Fake Mascot Contest


fake-mascot.jpgHot on the heels of the Talking Food Contest, this contest will be the second of our series themed on humor. Get ready cause this one might get a little rowdy…


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The submission deadline for the Fake Mascot Contest is 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, September 2, 2007.


Spirit? SPIRIT!? Yeah we’ve got spirit how ‘bout you!? It’s time to show your spirit and creative skillz by making your very own fictitious mascot in Zazzle’s new Fake Mascot Contest. That’s right folks, take all your high energy, cheering, and chants to design a mascot that is sure to make everyone laugh, rock, or just get out of their seats and cheer. So get started now cause it’s the fourth quarter and you’re down by 6…

HUT! HUT! You know what to do. You don’t? That’s cool, just checkout some of these quirky and fun examples. They are sure to get those spirited, creative juices flowing.


1. Grand Prize Winner (1 winner)

  • $1,000.00 USD – COLD HARD CASH

2. Honorable Mention (10 winners)

  • Get your contest entry on us! ($25.00 credit toward your next purchase on Zazzle)

Visit the contest page to learn more and enter. View Entries »

7 Responses to “Fake Mascot Contest”

  1. folkartblonde Says:

    Good luck to all! ~Amy

  2. Maximus7 Says:

    I have enclosed the link to our entry into the Fake Mascot contest.


  3. folkartblonde Says:

    Here’s my entry!

  4. Cimmerrian Says:

    Here’s my entry ! Good luck to all !!


  5. KarmaBox Says:

    The Department of Motor Vehicles Mascot:


  6. yanmos Says:

    Here’s my entry: http://www.zazzle.com/product/235841064057885560

    Good luck to all. Yannis

  7. Lilly Says:

    This idea was SOOOOO GOOD.
    I love looking at all the entries, they are sooo funny.

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