The Style Villa: MTV Video Music Awards, Las Vegas 2007 – Day Two


Saturday, September 8, 2007

After a shower, a huge dinner and a few hours of sleep, we were ready to rock the Style Villa for Day two. Apparently, Saturday was supposed to be the biggest day with the most traffic and the biggest celebs. Could it get much bigger than Timbaland and 50!?

As the morning rolled around, we were reminded of two Vegas certainties: nobody gets up before noon and if you do, you better stay close to air conditioning or shade. By noon, it was 100 degrees hot!

Trying to stave off exhaustion and heat, we lounged lazily on the chairs in our bungalow. It wasn’t long before someone came by and gave word that Robin Leach had arrived! Robin Leach, Robin Leach!? The legend and man behind the iconic voice that narrated the lives of the rich and famous for nearly two decades? No way. Before I even had a chance to look around, I heard it….

Like a booming ship horn, it came, “ONLY ONE MILLION DOLLARS!” as he examined a 222 diamond encrusted flat iron on display at the bungalow sponsored by CHI professional hair equipment next door. At first I thought it was a mirage…but then the entire Zazzle team looked around in a daze, and suddenly burst into laughter. It was as if we had just walked into a TV show! Needless to say, he rounded the corner and paid us a visit. Guess what he put on his shirt? Yes, you guessed it, “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams”. How predictable.

Once noon had come and gone, things began to pick up. One after another, celebs started rolling into the Zazzle bungalow. A couple of times we even had celebs waiting in LINE to create their shirts! Imagine that, celebrities waiting in line. In any case, here are few of the celebs from day two and their corresponding photos below:


Lucy Walsh - She loved her shirt so much she changed into it right in our bungalow. What a cutie!



AJ Buckley – He made a few shirts, but this was our fav. (In case you can’t read it, it says “So Malaria”!) He also hooked us up and jumped on the SWAK campaign bandwagon. Unfortunately, he coudn’t stop laughing and the lipstick got EVERYWHERE!!


?uestlove - Looks like he’s headed to the Scrabble Championships – no, REALLY!!


Nelly - Had fun with it, and schmoozed with everyone in our bungalo, including ?uestlove!


Tila Tequila – Made a shirt so suggestive I couldn’t bear to post it…



Ashanti – Aww, Gwen’s #1 fan!

Shar Jackson - Think she wanted to make a public statement? That’s the beauty of Zazzle!
She was even caught wearing it on TMZ…check it out here!


Cisco Adler from WhiteStarr – He loved his shirt so much he wore it out the next day!! See it here:


Tara Connor – 2006 Miss USA smooches for SWAK, and makes a shirt with one of her fav phrases, “Festive”. Look Donald – she’s a good girl now!



Joe Hahn from Linkin Park – he really is KISSING! Look at that face!


Peter Moran of VMA nominee Peter, Bjorn & John– made a shirt in his native language, and allowed me to apply red lipstick for SWAK – on camera no less!

Melanie Brown & Stephen Belafonte – they smooched for SWAK together, and made a pair of shirts that ended up in Life & Style! In addition, Mel B. did her ONLY interview of the day with Vh1 right in our bungalow!


Jeffrey Ross – um, grammar anyone?






7 Responses to “The Style Villa: MTV Video Music Awards, Las Vegas 2007 – Day Two”

  1. Sara Giles Says:

    Amber-this is AMAZING! You rock!:)

  2. Habit Forming Says:

    Check out all the images from our Style Villa weekend here:

  3. ZazzleDan Says:

    Josh is in dreamland in the Tila Tequila pic.

  4. Santos Says:

    Jeffrey Ross ROCKS!!! good work Zazzle/.

  5. Jessie_M Says:

    I just noticed… that gray argyle shirt… will we be having that? and what about the type of tee that one blonde was wearing… do we have that?

  6. jeez Says:

    Jessie_M….a couple others had similar questions. check it out:

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