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Face to Face – A Contributor Story

August 13, 2007

I was recently cruisin’ the Zazzle Forums and just so happened to come across this story that is so freakin’ cool I almost fell out of my chair. So, of course, I wanted to share it with the rest of you. The story comes to us from Zazzle contributor Donamaria who just happened to be at the right place at the right time…

Today I went shopping at a mall that is approx 30 minutes from where I live, (the closest indoor mall) and walking straight towards me is a woman with a t-shirt on that looked too familiar! The closer she got the more I realized that the design was one of my own original fine art prints, printed on it. I stopped her and we talked and she said she purchased the tee on Zazzle. She invited me to feel the quality of the shirt (which I did) and I was thrilled to see my design “up front and so personal on someone else!”

You never know where or when you will see one of your own pieces or artwork. Today I was blown away…

THANK YOU Zazzle for making that customer happy


ISN’T THAT SWEET?!! So folks, keep your eyes peeled when you’re walking around cause it could happen to you too (I want to be told if so)! …WHAT? You’re not a contributor yet? OMG, you gotta join, seriously it’s easy and free, just like sunshine (note: Zazzle does not cause sunburns).


All new on Zazzle!

August 7, 2007

Oh boy was last night crazy! After long hours at the office and countless sleepless nights, Zazzle has a load of new features for the world to play with! We’re so excited, let’s jump right in:

1) The all new Product Page:

You like products on Zazzle, we like products on Zazzle. Now we’ve made it much easier to view, interact with, customize, and enjoy your favorite products on Zazzle. And it’s much slimmer and a lot faster to load too. Start checking out products now!  


2) Bigger IS Better 

So you see that perfect t-shirt or print, and you want to zoom all the way in to see just how perfect the details are. Well, now “Maggie” makes it easy. Just go to any product on Zazzle and place your mouse over the product image and VOILA! Maggie brings you the detailed view.


3) Templates for Everyone

Templates make it really easy for you to personalize specially-designed products with your own images and text. And as a designer, it’s easy to create a template with your great designs for all of your buyers to tweak and purchase! We’ve always had customization, now templates make it so much easier! 


Check out these great template examples:

Hello my name is TEMPLATE shirt

Hello my name is TEMPLATE

Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

Oops! card


Get this custom card at Zazzle

To learn more, check out the template instructions.
4) A whole lot more

Just browse around the site and you’ll see a lot more fun changes – in MyZazzle, in search, and more!Keep checking back – this is only the beginning of some really exciting changes!

Have questions or feedback? Discuss in our forums

 - Josh Elman

P.S. Thanks to the entire Zazzle Team for all the hard work to make this come to life!

LolCat Buildr

August 6, 2007

O Hai, another awesome use of de Zazzle API iz de LolCat Builder, which you cans use to make your very own LolCat and put it on a t-shirt, mug, or mousepad. Or even submit it to the popular I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER.


Confused? Now, we don’t want that, LolCat!


start buidz urs now >>



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