Talking Food Contest!


Zazzle Talking Food Contest

Note: This contest is now over.


We’re smack-dab in the middle of summer and there’s no better time to sit back, relax, and share a few laughs. That’s why we’re kickin it with a few contests themed on humor. Here’s our first…


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The submission deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, August 12, 2007.


Forget what mom said, it’s time to play with your food! We want your funny designs of talking food! It can be bread, fruit, vegetables or any other type of delectable edible that has an inclination for conversation. For example, have a slice of pizza discussing modern politics or an orange talking about the state of pears. And if you have the winning design we’ll give you 1,000 clams (well not really clams, but dollars, which are easier to carry) for your grocery bag. So eat yourself into a creative food comma to get that extra inspiration and create a design that rocks. Get started now cause this contest is expiring faster than week-old milk.


1. Grand Prize Winner (1 winner)

  • $1,000.00 USD – COLD HARD CASH

2. Honorable Mention (10 winners)

  • Get your contest entry on us! ($25.00 credit toward your next purchase on Zazzle)




talking-food-contest-example-_1.jpg talking-food-contest-example-_2.jpg talking-food-contest-example-_3.jpg

How To Enter:

Submission deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, August 12, 2007.

  1. Create your design and place it on a product (can be any product type … t-shirts, mugs, posters, stamps, you decide!). Make your product.
  2. Publish your product to the Zazzle marketplace with the tag “TalkingFoodContest2007” (find out how to tag your product). If you have already published your design prior to the start of this contest, simply tag it “TalkingFoodContest2007″ to submit it.
  3. You’re almost done! To give yourself added publicity, don’t forget to leave a comment below with a link to the product page of your entry.

IMPORTANT: You may only enter one design (on one product) to the contest. You may NOT enter the same design on multiple products and you may NOT enter multiple designs. If you do, only your first entry will be eligible to win. View the contest rules.

Learn more about the contest

118 Responses to “Talking Food Contest!”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Cute idea for a contest. Here’s my entry –*/product/154680922943100459

    Good luck everyone!


  2. Kerry Says:*/product/154680922943100459

    hmm – doesn’t seem to be working right?

  3. Kerry Says:*/product/154680922943100459

    wonder if I take out the star…

  4. Will Russell, aka "Anarchaic Designs" Says:

    I’m totally ashamed of myself, but here it is:

  5. Clara Chandler Says:

    Here’s my entry!*/product/235321480141867467

  6. Clara Chandler Says:

    Um, the link didn’t work right. Trying again:*/product/235321480141867467

  7. Clara Chandler Says:

    *Cursing now* My Entry*/product/235321480141867467

    Gosh, I hope this works now… *sob*

  8. Patricia DAgostino Says:

    Hotdogs and Wieners
    Dog Discussion
    “Oh my .. he really thinks he’s a dog”
    Talking Food Contest 2007

  9. Patricia DAgostino Says:

    Talking Food Contest 2007
    Hotdogs and Wieners – My Entry*product/235845142060177616
    My Best of Luck to Everyone!

  10. Will la Puerta Says:

    Here’s my little bit of silliness:

    Beware of the Sasquash!

  11. QueenofHarts Says:

    I found a pizza with an attitude! YOU WANNA PIZZA ME?

  12. QueenofHarts Says:

    I made a pizza with some attitude!! YOU WANNA PIZZA ME?

  13. Stacy Says:

    Here’s my contribution to the Talking Food contest! Good luck everyone!

  14. Terri Wilkerson Says:

    Here’s my entry. Hey Baby, You Want Some Fries With That Shake?

  15. Heather Downey Says:

    OK, here’s my entry: Not exactly a work of art (far from it), but I think it’s funny

  16. Erin Says:

    Here’s my entry…. figured I’d post one of my previous designs that everyone seemed to love.*/product/235025881560759115

  17. Perlyyyy Says:

    Here is my entry Good luck to everyone!

  18. MidnightAkita Says:

    Here’s my entry.

  19. Holder Says:

    Help, I don’t know how to put the address in here. LOL

  20. nemos1271 Says:

    Here’s my entry:

  21. Akili King Says:

    Hungry? How about take-out? Talking Chinese take-out Apron

  22. MickeyElvis128 Says:

  23. ineedapeergroup Says:

    Here’s my contest entry!!

    Who knew chocolate was so dangerous??

  24. narrlynick Says:

    Here is my entry*/product/228476820791098111
    P.S. check out my other products

  25. Melisa Says:

    Here’s mine:

  26. SimplyChristina Says:

    Hiya! Here is my entry -

    You can click the image for a larger view.

    Good luck to everyone!

  27. SimplyChristina Says:

    Hiya! Here is my entry (again since the html did not work) -

    Good luck to everyone!

  28. Fany001 Says:


    Here is my entry – a crazy mushroom! :D

  29. Rachel G. Says:


    My contest submission

  30. Baca11 Says:

    Here’s mine! Got Rump Roast!

  31. SandraTAlexander Says:

    Here’s my entry :-)

    Talking cupcake tshirt
    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  32. SandraTAlexander Says:

    Wish me luck :-)

  33. SandraTAlexander Says:

    Ok, I think I got the hang of this now…Here it goes! I hope it works this time ;-)

  34. SandraTAlexander Says:*/product/235805851314761056

  35. SandraTAlexander Says:

    Last time, I promise…*/product/235805851314761056

  36. Catie Says:

    Please visit and vote for my top pick Talking food contest shirt!

  37. Firecrackinmama Says:

    Lemon Lime

  38. totallygraffiti Says:

    Toad in the hole extravaganzaaaaaah!

  39. » T-Shirt Contest - Zazzle - Custom T-Shirt Talk - » Articles Says:

    [...] However their second contest that is going on has some potential. The T-shirt Contest is about talking food! Let your food talk and bust out your best imaging program and create a design that makes your food [...]

  40. totallypainted Says:

    My entry:

    …it’s ladies night and the feeling’s ripe! Gossiping fruit :)

  41. Schmeer Says:

    Here is my entry!!!!!! BLT Here!*/product/235317881841494929

  42. Schmeer Says:

    BLT Here!

  43. sharonsharpe Says:

    Here is my talking pumpkin!!

  44. sharonsharpe Says:

  45. Lady Denise Says:

    Talking food – Who would of thunk???

  46. Lady Denise Says:

    My entry is

  47. Lilly (zooogle) Says:

    Star Fruit Wars – Use the farce.

  48. D & D Art Studio Says:

    My entry:

  49. Jicha Says:

    I just made my entry:

    Good luck and fun for ereyone!

  50. Jicha Says:

    Ups – that color didn´t really work. Black looks better. So I changed my entry to:

  51. Julie Farrell (jfarrell12) Says:

    This is a crazy fun contest! here is my submission!

    Thanks in advance for looking!


  52. narrlynick Says:

    Please check out, vote, and comment on my design.
    Here is the link.*/product/228476820791098111

    P.S. check out my other designs at*

  53. GeorgeCurious Says:

    Here’s my entry:

    It’s Summertime, so why not enjoy Dango with some tea!

  54. Designr Says:

    Link to my design. Please vote if you like.

  55. phrank ochoa Says:

    Good luck to everyone and Remember, Banana’s are funny!

  56. phrank ochoa Says:
    Good luck to everyone

  57. ZephyrusBooks Says:

    Here is my entry, based on artwork and a poem from “Alice in Wonderland.” It looks like people have been having fund with talking food for 150 years at least.

  58. SandyBuckley Says:

    Here’s my entry! :)

  59. hyphywifey4 Says:


    They call meTapatio
    Get this custom mousepad at Zazzle*/product/144268136887203334

  60. bashaa Says:

    You know politics and food do go
    Heres my entry:

  61. hyphywifey4 Says:

    They call me Tapatio
    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  62. Borbujas Says:

    Here is my entry! :)*/product/235012234002219554

    lov. ~*

  63. Borbujas Says:

    aaaaaannnddd that didn’t work at all.

    Here’s my entry REALLY (i hope…)

  64. Leigha Says:

    Totally cheesy, but I had fun with it! :)

  65. Jojosstuff Says:

    Here’s my entry. Tell me what you think.

    I LOVE THIS CONTEST. Very cute idea!
    Good Luck to Everyone!

  66. AnnoyedScientist Says:

    Orange and Peach talk fashion and politics. :)

  67. Lilly (zooogle) Says:

    I love so many of the entries! This is a really fun contest!
    Here’s my new entry:

  68. darshe40 (sheil Says:

    Best of LUCK to Everyone!!

    Here’s My entry….”Bite me!!”

  69. darshe40 (sheil Says:

  70. D. Minor Says:


  71. Mudge Says:

    Zazzle has come up with a fun contest idea. I wish that we could submit more than one. Good Luck everybody.
    Check out my crying onion humor at

  72. Donna Grayson Says:

    Here’s my entry titled “Who’s The Sweetest?”
    featuring talking cupcakes !*/product/137821131793345826

  73. Donna Grayson Says:

    ok… I think the link works without the Zazzle Star…
    one more try…

  74. Gina Says:

    Great entries! Here’s my (very simple) entry:

  75. corina Says:

    Cheezburgers unite against kitticat reign of terror!

  76. Mar Says:

    This was a fun contest!

    my entry :

    Good luck to all !
    Thank you

  77. folkartblonde Says:

    Best of luck to everyone – they’re all winner designs! ~Amy

  78. Dakota Says:

    this is a cool contest….
    check out my design….

  79. Mike Says:

    Ta da.

  80. Annette Smith Says:

    Please pick me and I will be the apple of your eye. Visit my site and vote for me!

  81. Dawn Meyer Says:
    Here’s my pie entry. Good luck everyone

  82. TJ Says:

    Here’s my late entry…hope you like Ms. Cupcake!


    Here’s my humble entry. Please enjoy :

  84. Mitch Says:

    All we are saying, is give peas a chance…

    Sing Along and Check it out at:

  85. angel Says:

    i want to wish everybody good luck.

  86. Annmarie Mikelski Says:

    Rate my product and leave comments please! I just now saw the contest so I’m a bit behind. I hope to have some ratings and comments soon.

    Thank you!!

  87. Talisbird Says:

    I thought I would try some 3D sci-fi fun. See my effort at

  88. Eddie Says:*/product/235252021438792115

  89. Brian Says:

    These are ALL so cute. Here’s my new take on a Global Theme…

  90. KiniArt Says:

    For farmers and vegans alike… Here’s my entry…


  91. blueZhift Says:

    Here’s my talking Chinese potsticker!

  92. brobob64 Says:

    here’s my talking burger!

  93. maromy Says:

    These are all so great! You’ll have to excuse me but I just LOVE these “corny” talking food tees. Good luck to all.

  94. Cheezy Does It Says:

    I forgot to link my submission for you all to see. I’m almost embarrassed to after seeing the others. Oh well, here it is!

  95. Dradcliffe Says:

    I’m Surrounded By Flakes! It’s true! I really am!

  96. Melba Says:

    People Fight!!!

  97. Annette Smith Says:

    You Are, The Apple of My Eye!
    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  98. dan2000 Says:

    Here’s my entry…

  99. Cheezy Does It Says:

    Oops! Still didn’t successfully leave a link to my design. I think I finally got it. If anyone wants to see my entry, here it is…. It’s the coolest thing IN sliced bread. It’s called “I’m Toast!!”*/product/235918355810341361

  100. Maromy Says:

    I see someone else had a similar idea. Bummer. Well, the tomato debate goes on. Check it out.

  101. Michael Auger Says:

    Here’s my evil pumkin…

    Everyday is Haloween!
    —Michael Auger

  102. Ann Says:

    Friends, lend me your ears and eyes and check out this new entry.

  103. L202020 Says:

    My submission

    Hope you like it.

    Good luck to everyone!

  104. karmabox Says:

    Here’s my entry:*/product/228891365607350158

    I’d love to read your comments about it. Good luck everybody! This was fun!!

  105. karmabox Says:

    Oops. Let’s try that link again!

    Thank you!

  106. LaDonna_Rena Says:

    Heres my entry:

  107. Layton Says:

    Good luck everyone!

    check out my entry:

  108. JMR Says:

    And here’s my hurried, last minute, please let me win, entry:

  109. JP Says:

    Well, this is at the last minute, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway:


  110. tshirtfun Says:

    A bit late… but I just thought of one :)

  111. Kerry Says:

    well, we’re down to the wire here. Best of luck everyone!

  112. blueZhift Blog » Blog Archive » Talk To Me Potsticker! Says:

    [...] used to just ignore contests and promotions, but something about Zazzle’s Talking Food contest just sort of grabbed me so I decided to enter this weekend and was inspired to create a talking [...]

  113. libbymcw Says:

    check out my design!

  114. Fake Mascot Contest « Zazzle Contests Says:

    [...] Mascot Contest Hot on the heels of the Talking Food Contest, this contest will be the second of our series themed on humor. Get ready cause this one might get [...]

  115. pookiepoo Says:

    pookie525 shawnee

  116. pookiepoo Says:

    i love u

  117. pookiepoo Says:

    i lov ur t-shirts

  118. tattoo tribal wing Says:

    ‘Brian, I need a friend

    ‘Brian, I need a friend to talk to’Ottawa Citizen,  Canada -10 hours agoAs I write, Margaret is, as usual, extremely attentive

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