Fake Mascot Contest


fake-mascot.jpgNote: This contest is now over. Winners will be announced after Labor Day.


Hot on the heels of the Talking Food Contest, this contest will be the second of our series themed on humor. Get ready cause this one might get a little rowdy…


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The submission deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, September 2, 2007.



Spirit? SPIRIT!? Yeah we’ve got spirit how ‘bout you!? It’s time to show your spirit and creative skillz by making your very own fictitious mascot in Zazzle’s new Fake Mascot Contest. That’s right folks, take all your high energy, cheering, and chants to design a mascot that is sure to make everyone laugh, rock, or just get out of their seats and cheer. So get started now cause it’s the fourth quarter and you’re down by 6…

HUT! HUT! You know what to do. You don’t? That’s cool, just checkout some of these quirky and fun examples. They are sure to get those spirited, creative juices flowing.


1. Grand Prize Winner (1 winner)

  • $1,000.00 USD – COLD HARD CASH

2. Honorable Mention (10 winners)

  • Get your contest entry on us! ($25.00 credit toward your next purchase on Zazzle)



tl-suckerpunchingseahorses.jpg tl-chernobyllolcats.jpg


How To Enter:

Submission deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, September 2, 2007.

  1. Create your design and place it on a product (can be any product type … t-shirts, mugs, posters, stamps, you decide!). Make your product.
  2. Publish your product to the Zazzle marketplace with the tag “FakeMascotContest2007” (find out how to tag your product). If you have already published your design prior to the start of this contest, simply tag it “FakeMascotContest2007″ to submit it.
  3. You’re almost done! To give yourself added publicity, don’t forget to leave a comment below with a link to the product page of your entry.

IMPORTANT: You may only enter one design (on one product) to the contest. You may NOT enter the same design on multiple products and you may NOT enter multiple designs. If you do, only your first entry will be eligible to win. View the contest rules.

Learn more about the contest

110 Responses to “Fake Mascot Contest”

  1. Terri Wilkerson Says:

    Here is my Fake Mascot Contest Entry, The Alien Mascot. Thanks for taking a look and the support.

  2. Brandon Says:

    here’s my Fake Mascot Contest Entry: Chase The Killer Bear Mascot for Team fire Star
    Thanks for checking it out. The support is appreciated.


  3. Shane Says:

    I LOVE fake mascots! I’ve been making up schools and mascots for a while now, so I was pretty excited to find out that it’s the topic for a contest now. Instead of using one of my old designs, I re-drew my “Badger State University” logo for this contest. I hope you all like it.


  4. JoLyn Says:

    Here Is my Fugley Fake Mascot Contest. Vote for Fugley!!! and Thanks


  5. JoLyn Says:

    The honor Student Jesse Fake Mascot
    Vizsla School of Obedience

  6. litabug Says:

    Go Procrastinators!!!! :-)


  7. litabug Says:

    Oops… forgot to take out the asterisk…


  8. phrank ochoa Says:

    I’m in again..I hope I don’t offend anyone. I’m a Christian. It doesn’t offend me..LOL

  9. phrank ochoa Says:


  10. karmabox Says:

    The DMV Electric Snails:


  11. JoLyn Says:

    Here Is my Fugley for those people with attitude . Vote for Fugley!!! and Thanks


  12. JoLyn Says:

    The honor Student Jesse Fake Mascot
    Vizsla School of Obedience

  13. Butterstud Says:

    Here is my mascot Penten the Penguin! Vote for Penten! Penten for President!!!



  14. Luminosity Says:

    It is my consideration that this is not in a sense so much a fake mascot as a true mascot.
    Since the sword sings as it moves through the air, or it is devastatingly silent.
    The sword is a representation of ideas.
    The sword is yin and yang in it’s eternal representation it keeps peace and if used unjustly can also create great suffering.
    Life has few promises though.
    So I think that we must seek our rational virtuous nature while continuing to seek understanding.

    Educate and empower.

    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  15. azac69* Says:

    This is one I had already made from a little while ago. I just re-titled it. Go Asterisks!!!!

  16. azac69* Says:


  17. Cherie Says:

    THIS IS a really cute idea for a contest too…GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

  18. Heather Downey Says:

    OK, here’s mine. Once again, just a little twisted :)


  19. sneakerdog Says:

    Introducing Captain Row Boat. Our team is practicing for the Olympics. This is pretty goofy, but we have goals.

  20. Butterstud Says:

    Here is my mascot piggy!!! Vote for him!! :)



  21. Butterstud Says:

    Sorry here is a fixed link!


  22. Bashaa Says:

    Here is my Goofy Fake Mascot Contest Entry, The Sports Nut Mascot!


  23. tshirtfun Says:

    Here’s our entry… the mascot for the Drunken Monkeys! They may be tailgaiting champions, or possibly beer pong champs… either way, their mascot shows a lot of team spirit for the chimps (oops, I mean champs)!

  24. tshirtfun Says:

    oops… hit enter before adding the link :)


  25. tshirtfun Says:

    sorry… one more time, without the star…


  26. Custom T-Shirt Contests 2007 » Blog Archive » T-Shirt Contest - $1000 Design Theme: Fake Mascot - Zazzle.com - Ends: 9/2/07 Says:

    [...] no time after their Taking Food Design Contest to start another. The new t-shirt contest is about Fake Mascots. The idea is to create a new fictitious mascot to “make everyone laugh, rock, or just get out [...]

  27. Schmeer Says:

    Here is my entry!


  28. Caver Annie Says:

    My fake mascot entry is for “Dog Ladies United.” I was inspired to make this design because I work in dog rescue and I have my 4 dogs (3 White German Shepherds & 1 mix breed) and usually a few foster dogs too, and everybody piles onto my bed when I head in there to crash for the night. I know there are many more of you “Dog Ladies” out there!

    Check it out: http://www.zazzle.com/product/235966104119340284


  29. SUperMaggie Says:

    My mascot! by Josie.

  30. SUperMaggie Says:


  31. SUperMaggie Says:

    http://www.zazzle.com/SuperMaggie/product/235604283078280432 My Mascot! by Josie

  32. » Zazzle T-Shirt Design Contest ($1000) - Fake Mascots - Custom T-Shirt Talk - » Articles Says:

    [...] the theme of “Fake Mascot”. You can check out all the details of the contest on the Zazzle Blog but the idea is to “take all your high energy, cheering, and chants to design a mascot that [...]

  33. Midnight Akita Says:

    Here is my contest entry.

    Akita Dojo’s Fighting Furblz

  34. Clara Chandler Says:

    Here’s my contest entry. PLEASE take a look at it — Eternally_Me and I worked on it together. Since she’s just 12, she doesn’t qualify to enter but I wanted her to participate. Let her know what you think!


    Pulaski Plumbers Pool League

  35. thickblackoutline Says:

    I’m not eligable to enter the contest (doesn’t live in the US) but here’s what I’d enter anyway!

  36. Kimberly Hoffard Says:

    http://www.zazzle.com/Hoffard*/product/228093295874754368?size=small&width=2155.842&height=2736.261&print_width=15&print_height=19.0353&media=basic_poster_dye Wish me luck!!! I will be crossing my fingers….

    My Mascot Entry: City Rooster
    Get this custom print at Zazzle

  37. Borbujas Says:

    Here is my entry. :) lov. ~*

    Transform School – Caterpillars Inc. Fake Mascot
    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  38. White Shepherd Lover Says:

    Hey all, here’s my mascot design for this contest. Check it out! Especially you animal lovers.


    Please vote for us!

  39. Bob Dutil Says:

    My entry is posted. Check it out!

  40. Stacy Says:

    Hi everyone! Here is my submission into the Fake Mascot Contest! I hope you like it!


  41. Jojosstuff Says:

    Here’s my entry……http://www.zazzle.com/jojosstuff/product/147911381078113621

    Sorta silly….but I’m sorta a silly gal…so it fits :) Let me know what you think. Good Luck to everyone!

  42. darshe40 Says:

    Hi, here is my Entry Please take a L@@K at it…
    My cat Cutie-Pie Dosen’t Listen!!

    Thank you & Good LUCk to Everyone!!!!!!!

  43. ZsTees Says:

    My Alma Mater (sniff), ‘Home of the Ewes,’ home of the woolite cocktail…good ol’ Flock University.
    Small in (student) body, but our hearts were big! Why there were more black eyes in this college than in any other institution of higher learnin’. Why? Well, everytime someone would ask, “where do you go to school?, we’d answer, ‘Flock U!’”
    Guess one could say we were ‘Ewesed and Abused’.


  44. yanmos Says:

    Here’s my entry:

  45. Free 24 inch LCD GIVEAWAY Says:

    [...] Fake Mascot Contest [...]

  46. myrtieshuman Says:

    I have entered Myrtie as mascot for “K-9s for Equal Access to Concerts”.
    Her entry is located at http://www.zazzle.com/product/235576297065584098.
    Thank you for viewing the t-shirt. We hope you have a good laugh.

  47. myrtieshuman Says:

    I have entered Myrtie as mascot for “K-9s for Equal Access to Concerts”.
    Her entry is located at http://www.zazzle.com/myrtieshuman/product/235576297065584098?CMPN=EMC-BV2983370235
    Thank you for viewing the t-shirt. We hope you have a good laugh.

  48. Perlyyyy Says:

    Hello all, here is my entry for the Fake Mascot Contest. Good luck to all!


  49. Lilly (zooogle) Says:

    Here’s my Mascot… Another great idea by zazzle… who thunk it, I wonder?

  50. Wislander Says:

    Just entered my own Fake Mascot:


  51. Hazardzone Says:

    Yay my first contest entry! Lazytown’s Academy of Tertiary Education and Research gets its five minutes of fame–and omg, litabug I totally entered this before I saw yours–great minds, eh? Good luck to all these entries rock!


  52. ZephyrusBooks Says:

    Here’s mine. At first I could not think of a related idea but then I came up with this by combining some old images I had.


  53. ParisDesigns Says:

    I hope this brings a few smiles lol … Enjoy!!!
    Wishing everyone good luck!

  54. haidabeaver Says:

    Here’s my contest entry…


    A little gargoyle perched in a window. :)

  55. psychoclowns Says:

    Here is my Fake Mascot Contest Entry, National Clown Mental Health University. Thanks for looking.

  56. Cloud Bunny Says:

    Here’s my Fake Mascot Entry. I hope my little friend makes everyone smile…especially when things get bumpy! :)


  57. motherofstone Says:

    Good luck everyone, there are some really funny mascots so far.
    Here is my entry,

  58. Paddydee56 Says:

    My entry is “Faked Out” – Game Delay … Mascot Mistaken For Pigskin. Hope it brings some votes and smiles! Good luck to all! :)

  59. Paddydee56 Says:

    Forgot to leave the product # -

  60. Mudge Says:

    Zazzle has done it again with another great contest idea. Check out my entry at

    The Reservoir Frogs have come to save Planet Earth. Mr. Green is our Muscular Frog Mascot and He is ready and armed.
    Mr. Green says it just became easy being green. Recycle or Die!

  61. Txgeckko Says:


  62. Joseph Says:

    Check out my Zazzle Fake Mascot Contest Entry.

    I call it, “The Flying Sows” “TEAT FOR TEAT WE CAN’T BE BEAT”

    Votes and comments are appreciated.


  63. Joseph Says:

    Hello all. Please check out my Zazzle Fake Mascot Contest Entry.

    I call it, “The Flying Sows” “TEAT FOR TEAT WE CAN’T BE BEAT”

    Votes and comments are appreciated.


  64. Bkang22 Says:

    http://rdr.zazzle.com/img/imt-prd/pd-235123834171913727/isz-m/tl-Party+Mascot%21.jpg finally found a contest I could enter :)

  65. Bkang22 Says:

    http://www.zazzle.com/bkang22*/product/235123834171913727 oops sorry used the wrong link! I call it Party Mascot! :)

  66. Bkang22 Says:

    Hmm will the third time be the charm to make my link work? Sorry everyone!!! http://www.zazzle.com/bkang22/product/235123834171913727

  67. Sassyeggs Says:

    here’s my entry

  68. L202020 Says:

    See my new Fake Mascot Contest 2007 entry:


    Rate my product! Leave comments!

    Thank You!


  69. Mark Ballard Says:

    My Mascot Ya’ll!

  70. Mark Ballard Says:


  71. designbylogic Says:

    Here is my mascot! Enjoy and let me know what you think. THANKS!


  72. pagliadesigns Says:

    Tune in, turn on, drop by my Zazzle site and find a T-shirt for the ELECTRIC generation–AMERICAN BABY BOOMERS! “We lead the charge!”


  73. ineedapeergroup Says:

    My entry! :)

    Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

  74. ellybean Says:


    My entry to the contest! Nothing like big super silver robots!

  75. beatlefan Says:

    Here is my contest entry I actually entered it awhile ago but just found this page to promote it thanks for viewing and please vote for me!!

  76. Dakota (brobob64) Says:

    check this out…..


  77. Dakota (brobob64) Says:

    check out this one i also did…it’s of a platypus


  78. Juan Carlos Says:

    Hello, I am new to Zazzle and my contest entry for a mascot is “Go Dancing Granny!” Please vote for me and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.


  79. Loren Says:

    Hey Everybody,

    I finally got around to making an entry. It’s for all of us in the sleep-deprived society. Check it out: http://www.zazzle.com/product/168837103811557387

    Thanks, Loren

  80. Akili King Says:

    Better Late than never huh?


    “O.k. So he doesn’t have his own T.V. Show or have a movie out, but heck he doesn’t care. Little joey rockhead is a struggling Cartoon actor hoping to one day be animated.”

  81. wagoofortwo Says:

    I couldn’t decide whether to design and submit a t-shirt or mug. Peace!


  82. givengraphics Says:

    Here is my tipsy submission for the fake mascot design contest.


    Bottoms up!!

  83. sangohan Says:

    Dramatic Hamster!

    I made this shirt for a friend in Japan, and now the infamous “dramatic hamster” video on youtube is a big hit overseas! Subtle, cute, yet…oh so dramatic!


    YouTube video of dramatic hamster (in case you don’t know what i’m talkin’ about yet):

  84. Fankii Says:

    Heya I love making/designing thing on zazzle.com, its so cool!

    I hope i win :D


  85. George Says:

    Hi everybody. Don’t really know what to say. Just that I love this design and I think it will make you smile. It is something I look when I am not in a good mood and most of the times helps. Hope it make your day a little bit better too.

  86. George Says:

    Hi everybody. Don’t really know what to say. Just that I love this design and I think it will make you smile. It is something I look when I am not in a good mood and most of the times helps. Hope it make your day a little bit better too.

  87. George Says:

    Sorry I forgot to put the website

  88. George Says:

    Sorry I forgot to put the website


  89. KarmaBox Says:

    I WANNA WIN!!!!!!!! WAAAAA!! I’d appreciate your comments and votes, pretty please:



  90. PUMPKIN CAT Says:

    Here is my fake mascot!!


  91. sharonsharpe Says:

    Sorry, had wrong name!!



  92. Katrina Finlinson Says:

    Hi there everybody!

    Here is my entry for the Fake Mascot Contest. Have you enrolled for fall classes at SAU- Starving Artist University? It’s home to the Procrastinating Paintbrushes! (Go Brushes!) Even with a degree from a real university I have to admit I’ve done a little procrasting through the years. If you vote for my design I’ll paint you a picture! …Someday…when I get around to it… (ha,ha!) Thanks and happy designing to all!

  93. Katrina Finlinson Says:

    My Fake Mascot Entry:


    Whoops! Here’s the link. I really wasn’t procrastinating this time…really! You just have to be smarter than your computer! :-) ~Katrina

  94. Betty B/ShaShu Says:

    Hi, Opps forgot to make this link _ I guess better late than never! Please check out the ” Mr Mouser” –entry in the Fake Mascot contest. “Does Mr Mouser practice the code of “Vegans R Us? ” Or has he found a cunning new way to get the suculent little mice to trust him? ” He says he never met a mouse he did not like—. but what does that mean- is he their freind, or will they be his dinner? ” Mr Mouser didn’t get this plump from eating carrots. Vegans R Us Beware- Is there a cunning “Mouser in your house sir?”
    Please star “Mr Mouser”


  95. cindychris Says:

    Please vote for Briggs. He will never run for anything else, even food. We bring it to him.

  96. cindychris Says:

    Try again.


  97. givengraphics Says:

    Bummer! I just read the small print and found out that because I am from Canada my entry doesn’t have a shot at winning this contest since it is open only to people residing inside the U.S. That’s too bad, but I do wish the best of luck to the rest of you participating.

    If anyone out there reading this is working for Zazzle, please don’t fear you brothers to the north…we want to play too.

  98. Cubist Says:

    The Stars Are Right!
    The mighty (and downright ophidian) Fighting Cephalopods of tenebrous Miskatonic University must and shall triumph! Go ‘Pods!

  99. Vectorsmith Says:

    My Fake Mascot Contest entry – the Sexintown Rubbers!


    The Rubbers know blocking is just as important as scoring!


  100. newfront Says:

    My Fake Mascot Contest entry – The Antgels


  101. Crockpot Says:

    The Eta Zeta Zombees are back from the dead – and ready to party!! So get your slime on and come on over to the house… they’re dying to eat you!

  102. Sutako Says:

    I couldn’t resist creating a double entendre entry (currently available in both dark & light shirt versions). Enjoy… :)




  103. Vectorsmith Says:

    Hi, everyone!

    I’ve resubmitted my entry; my previous submission was deleted because it was not rated accordingly…

    This is the new URL: http://www.zazzle.com/vectorsmith/product/235327097796902956


  104. Vectorsmith Says:

    This is so frustrating!

    I’ve had to submit my entry for the third time because, for some reason, it was impossible for me to edit my second entry, and it turns out the tag for the contest was not correct; maybe it’s because of its rating…

    I know this entry will not win—because I’m not an American citizen (or living in the U.S., for that matter) and because of its rating—but here it is again, and I hope you all get a kick out of it! :0)


    P.S. I hope that the third time IS the charm! Phew!

  105. m Says:

    go potatoes! http://www.zazzle.com/potato_shirt-235568881412175566

  106. Yoshika Murakami Says:

    Introducing Euphorian Chic mascot “Niji-Bow”!!!

    Niji-Bow is the clown who was born from the rainbow.
    His fake mustache is his secret.
    They are made of flower petals of the rainbow sunflower,
    which possesses real magical power.
    Niji-Bow who doesn’t know how to do any tricks
    uses them to cast real magic!!


  107. Theresa Says:

    Runner Girl T-Shirt

    I designed this logo as a tattoo on my ankle — I get so many compliments from other people that I couldn’t help sharing it…


  108. Aradovan Says:

    Fun Contest!! Here’s my Mascot entry for those who believe in their dreams and that ANYTHING is possible!! http://www.zazzle.com/go_blue_stripes_shirt-235735214164962100

  109. Winners of Fake Mascot Contest « Zazzle Contests Says:

    [...] Contests « Fake Mascot Contest Pirate Contest [...]

  110. A1 Graphic Expressions-Digital Art 'n More Says:


    My apologies for multiple submissions, I apparently didn’t read the rules correctly. However, this was my first submitted, and all 4 of mine are the same mascot, GREENING GAVIN, my eco-mascot for the children!. (I know the contest is over, I’m not here often due to health.)

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