I <heart> _______ (The MyHeart API)


Ever wanted one of those “I <heart> NY” shirts sans the “NY”? Personally, I’ve always wanted “I Hathaway” (I guess there isn’t a large market for that?) and now I can get one even easier than using the Zazzle design tool. Check out an integration of our API that contributor iheart created at myiheart.com… in seconds you can have your very own shirt, button or sticker with whatever you love most on it:

I heart that

What’s an API? Go here to learn more about the Zazzle API and get started on your own template integration!


3 Responses to “I <heart> _______ (The MyHeart API)”

  1. Clara Chandler Says:

    Have you guys redone the API thingey yet so dummies like me can figure ‘em out? LOL

  2. codfishlady Says:

    How do I do it? I >heart> ___________?

  3. Chris Says:

    i love API’s so much :) its a cool idea, but i want a I _ shirt not just the api hehe

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