Winners of Pirate Contest


Avast mateys! The time you jim-lads be waiting for be here! It be time to announce the winner of the Zazzle Talk like a Pirate Day Contest! Three cheers to the scurvy dog EAR52069 for the entry Old Pirate Skull he be the one talking all the treasure this morn’. Also, a hearty ARRRR! to all other entrants of this here pirate contest, they be worthy designs to sail with on any of the unforgivin’ seas.

Grand Prize Winner

Prize: $1,000 Cash



Honorable Mention Winners

Prize: Their entry on us ($25 in Zazzle Credit toward their next purchase)










People’s Choice Winner

Prize: $25 Zazzle Credit


International Honorable Mention Winners




We have a big contest coming up next and please stay tuned for that.


20 Responses to “Winners of Pirate Contest”

  1. tshirtfun Says:

    Cool… Congrats to the winner, nice work! – Note: The thumbnail image for slamdunksapparel Pirate Monkey is not correct.

    Thanks for such a fun contest! Congrats to everyone :)

  2. zazzledx Says:

    Hey tshirtfun,
    Thanks for the comment. May I ask what did you mean by “The thumbnail image for slamdunksapparel Pirate Monkey is not correct.” ?

  3. tshirtfun Says:

    if you look above at the list of the 10 honorable mentions, the second one should be the Pirate Monkey picture for slamdunksapparel… it’s not.

  4. zazzledx Says:

    Hi tshirtfun,
    Guess this is a caching problem. We will get it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for pointing out though.

  5. tshirtfun Says:

    no problem… I’ve seen the PIrate Monkey quite a bit, so I knew it didn’t look right :)
    thanks so much for checking it out!

  6. Heather Downey Says:

    Congrats to all!!!!!! But the question is…Did you talk like a pirate today? :)

  7. darshe40 Says:

    Congrats! To ALL The Winner’s Great Stuff!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Adrian Ropp Says:

    Did I talk like a pirate today?


  9. EAR52069 Says:

    Aarr!!! I’d be liking to thank Zazzle and the zazzle community fer findin me treasure fer me this mornin. I be wishn’ ta know when and how I go about collectin be booty. I’d be much obliged matey.

  10. YANMOS Says:


  11. Vectorsmith Says:

    Avast, me matey EAR, this ol’ scoundrel be glad to offer ye a safe escort across these perilous waters with yer treasure, lest ye be runnin’ into pirates, ARRRRRRRRR!!!

  12. Laura Says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention guys! :-)

  13. SushiBar Says:

    Congrats to the winner and all the Honorable Mentions!!!
    There were some really great entries!

  14. Stotty Says:

    Well done to all the winners and, thanks to everyone who entered I really enjoyed looking at the entries

  15. Custom T-Shirt Contests 2007 » Talk like a Pirate T-Shirt Contest - Winners Announced Says:

    [...] You can find out more about the Talk Like a Pirate T-Shirt Contest over at Zazzle Contests. [...]

  16. captphrank Says:

    Thank You Zazzle for the Great Contest. It was a lot of fun. Everyone really got into the spirit of it, especially Cheries_Art, What a great supporter for everyone. Thank You Cherie for a good time…LOL. And Thank You Zazzel for the PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD.. Great new category. It recognizes the people who take the time to participate… Thanks Everyone ..I LUB You All…capt.

  17. DocEcho Says:

    I am completly amazed. Congrates to all the winners. But I will never enter another contest!

  18. Mareen Says:

    Congrats to all the winners of this contest! You have all done a magnificent job!

    ~ Mareen :-)

  19. Guiltypleasures Says:

    A BIG Congrats to the winner and to all the people who entered the contest.They are all winners in my book and each and everyone was great! Such awesome work is found here on Zazzle and I can’t wait for the next contest :)

  20. Jennie kurono Says:

    Congrats to the winner of the Pirate contest. Excellent design and rightfully deserved win!!!

    However, I like to take issue with the double standard on this forum. In reference to CaptPhrank’s design violating copyright design of the movie Pirates of the Carribbean. I have been called on for using supposedly copyrighted material in the slightest degree. Only once did I actually make the mistake. And, Zazzle content management took appropriate action by deleting the product( with Nurse Rachet). When I sent them 3 violation notices of CaptainPhrank’s obvious copyright violation, it was ignored by Zazzle. I wonder why? Because, it was a jab at the Bush Administration?
    I find it really rotten how there are two different rules depending on the artists’ political views?!

    I know that contest is over with. But, I hope Zazzle will fairly deal with all artists on a neutral playing field.

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