy that oh so wonderful taste of BACON!!!

  21. Sarah Kettler Says:

    Bacon salt… just as delicious as the real thing but much more user friendly! I like it best on my corn on the cob and eggs. All around the perfect condiment!

  22. Buck Ritchey Says:

    Bacon Salt saved my marriage!

    thank you, Justin and Dave!!

  23. Chazz Hollandsworth Says:

    I put bacon salt on everything, literally.

  24. Jeez Says:

    if bacon salt was a woman, i’d make sweet love to it.

  25. katie Says:

    Is anyone as excited as I am about the thought of baconsalt flavored icecream?! or adding baconsalt to my chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmmm good stuff. the possibilities are limitless.

  26. Cherie Says:

    They oughta just stick a packaged sample right on the shirt!

  27. tammy moore Says:


  28. tammy moore Says:


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