Pirate Day 07 at Zazzle


Ahoy, Mateys! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day today and the scallywags at Zazzle celebrated with the best of ‘em! Here be the pictures from the pirate costume contest and treasure hunt. Also, there be plenty of pirate shirts from Zazzle in the Pirate Day collection that you might want to be plunderin’ for your pirate events.

Pirate Day

Also, be looking to this blog to see the winner of Zazzle’s Pirate Day contest, I hear the winners names are coming in the evening breeze! YAARRRR!


5 Responses to “Pirate Day 07 at Zazzle”

  1. ZazzleDan Says:

    Great pic of Ed. I noticed you didn’t blog that he actually dresses like that every day.

  2. Brenda647 Says:

    Ahoy mateys,

    You seem like you be mighty fine crew. I’m guessin’ the bilge rat with the patch won the costume contest and that thar wench is none too happy about it.

    E’en tho’ it be a day late, I’m wishin’ you a fine Pirate Day and mayhaps you’ve hoisted a few cups of grog in celebration. My crew will be doin’ just that. Amongst them I’m known as Hide-the-Rum Mum.

    Arrgghh. It’s goin’ to be hard to lose the accent.

  3. Cherie Says:

    AAAAAaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr….me thinks we’ll do it again next year…..that we will!

  4. MILEY Says:


  5. MILEY Says:


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