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Little John and the Sherwoods Join Zazzle!

July 11, 2007

Formed in 1964, this Lowell Mass. native band was hot in the music scenes on the east coast and was playing crowd favorites like “Long Hair” and “Rag Bag” at clubs across the country. They also played plenty of sold out concerts, and opened for many big name acts of the time. Now, in the year twoooooo thousssssaannnnddd (and seven) they are still playing and showing a new generation that cutting a rug doesn’t involve scissors. Why am I talking about this band that is a living 60s rock legend? Well because they just joined Zazzle of course! Now all fans young and old can now get all the Little John and the Sherwoods gear they need from their Zazzle gallery. Check it out, or learn more about the band here. And in a true mixture of young and old here is the band’s logo on a mousepad!

Little John and the Sherwoods Mousepad


Welcome to the New Zazzle Employees

July 10, 2007

We keep it real.

silly stringed at Zazzle


Rock ‘n Roller Girls Roller Derby Team Shirts!

July 9, 2007

So what is more fun than watching a bunch of chicks roller skate around on a derby track and beat the hell out of each other? Well, that would be watching it while wearing one of these sweet t-shirts! That’s right another recent edition to the Zazzle nation is the Northeast Ohio Rock ‘n Roller Girls club, our first roller derby club contributor! While these girls are not bashing the stuffing out of their competition, they enjoy creating Zazzle products, rock music and long winded discussions about the difference between plastic and rubber wheels (I am not so sure about the last one, it was a guess, ladies please don’t hurt me if I am wrong…). Check out the shirts and support the Rock ‘n Roller girls!

Roller Derby Jersey


First Zazzle Shirt Made on an iPhone!

July 5, 2007

The iPhone is out and Zazzle was ready! Check out pics of the very first Zazzle shirt made on an iPhone! So now if you are walking the dog and you see something funny happen in the street you can take a picture of it, upload it through your iPhone and have product made before the dog finishes his business. Ahh technology….see below for the pics.

Zazzle iPhone Zazzle iPhone Zazzle iPhone


Winner of Dancing Contest

July 3, 2007

WooHoo, we have a contest winner! C’mon Let’s Dance Poster by Zooogle from San Diego, USA is the winner of the Dancing Contest. Congrats!! We had 100+ submissions to the contest and some of the runner-up designs are listed below along with the winning design.



Runner-up Designs

Zazzle’s AKO Mural on!

July 3, 2007

What’s cooler than having a mural painted by gallery & street artist Akayo in your office? Reading about it on! Well OK, having the mural painted in our office is probably way cooler… but Juxtapoz is pretty legit. Also, we have plans to invite more artists to do their magic on our walls in the very near future. Interested in finding out more? Check out the forum post on this very topic and stay tuned ’cause we aren’t even close to being done yet…



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