Hmm… stalking via Zazzle?


File this story under “interesting uses of Zazzle”….

One of our friends – Noah of fame, was anonymously sent a shirt that says “I stink” via Zazzle. It came anonymously – no gift note, no sender information at all. Is this the new way to send a private and very direct message?

Strap on your detective rain coat and break out the magnifying glass and pipe it’s Sherlockin’ time.  If you have any information about who thinks Noah stinks, let us know. And if it was you, come out and say it to Noah’s face – he’d appreciate it.Noah’s new shirt

8 Responses to “Hmm… stalking via Zazzle?”

  1. noah Says:

    ps. i really do stink;)

  2. Shivani Says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Noah just sent this link to me – this is the funniest post EVER! He knows I sent it to him and he also knows that after 3 days of not showering, he does stink :)

    for the record – i did send a gift note, not sure why it didn’t process…oh, and does it still count as stalking if he’s a friend of mine?

  3. folkartblonde Says:

    Who cares if he stinks. He’s adorable!

  4. dmocratsoorg Says:

    I sent Keith Olbermann, who does the show Countdown, a political mug last month.

  5. Liz Allen Says:

    At Least U received a Present and U know Zazzle makes wonderful products, so whats wrong??? Just “BE HAPPY”, it could of said something worse, lol , or mushy

  6. KarmaBox Says:

    I can’t smell him from here! Awfully cute though! ^_~

    …stalking via Zazzle – now why didn’t I think of that?

  7. mel Says:

    definately cute..

  8. Clara Chandler Says:

    I’ve ordered twice and requested gift notes — they’ve never been sent but I did receive my orders. So now I don’t ask for gift notes. Kinda funny a glitch in the system was responsible for this mystery! Noah, “come clean” and Shivani can relax (Giggling). ~~CC

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