Start of Something New


Hey everyone – earlier this year, we decided to step back and think about what Zazzle is, and how we could make it better. We listened to a lot of your feedback and talked with a lot of users and customers. Based on what we heard, we set out to make Zazzle easier and more fun to use, and most importantly to better feature and sell the amazing products created by our community of artists and designers. In the process, we embarked on a major redesign of Zazzle that has taken us through thousands of design concepts, numerous focus groups and conversations, and countless hours of coding (touching every page on the site!)

Today, we are thrilled to launch just the beginning of some really exciting changes! Seriously – keep checking back because the best is yet to come :)

So what’s new today?

We’ve revamped the Zazzle website to be better for buyers who are looking for great products. And better for buyers is of course better for contributors who want to sell products!

With our new overall design (we call it the “Zazzle Skin”), we’ve designed a whole new background and color palette, intended, so that products and designs featured on the site will really *pop* on screen!

Our new site navigation should make it easier to get around Zazzle and immediately find and browse to great products from any of the links in the header. And to jump right in and design great products too! (special tip: click the arrows next to the main words in the header and you’ll get lots of handy quick-links into the site!)


Before we get into the specifics, I want to give a huge shout out to the entire Zazzle Team for making this happen. This has been an extraordinary effort and we’ve hand-touched every single page on the site to make these improvements. Huge kudos to every single person who made a difference here!

Even better, the website should now be a lot faster and smoother to load as we’ve revamped the underlying pages. If you are curious, here’s a great explanation of the technology involved in our redesign!

Now on to the new site:

1) What’s Hot - Browse the latest and greatest products and activity from the Zazzle community

whats_hot.pngOn What’s Hot, we’re featuring the top products from a whole set of categories that are *hot* right now. What’s Hot in any category is based on an analysis of sales and activity on the site. Bookmark this page – you want to check this hourly or daily to see what’s currently at the top of the lists, and get it while it’s hot! And we’ll show you what’s being searched, hot deals, and more!

If you want to have our products featured here, simply make great products. If they are getting lots of sales and activity, you’ll have a good chance of showing up!

Check out What’s Hot

2) Categories - Browse through all content on Zazzle through featured topics and all categories.

categories.pngZazzle has soooo many products, that it’s hard to feature all of them at the top. We’ve reorganized our categories and navigation to feature the categories that buyers are most frequently looking for.

Designing products for the featured categories is a great way to get noticed on Zazzle. These will be frequently changing based on what buyers are looking for, hot topics, and the current season. (but note, if you miscategorize products in one of the featured categories, your products may be reclassified or removed)

Start Browsing Categories

3) Participate - Get Involved and make $$ on Zazzle by designing products, entering contests, rating/sharing the freshest products, and more.

participate.pngThe Participate section has been set up to help you more easily get started on Zazzle, and to find and meet other great contributors. On this page, you can check out who’s making money (what products are selling), and rate the newest products to influence what’s hot. See and enter current contests, and learn more about our associate and promotional tools. And most importantly, click through and explore the galleries created by your fellow contributors!

We’ve also made some improvements to your galleries and more with this launch. Click here to learn more about gallery updates!

(and most importantly – keep checking back. In the next two months, there will be some even more exciting news on the gallery front!)

Go to Participate

4) Create - Design and create any of Zazzle’s 350+ products with your own designs, images, and text

create.pngAs you know, Zazzle has an amazing set of products available for you to design, create, and buy. The “Create” section is your area to learn more about our specific products, and get started designing.

We’ve made a number of improvements to our design tools – Change Image: change_image1.pngHow many times have you started designing a product, got an image positioned and sized just right, but then decided you wanted a new photo? Now, just click the “change image” button and it’ll work perfectly!change_image.png Multi-select: You can now select multiple images or multiple text objects and move them, click “change image” / “change text”, and more and affect all the fields at once! Title your design: When you are working on a design and want to remember it, set the title now right on the design tool! change_image.png

And with our Create-a-Product API, we’ve just launched some great new features to dynamically create products with templates! This is TRULY an amazing feature – click here to learn more about templates.

Go Create Products

5) A whole lot more

Ok, there are just so many more more things to check out. For example, we’ve redesigned and reorganized MyZazzle to make it a lot easier to find your products, your images, and your earnings. Browse around the site and keep on exploring. You’ll find great products you have never seen before, and lots of other small gems. And sadly, you may find a few things missing including one of my favorite features – our “search for contributors”. Don’t worry, these are coming back as fast as we can get them into the new design. Just had to put a couple small things into a temporary pause.

And remember, the best is yet to come :) !!!!

Have questions or feedback? Discuss in our forums

- Josh Elman

P.S. Thanks to the entire Zazzle Team for all the hard work to bring this to life!


29 Responses to “Start of Something New”

  1. Perlyyyy Says:

    Where is the pulse? I can’t find it… :( But this facelift looks terrific! Someone please help me find the pulse.

  2. Perlyyyy Says:

    I found it !! The pulse is under the “Participate” Tab on top of your page :)

  3. azac69* Says:

    Wow! You guys have been busy beavers. Those are a whole lot of changes. It will take me the whole day just to explore them all. Thanks to all the Zazzle employees who worked on these changes and strive for improvements constantly. The home page looks awesome! I like the new color scheme.

  4. YANMOS Says:

    CONGRATS Zazzle Team! You have done great work!

  5. aradovan Says:

    The new skin/format looks great, Zazzle!!! And the home page looks fantastic, too! :) Angie

  6. Donna Grayson Says:

    Zazzle – this is wonderful ! I love the new look !!!!

  7. rubedogg04 Says:

    I love zazzle. I would like to make a feature request. I would like to have the ability to select which products i put in my zazzle flash panel. It seems only the latest are put on and not all. It would even be better to create a panel per product line. Is this in the foreseable future.

  8. jezzikabret Says:

    Looking great. I was pleasantly surprised to see the changes! Keep it up you guys :)

  9. dtdesigns Says:

    You’ve all done an amazing job … every thing looks great .. ty :)

  10. marshall Says:

    You must have gotten rid of the superhero t-shirts.

  11. Cherylsart Says:

    Looking good! I’m finding it easier to navigate now!

  12. Linda Hull Says:

    My site looks wonderful! Thank you for the improvements!

  13. Stan Says:

    The new site design looks awesome!! Well done everyone! Thank you!!

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    [...] What do you think about the new Zazzle upgrade? We want to know! Share your comments. You can also check out more at the Zazzle Blog [...]

  15. rainmountain Says:

    Looks VERY good :)
    I love that you put the Contributors now more in the Flashlight.
    Great job!

  16. rainmountain Says:

    Oups, forgot to say: Thanks :)!

  17. New Zazzle « Rainmountains Cave Says:

    [...] Take a look or read more on Zazzles blog [...]

  18. bld3dld Says:

    looks good. waiting on smaller bumper sticker sizes and black baby onsies

  19. Midnight Akita Says:

    Way to go Zazzle :) You have all done an outstanding job. The facelift looks great :)

  20. zipflmeister Says:

    Hate It. Where’s the link to PULSE on the homepage. Really it stinks. That’s the 2nd thing I do when I log in.

  21. owlspook Says:

    Outstanding work Zazzle Crew! Kudos to you all!
    can hardly wait until all the rest of the changes show up!

  22. Veronica Says:

    Can you make the main search feature do a ‘split’ search, so the results show a brief section of contributors (it could search the same info that the contributor search use[s/d]) and a larger section of products (the normal search)?? I’ve been wanting this for a while now. When I see a search tool at the top of a site, I expect it to search the whole site – so I would expect to be able to search a user or gallery name and find the gallery, if that’s what I’m looking for. As it has been, you have to go digging to even find the contributor search. The new design is shiny, by the way!

  23. kool27 Says:

    The pulse is hard to find ,else the facelift is great ! Great work Zazzle Crew!

  24. Barbara Klocke Says:

    Love the new look! even I, (a real puter dummy), find it easy to up date my gallery, separate products, etc.
    Great job guys!
    One question, i am not getting my daily updates on comments and new products (fan club). I really
    miss that. Keeping up with the comments on my products, and all of the new products was easy
    with the e-mails. Will this continue?

  25. Erin Wetzel Says:

    Love the new site!! So impressed. Nice exposure at the VMA’s. Go Zazzle!!

  26. Moira Ashleigh Says:

    The new design is a MAJOR improvement. I love having only 2 clicks to get to the creation area. The card tool is also greatly improved. Thank you for taking off the template by defaiut option. I am very happy with this new version of Zazzle!! Thank you so much. You guys and gals rock!

  27. Paula Gaon/boomspress Says:

    23 September 07

    Hey Zazzle,

    Beautiful work! Cleaner and easier navigation.
    But like many before me–where’s the pulse??!!!
    The pulse gives us gallery contributors an idea
    of what surfers want. I hope you intend to return it.

    One other thing. In this era of politically correct, why
    are there no Black or African-American faces (whatever
    they’re calling us now-personally I still prefer Black) models
    on the page? Mind you, I’m not screaming racism
    but wouldn’t it be nice to have some variety? Hey, we ALL want
    to sell and succeed.

    Keep up the good work!

  28. Wegymnast975 Says:

    I don’t really care for he new look, I liked the old look better. But it’s fine with me anyway. I love Zazzle!

  29. sameh Says:

    do you send to far country like bahrain ?

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