“Graphic Content” T-Shirt Art Show – See you there!


Graphic T-shirt art show I know, I know… it’s a little late notice, but I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to go to the “Graphic Content” art show tonight (continues through the 27th) in San Francisco, CA. It’s a show where artists submit pieces of art, but the “pieces” are shirts (does this sound like Zazzle to anyone else?). Wanna go? Meet me there at 7pm, the show goes late…

What’s cool is to see all the interesting ways people use t-shirts as a new art medium. Artists at this show do crazy things like add beads, LED light shows, and much more to the shirts… stuff that we dream about adding to Zazzle ;-) So anyways, come to the show and introduce yourself to me, I love to meet members of the Zazzle community!


3 Responses to ““Graphic Content” T-Shirt Art Show – See you there!”

  1. jojy Says:

    that shirt that girl is wearing is AWESOME! if zazzle could let us put our designs to the top of the shoulders maybe we could make stuff as cool as that one

  2. Elle Says:

    I completely agree! I would love to place the designs anywhere… the sleeves are a must too!

  3. Clara Chandler Says:

    Yeah, I’ve asked a couple of times on forum, etc., if we could design up to neck and on sleeves. Maybe it’s in the works!! I sure hope so!!

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