Sell more stuff with this neat cross-selling trick!


So it’s not often that I post contributor tips (I should really do more of it, if you have ideas send them to me), but this one really caught my eye, and I just had to do a little post about it. Check out this stamp design by TDSwhite, and then look below in the product description:

TDSwhite capture

There are thumbnail links to all of his other wedding stamps. Very contextual… brilliant! This is cool and others should consider doing it, as it’s a great way to cross-sell customers to other relevant products from your gallery. So, you wanna learn to do it yourself? It’s pretty simple, let’s get started:

  1. Go to the product page of each product that you want to include and click on the “Link to This” button in the upper right hand corner:
    link this button
  2. A little dialog will pop up, then copy the code in either of the two sections. I recommend the bottom one because it will be easier for what we’re doing. What is the difference between the two? Well, the top section has a bunch of extra stuff that we aren’t going to use like the product title and other text, so it is just as easy to construct our own code that is simpler. Also make sure you choose the image size that you want to use – if you only have a few products that you want to include then go with a larger image, but if you have lots of products then you might want to go smaller.
  3. Now you should have a line of code that looks like this “” right? Good. This is known as the image source, save that line for later (any text editor will do), ’cause we’ll be using it soon. Now close the “Link to This” window and go back to the product page. Here we want to copy the URL of the product page, just go to the address bar in your browser – it should look something like this ““. Save this for later.
  4. Ok, so now we have two pieces of information: the image source and the product URL. Now we just need to make these work together. To do this we need this one line of html code:
    <a href=”URL“><img src=”image source” border=”0″ alt=”Title of your product” /></a>
    Just take the code you got earlier for the product URL and put that in between the quotes where it says “URL”, then take the code you got earlier for the image source and put that in between the quotes that says “image source”. Finally, to help search engines get a better look at your links, you might want to include the title of your product in between the double quotes where it says “title of your product”.

    Then you should have something that looks like this:
    <a href=”“><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Cream Rose Postage” /></a>

  5. Got it? Good! You now have your cross-sell code! WooHoo! Now you can either repeat steps 1-4 to create a list of cross-sell links (like TDSwhite did) for lots of your products, or if you only need one, then just paste that bad boy into the long description of the product page where you want it to appear.

So that’s it – welcome to the wonderful world of cross selling!


16 Responses to “Sell more stuff with this neat cross-selling trick!”

  1. Cherie Says:

    LOL…I tried and tried to do this a while ago…to no avail. NOW I get it…cool! Thanks!

  2. Cherie Says:

    Tried and tried again…it just will not let me do it! Dang!

  3. Cherie Says:

  4. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    Cherie, if you are having issues with it let me know what step and I will try to figure out what is going wrong. Let me know how I can help!

  5. Cherie Says:

    Thank you Patrick! Will do!


  6. Linda Hull Says:

    I’ve tried the code on two different designs, and can’t make it work. I can get the box with the “x” meaning the picture didn’t load to show on the product page. What happened?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  7. Josh Says:

    I did everything according to the instructions and all I get is the first word of the product title and no image. I’m sure I’m doing everything right. I’d like to make this cross selling thing work.

  8. Clara Chandler Says:

    I wasn’t able to achieve a desired outcome copying the setup the way you had it, Patrick. It linked to the image only and not the product itself. But I tweaked it around and succeeded, cross-linking nine products! You can start here and see the fruits of my labor.

    Thanks SO MUCH for demonstrating this! It’ll come in handy for me, for sure.


  9. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    Hi guys, post a comment with the link to your product and I will check it out.

  10. Clara Chandler Says:

    One issue I saw was that when you cut and paste the sample code, it copies with curly quotes (instead of “smart” quotes). What worked for me (after changing the quotes in my text editor) was copying the page’s URL and then the bottom of the three codes on the Link To This. Insert them in the same order as Patrick’s example, and SUCCESS!

  11. Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac Says:

    I think that is where a lot of people were getting hung up, thanks for the update Clara!

  12. Linda Hull Says:

    I finally got the code to work when I changed the quotes. I used the bottom code for the “image only” on the Link To This section too. I used the small image because the medium version was huge! I also shortened the URL code which was over three lines long.

    My only complaint is that the image was positioned right up next to the words of the description, and no matter how many lines between, it remained in the same location. I even tried using my html program to fix it, but the Zazzle page wouldn’t accept the commands. So I just removed it. I’ll keep playing with it, until I get it!

    This is a wonderful marketing idea, and I do appreciate the help!

  13. Donnie Rowand Says:

    To solve Linda’s issue you can insert the following code anywhere into the <img src= section. Just insert vspace=22 (or any number that fits your resulting desire), this is how much space one wants to make vertically on either side of the image. Additionally one can also include hspace=22, this is how much space one wants to make horizontally on either side of the image.


  14. Kerry Says:

    I’ve done this several times. Since the site changes the other day though, the URLS are enormously long. They used to be much, much shorter and it made it easier to do this. Even the product urls are ridiculously long. What happened?

  15. Cherylsart Says:

    I made a flash panel using key word tags, and cut and pasted that into the description: Check it out.
    Then people can see similar/related items.

  16. Cherylsart Says:

    Click on any of the items to see what I”m talking about.

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