Miss Teen USA South Carolina T-shirt


I am sure you’ve seen this video by now… but you probably haven’t seen the shirt of this famous speech given by the Miss Teen USA candidate from South Carolina. Hilarious!

Miss Teen USA South Carolina T-shirt


9 Responses to “Miss Teen USA South Carolina T-shirt”

  1. azac69* Says:

    Heh heh, nice one. I’m from the Canada

  2. Amanda Says:

    Oh my God, what a great idea! Whoever published this…..kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!! Smooches, Amanda (iiiyaaa)

  3. Ha, Ha! Says:

    Too Funny! Love the design and style.

  4. folkartblonde Says:

    oh my God… thats HILARIOUS!! lol

  5. DT Says:

    LOL .. well at least shes pretty :P

  6. My brain hurts Says:

    I think I killed a few brain cells after watching that all the way through.

    I think that only 20% of America could actually understand her answer….

  7. mel Says:

    im a little ashamed to admit im from SC.. we aren’t all that smart… honest

  8. Memozza Says:

    Very interesting page

  9. coffee Says:

    Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…

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