How To Promote Your Product


With all of the great forum threads on ideas to promote your stuff, we’ve decided to create a list of suggestions that combines many of those ideas as well as some of our own. Every time we pull an idea from the forums below, you will see “…forum” for a clickable link to the discussion.

How you can earn money…

  • Publish products and earn a 10% royalty for every sale
  • Open an associate account and earn an additional 7% commission on purchases linked to Zazzle through your website, blog, MySpace, Squidoo, etc.
  • That’s a total of 17% for promoting your product!
  • Find out more or open an account!

On Zazzle…

  • Build awareness for your gallery by interacting with other Zazzlers! Contribute to the community and it will give back to you
  • Join Fan Clubs and encourage others to join yours. Learn more
  • Participate and help other users in the Zazzle Forums to develop a presence in the Zazzle community
  • Enter Zazzle’s Contests and post your entry on the Contest Page for increased visibility. Plus, win some cool prizes!

Off of Zazzle on other websites…


  • Place links to your gallery on your email signature, business card, postcards etc…forum
  • Develop a paper catalog for your products to distribute to technophobes…forum
  • Donate to charity…forum
  • Advertise in unique place like this. Be creative! …forum

If you have questions, comments or more suggestions, we encourage you to join the ongoing discussion in the promote section of the forum. Check out the thread on “Ideas to promote your stuff”.


13 Responses to “How To Promote Your Product”

  1. Cherie Says:

    Cool, cool, cool….GREAT info…GREAT IDEAS!


  2. Kimberly Dawn Wells Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Squidoo! We’re looking forward to seeing a great group of Zazzle lenses soon!

    Squidoo’s Community Organizer

  3. Lilly Says:

    Thank you- Good stuff.

  4. vivian Says:

    I was wondering if I create my own designs can I publish them as posters on Zazzle?

  5. Wicked Says:

    Hi there, am just enquiring as to when or if you are likely to join forces with as I would like to insert my zazzle product flash box into my bebo profile. however is not recognised by the widget affilates.



  6. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    Vivian, you can definitely publish posters that you’ve made on Zazzle into the marketplace. This is true for all the products that we make and if anyone buys the product, then you will receive the royalty as normal.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    Wiks, we are currently not an official widget partner for Bebo so you will not be able to post a flash panel of your Zazzle products to Bebo yet. However, we just launched a t-shirt contest with Bebo ( and you can post your submission as well as a flash panel of all the submissions to your Bebo profile. In the future, we hope to let you do this for all the products you create as well.

  8. ipnomad Says:

    I’m always looking for new ideas. This helped a lot. Thanks.

  9. Steve Says:

    Hey Josh – I ‘m wondering if it’s possible to customize which products that are featured in my Flash Panel, and also the order in which they’re displayed. I’ve looked around a bit but I can’t find anything on this, and it’s not always ideal for the panel to feature the most recent products I’ve created, as it’s doing now.

    So is this possible, and if so, how is it done? Thanks in advance.

  10. How to Market a Product Says:

    wooooow! these are great tips.

  11. matt hymes Says:

    I love zazzle, and can’t wait to get started promoting my store. Thanks for the great tips.

  12. linda Says:

    Thank you Cool,i love zazzle

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