Zazzle at Comic-Con 2007


Zazzle at Comic-Con 07 The day started out normal enough…a flight into San Diego, a pleasant cab ride to the convention center, and small talk about the weather and the price of oil in emerging third-world markets, you know, light stuff. But the second Robcamera and I stepped out of the cab we were reminded of how unordinary Comic-Con was going to be….
What is Comic-Con, you ask?  First, you should be ashamed for not knowing.  Second, it’s the largest comic-book and pop culture gathering in North America.  They have everything from exhibits to panels about comics, toys, books and big budget movies. Comic-Con’s got it all!
(resume play)
Just as we left the cab, we were instantly surrounded by clown-faced guys holding green and purple balloons. Sound like a bad acid trip? Nope that’s just Comic-Con.  Inside was no different.  People were dressed up as characters from Halo and Star Wars to characters from some anime show that I have no idea what it’s called.  Booths from comic artists, toy creators, and other types of new media artists were mixed in with booths from Marvel, Star Wars Shop, and the other big names you – OMG is that Geordi!? Yes, Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) was there signing autographs, as well as celebrity counterparts Ernie Hudson (Winston from Ghostbusters 2) and legendary comic book creator Stan Lee (sorry no pics, we were too busy chanting “Stan Lee, Stan Lee” with the rest of the crowd). I am sure there were more celebs but I didn’t get to see them (I heard Hiro was there but we didn’t see him…no YaTa for me…). Anyways, by about 4pm I was on comic book and shinny plastic overload so we got the hell out of there. Suffice to say it was awesome to see that mixed in with the big names like your Marvel and DC were smaller comic labels and young artists creating in new mediums and completely unrestricted by any rules and regulations in the art world, this is the kind of stuff that Zazzle loves and it is nice to see that if flourishes with us on the web and in other places in the physical world.

Don’t forget that if you want to get your own Comic-Con related products maybe try out Zazzle’s Marvel special collection, Star wars collection, or any of the other collections!

Also here is a link to all of rob’s photos, there are just too many to post in the blog. That’s all and as I always say DONKEY!

3 Responses to “Zazzle at Comic-Con 2007”

  1. Lilly Says:

    I live in downtown San Diego and I went to my first Comic Con. It gets pretty wild around here for the 5 days. Your pics were great! Half of that I never saw cause the crowds were crazy Wed nite opening. The rest of the days I spent mostly in Hall H- a huge theatre at the far end seeing new movie releases. That was soooooooooo good. Neil Gaiman was there (Stardust and Beowolf). Andy Samberg (SNL) from Hot Rod- so funny. Jon Favreau came and brought a great clip from Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). JJ Abrams came with Zachary Quinto (to play Spock in the New Star Trek movie) and as a surprise Leonard Nimoy came! There was a clip from Speilberg filming a new Indiana Jones 4! Harrison Ford has 2 side kicks in it, and Marian from the original is back in it. All this was just from Paramount on day 1 for 2 hours… just one teeny part of this huge convention. I got to see about 30 previews in one hour that blew my mind. The next day was Clive Owen in “Shoot em Up”, blow me away awesome, I couldn’t believe it. Then Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, … and then I saw Brian Henson and Lisa Henson, they were fantastic… Nicolas Cage was there with his son, they wrote a Voo Doo Comic together. I mostly went cause I am a fan of a new nickolodeon cartoon coming out next year called Making Fiends…I was on a 4 day energy rush from it all…. It was great to see all your pictures…. they were awesome. Do you think Zazzle will get a booth next year?

  2. Lilly Says:

    PS. I checked the web to see if the Indiana Jones clip I saw was live yet. It wasn’t but I found 4 other short videos at the film site. They are in Tunisia shooting. Speilberg and Lucas and Harrison Ford all together… it’s pretty powerful legends. Shia La Boeuf says it all when he talks about his first day meeting Harrison Ford in the fourth video below. (You have to click the ‘video’ button on the page- it’s quicktime)

    (If you don’t think this is appropriate for Zazzle, just delete this post!)

  3. Gail Nobles Says:

    Hey Lilly! Thanks for the great news on Indiana Jones and the clips.

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