Sneak Peek…EZ Templates!


Cool and easy…that perfectly describes a new feature we would like you to check out in our latest SNEAK PEEK!. We call it “maize”…oops, sorry, we call it “EZ Templates”.

“EZ Templates? Why, that sounds like fun!”

Why yes, it is, Bobby! Here’s a scenario: You are browsing through Zazzle and find that perfect greeting card you want to get for your little sister’s birthday, if only the image on the front was a cat instead of a dog. And also, you want to add her name to the card.

Luckily, the card is a template that allows you to change these things directly from its’ product page on Zazzle! You don’t need to load up our design tool and fiddle with the overall layout anymore…all you have to do is click the “change image” button on the product page to choose your own image, and fill out a simple text field to totally personalize this card! Add it to your cart and voila! One perfect birthday card, no muss, no fuss! Plus, you get to say “voila” and sound all smart.

This feature makes it simple for customers of your products to personalize and buy on the spot, without having to use our more advanced design tool. This means more sales, and more sales means…well…you…sell more of your stuff. Yup. Stuff sellin’. That’s what it’s all about. Mmm hmm.

Just look at the screenshot below to get an idea of how it all works. Oh, and by the way, EZ stands for Eat Zucchinis. Long story.

EZ Templates

Read more and discuss this new feature in our forums!

3 Responses to “Sneak Peek…EZ Templates!”

  1. Cherie Says:

    Alright!!! Very cool…thanks!

  2. Verneitta Says:

    Great idea!! Will it be available soon?

  3. Roy Blumenthal Says:

    Hiya Zazzlers…

    Thanks for such a terrific site!

    One thing that I’ve been wondering about, and can’t seem to get clarity on…

    Are visitors able to make ANY kind of merchandise they want from the pictures I have stored in my Zazzle image gallery?

    That would be superb for me.

    For instance, say someone likes my ‘Drinker’s Tie’. But they actually don’t want a tie. They’d prefer it on a travelling mug. Are they somehow able to pop that exact same image onto the travelling mug?

    From my dabbling about on someone else’s product, I’ve found that I can only seem to upload my own pics to their product, and that I have no access to their pics at all. But that might be a setting somewhere that they’ve opted to select.

    Another related question is this…

    If I have an image on the FRONT of a t-shirt, and I want to allow my purchasers to choose to have it on the BACK, instead, do I have to create TWO shirts — one with the print on the front, one on the back? Is there not a simple way of selecting a pic on the front, copying or cutting it, and then pasting it onto the back? (And I’m not talking about the originator doing this, I’m talking about the buyer doing it.)

    Thanks for your help, and your site!

    Blue skies

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