Gallery updates with today’s launch!


We’re excited to be releasing some gallery updates today and stay tuned because we’re going to be making some big improvements in the next weeks and months.

It was just last summer when we launched revamped contributor galleries and we’ve seen some wonderful galleries created over the past year. In that time, we also made updates such as the introduction of fan clubs and improvements to the gallery wall.

With this release, we’ve now revised the galleries to significantly improve product browsing (see screenshot below and here for an example). Your actual products are shown at a larger size and the design is displayed when the user mouses over the product. This impacts the products shown on the gallery homepage as well as the browsing experience when users click “Products” to view all products in the gallery.

Based on what we’ve learned from changes in the marketplace, the change will make it easier for visitors to find products they like (increasing conversion) and best of all, the products now blend much better into the gallery theme that you’ve selected or created. In addition, the overall gallery experience (buttons, header, etc.) now fits with the new Zazzle style guide and you’ll notice that there is no longer a green strip across the top of every gallery.

Keep visiting the Zazzle blog and forum to stay updated on the upcoming gallery changes. Your feedback and input are a very important part of our development efforts!

- Josh Reeves, Product Team

P.S. We’ve also made a small change in MyZazzle to move the royalty and referral earnings links from the “My Accounts” section to the “My Earnings” section.

Updated Gallery:


Old Version:


11 Responses to “Gallery updates with today’s launch!”

  1. Barb Says:

    Loving the new look.

  2. Jessie_M Says:

    nice upgrade… I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on this morning…

  3. Karen Says:

    New look is brillant thank you Zazzle ;)

  4. YOGI_1 Says:



  5. Josh Reeves, Product Manager Says:

    YOGI_1, please send a note to if you’re having any problems. Product promotion to the gallery homepage should still work like normal and if something is not working as you expected, our support team is more than happy to help you.

  6. Clara Chandler Says:

    Yes, I adore nearly everything — having the same problem (can’t promote except to Top Picks but I know it’ll be fixed soon). The product pages are BRILLIANT! And I love the consolidated buttons (Link to this and share this, etc.) You guys rock, truly and honestly.

  7. litabug Says:

    This is fabulous! The products look vibrant and the mouseover preview is seamless! And the colors you chose for the bar will look great with the huge variety of gallery styles we have here (nothing against green, but…). :-D You guys deserve a day off and a few dozen chocolate chip cookies.

  8. KirstenEdwards Says:

    Great job! I think it rocks! It makes it more professional looking and customers can see the products better. :)

  9. Lynx Says:

    I absolutely love the new look!

  10. owlspook Says:

    WOW FANTASTIC! … if I said anymore I’d just be repeating what everyone else said (grin) …

    looking great!

  11. Queenie Says:

    Love the new look, nice job! Very professional looking! Ü

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