Zazzle Logo Contest



Note: This contest is now over. Winners will be announced after Monday.


Contest Update

Hey folks, just wanted to update everyone and make sure that we were clear on some of the finer points of the contest.

You can only submit one entry. Whatever entry is your first entry is the only entry that will be considered for the contest. The only change you can make to the logo is to resize it. We really want people to incorporate the logo into the artwork, not change it.

I know there has been some confusion, so for those people that already created entries that changed the logo, instead of mixing it into a design, will be added to a special category when the contest is over that will get honorable mention, but won’t be eligible for the prizes. The good news is that there is still over two weeks left in the contest to submit your official entry! So if you don’t like your first entry or you made an invalid entry just remove the tag “zazzlelogocontest2007” from that entry and make a new one that you tag for the contest. Anyone can add a new entry and there is plenty of time to do it, just make sure that you only have one entry and that it adheres to the contest rules.



Zazzle’s got a new look and a new logo! So it’s time to show your design skillZ by using the new logo to make great merchandise! Take one of these hi-res versions of the logo and mix it into any kind of trendy, crazy or awesome design you can think of (no gross stuff please). Once you’re done, you’ll have the perfect entry into the Zazzle Pimp Our Logo contest! Basically we want to see how you can use the Zazzle logo with your design to make the best take-the-cake contest entry! Need some inspiration? Check out some of these entries to see what other Zazzlers are doing.


View Entries » | Go Create »



The submission deadline is 11:59 PM (PST) on Thursday, October 18, 2007.

So what do I get?

For the mac daddy, A+ designer, we are going to feature his/her design on the homepage for a whole week! And if that wasn’t enough we’re going to throw in a Wacom Cintiq (The Cadillac of digital writing tablets, a $2,500 value) to boot.

(here is a video of a Cintiq at work!)

2nd place gets $1,000 and 3rd gets $500! So get started customizing the Zazzle logo now. And for all the New Zazzlers out there, read below about how to join!

How to enter

  1. Create a Zazzle account here
  2. Get a hi-res version of our logo
  3. Create your design and place it on a product (can be any product type … t-shirts, mugs, posters, stamps, you decide!). Make your product
  4. Publish your product to the Zazzle marketplace with the tag “zazzlelogocontest2007″ (find out how to tag your product). If you have already published your design prior to the start of this contest, simply tag it “zazzlelogocontest2007″ to submit it.
  5. Voila! (this doesn’t count as a step), see how easy that was? I knew you could do it.

Celebrity Judges

To help Zazzle to decide the best entries into this contest we’ve got two distinguished artists to judge your designs. See below to read a little about each artist.

Sonya Paz (sonyapaz)

sonya_pic.jpg Sonya has a passion for Modern Art, Pop Art, Cubsim, Modernism and Surrealism. These influences, combines can be seen in much of her work, where traditional styles compete with energetic pop art images of the past 25 years.

Sonya is a member and recently elected Vice President of the Artist Guild of San Francisco. Over the past few years her art has been exhibited at a number of venues; these include Gordon Biersch, MJ Schaer Gallery, Bacchus and Venus Gallery, International ArtExpo 2004 and returning again in March 2005.

Sonya has recently opened up her own fine art gallery in Santa Clara, CA and her works are also being represented across the USA; South Miami Beach, Napa Valley and Detroit. She is currently working on an exclusive label for a Livermore Valley Winery, and her work is featured in many local wineries and in various restaurants around the country.

Von Glitschka (vonster)

von.jpg Von has worked in the communication arts industry for 20 years. He now refers to himself as an Illustrative Designer. In 2002, he started Glitschka Studios, a multi-disciplinary creative agency.

His fresh, exuberant graphics for both in-house art departments and medium to large creative agencies have won numerous design and illustration awards along the way. Recently Von had 39 of his logo designs selected for inclusion in Logo Lounge IV. His clients are diverse, and include Microsoft, Pepsi, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Virgin Atlantic, Major League Baseball, Hasbro, Bandai Toys, Allstate insurance and Upper Deck.

94 Responses to “Zazzle Logo Contest”

  1. Kissedten.Com » Zazzle Logo Contest Says:

    [...] an interesting post today on Zazzle Logo ContestHere’s a quick [...]

  2. Scrapor.Com » Zazzle Logo Contest Says:

    [...] an interesting post today on Zazzle Logo ContestHere’s a quick [...]

  3. Bonnie DiBlanco Says:


    Bonnie DiBlanco here. It is with great pride that I submit to yous guys, my t-shirt for this fine contest. My creation can be described as innovative and groundbreakin, I mean FAHGETABOUTIT!! My good friend, old blue eyes is watching this moment with great pride from the main stage in the sky, so it would be unfortunate if you suits at Zazzle didn’t consider my shirt, if you catch my drift. In closing, I pose a question, how’s your family doing these days?

    DiBlanco and FAHGETABOUTIT!!!

  4. Bonnie DiBlanco Says:

  5. Beat Box Avenue Says:

    Go to and check out my submission to the contest.

    Beat Box Avenue…….Home for Hip Hop!

  6. Paddydee56 Says:

    See my Zazzle Logo Contest 2007 entry “Razzle Dazzle Zazzle” @
    Good Luck to everyone! :)

  7. Terri Wilkerson Says:

    Here’s my entry. It may not be what the judges are looking for, but I thought it was a cute idea. Thanks for taking a look.

  8. zazzone Says:

    Good Luck Everyone!!! Thank you zazzle for making this a fun place to be…

  9. YANMOS Says:

    Great contest theme!!! Good luck to all :)

  10. dtdesigns Says:

    YES .. the contest theme I asked for .. you rock zazzle .. and the prizes are awesome .. a Wacom Cintiq .. I love mine .. I’m sure the winner will love theres too .. those are just too cool .. this will be a very interesting contest :)

  11. Cimmerrian Says:

    Here’s my entry ……

  12. Cimmerrian Says:

    k…messed up the link …try this for my entry ….*/product/144959442585314989?CMPN=ltt

  13. marissaflorence Says:

    hey everybody! here’s my zazzle logo entry. :)

  14. Heather Downey Says:

    Hey…I love to play :)

    Here’s mine:

  15. Stacy Says:

    Here is my contest entry:

    I hope you enjoy it! : )

  16. Guiltypleasures Says:

    My Zazzle Pimp my logo contest entry can be found here

    Thanks for taking a look, and Good Luck to everyone how enters the contest, should be a lot of fun and so far there are already some fantastic entries :)


  17. Will la Puerta Says:

    Here’s my entry.

    Take a look. Tell me what you think. I hope you like it.

  18. Kimberly Hoffard Says:

    Here is my entry….

    The Pursuit to Zazzle

    Get this custom shirt
    at Zazzle

  19. Zekey Says:

    I am quite pleased with my entry because I managed to make an explosion of paint LOOK like an explosion of paint. Which is a big thing for me, haha. anywho:

    this was a really good contest idea.

  20. Bonnie DiBlanco. Says:

    Ay paizon!

    Have a sit down wit me and my contest shirt at:

    It’ll be in your better interest to do so, capiche? In closing, I’d like to thank yous guys who already commented and voted for my creative work…………by the way, how’s your family doing these days?

    -Bonnie DiBlanco

  21. litabug Says:

    No two Zazzlers are exactly alike! Celebrate our infinite one-of-a-kind-ness!

  22. l.a.ohare Says:

    woohooo, here’s my entry (what fun!)

    Good Luck, everyone!

    now excuse me while I go vote on some entries.

  23. haidabeaver Says:

    Here’s my contest entry…*/product/235497130310674379?CMPN=ltt

  24. haidabeaver Says:

    Sorry, let’s try this again, shall we?*/product/235497130310674379

  25. randum Says:

    Can we submit multiple entries?

  26. givengraphics Says:

    Can Canadians enter?

  27. Mary Powell Says:


    Get this custom print
    at Zazzle

  28. Nazaire - Haitian Art Says:

    my entry

    Good Luck everyone!

  29. serenedreams Says:

    Here’s my entry:

  30. bkang22 Says: here is my entry!

  31. ROBIN Says:

    here is mine, I hope i did okay!!

  32. ROBIN Says:

    aww everyone’s designs are so cute, makes mine look plain jane! oh well maybe next time!!

  33. jfarrell12 Says:

    Here’s my entry! Thanks :)

  34. trosscustom Says:

    check out my entry! not too many neckties submitted- this idea is original, creative, and artsy-ish. let me know if i deserve your vote!

  35. exentropy Says:

    Great designs being submitted – here’s my entry, using fractal images made with the Zazzle logo on a mug:*/product/168155361382800026

    All the best to all!

  36. frostbit Says:

    Sure looks like a lot of good competition! This is my first contest entry. I hope it meets with your approval.

  37. frostbit Says:

    I told you it was my first, I screwed up and forgot to put the link in! Anyway here it is now,

  38. Kelly Smith Says:

    This is my entry. It’s plain compared to most of the ones I’ve seen from here, but I hope you like it.

  39. Perlyyyy Says:

    Good luck to everyone! Here is my entry :)

  40. MickeyElvis128 Says:

    Here Is Our Entry… Good Luck Everyone!
    Best Regards & Chi Hugs!!!! Diane & MickeyElvis

  41. neilfsmith Says:

    Good luck to all in the contest. Please take a look at my entry. I’d love your comments.

  42. Julie Says:

    here is my entry :o)

  43. Txgeckko Says:

  44. Sharon Sharpe Says:

  45. maximus7 Says:

    I created the Blue Fire Zazzle postage stamp.

  46. jfarrell12 Says:

    Is there any way to update our existing submission art to follow the new “logo” guidelines instead of creating a whole new image and new page? Thus loosing all our existing comments and stars?

    Any clue if that feature is availalbe?

  47. Mary Powell Says:

  48. Mary Powell Says:

    new design…link above this one :-D used the zazzle logo not modified. this one was actually more of a blast to make. Thanks for everyones support on the earlier version GOOD LUCK. READY. SET. GO. CREATE.

  49. Talisbird Says:

    My entry tries to contain the message that Zazzle is for everyone, against a background of surreal comic horror.

  50. Nazaire - Haitian Art Says:

    I redid my entry to fit better with the contest rules

  51. captphrank Says:

    I’m In…Good Luck Everyone…

  52. erica Says:

    Zazzle Brightened my day!

  53. Randum Says:

    Here’s my entry. Would appreciate to hear any comments people may have.

  54. lissame73 Says:

    pretty excited about my contest entry. I think its one of my favorites of all ive ever created. Not to blow my own horn because there are alot of entries better than mine. But I am hoping for honorable mention or a skittle or something… lol we’ll see.. check it out if you will*/product/235587412475786567?CMPN=ltt

  55. lissame73 Says:

    i dont know why my link went all fruity.. let me try once more..

  56. Mudge Says:

    After the Contest update, I’m not sure if my entry is still eligible because I have a portion of the Zazzle star covered by an alien’s hands. Do I need to redo this one? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  57. CaptPhrank Says:

  58. Amanda Says:

    Got my entry for the contest together!*/product/144744390033917116?CMPN=ltt

  59. Mudge Says:

    Had to redo my original contest entry because I altered the Zazzle logo. Here is my latest effort. I think that I may actually like this Dinosaur Market concept even more.
    Please vote for it, if you like it. Thanx.

  60. Cheryl Maietta Says:

    It’s impossible to choose one winner when there are sooo many!

    I have burned my eyes out looking at all the amazing entries… there must be fifty I would make and put on display (or for sale in a Zazzle’s-own-logo-products-gallery) if I were the Zazzle execs! So many of these are incredible!

    I went through a couple hours of Wow! Wow! Wow!

  61. treehuggin_hippie Says:

    Here’s my entry

  62. sassyeggs Says:

    my entry

  63. bkstowell Says:

    Hey everyone! Please let me know what you think of my design- I’m new here and would love feedback!

  64. Cigam Power Says:

    Well here is my entry:

    Hope yall enjoy it. I am glad to be a part of the contest.

  65. Cheerishables Says:

    This is my entry: Come check it out. And for all you good looking and creative Zazzlers, you might want to think about wearing my t-shirt as you are guaranteed to be “gawked” at! … It’s a sure-fire attention getter! Thank you in advance for comments and votes. It is always appreciated. Wish me luck and good luck to you all. It’s going to be a stiff competition!

  66. Cheerishables Says:

    I posted the incorrect link in my last response… Here is my entry: And thank you for stopping by!

  67. Cheerishables Says:

    OK, Hopefully 3rd times a charm. Hre is the linnk to my entry page: Thanks for looking, and thanks for your patience!!!

  68. Cigam Power Says:

    I CHANGED MY DESIGN… please vote for my new design instead. I had an old version but I changed the ZAZZLE logo. so I went back and made it so that the ZAZZLE logo is not changed. here is my new version:

    Cigam Power

  69. Cheerishables Says:

  70. Kevin Says:

    Representing all the artists from around the world. The lights around the world looks like Ideas or Zazzle Stars from artists being lit up. Everyone becomes a star at Zazzle.

  71. maximus7 Says:

    I have entered the Zazzle Black fire postage stamp in the contest.

    Look here. Buy some too.

  72. BlackRice Says:

    My Entry for the contest :D

    On my zazzle site, there is also a version without the zazzle logo :)

  73. Eileen Says:

    Does the contest at midnight tonight? In other words is there still time to submit?

  74. dhumaigobae Says:

    when do they announce winners?

  75. Elise Says:

    Hello! Was I supposed to post a link to my design here?
    Oh, well… here it is, 23 minutes till closing time. =)

    Good luck and God bless, everyone!
    – Elise

  76. LadyOyuki Says:

    What happens if you did get it into the contest on time, but it won’t show up in the gallery until possibly hours after the contest deadline? I just got done submitting my entry umm…. 2 min ago? I really hope that I won’t be disqualified for the fact that it won’t show up in the gallery until ??? time from now…


  77. LadyOyuki Says:

    Gah, I’m so worried that it won’t make it in because it’s not showing up on the gallery… so, here’s the link:

    sorry, my paranoia is showing. :P

  78. LadyOyuki Says:

    O_o umm…. why is it so small on the shirt? I know my artwork isn’t that small…. it’s over 2000 x 3000 pixles large! It shouldn’t have been that small on my shirt…. Can anyone help at all?

  79. LadyOyuki Says:

    *sighs* Apparently, I guess the t-shirt didn’t like my design – so I had to make a poster instead. I still have the orginal shirt entry to prove that I did try to get it in on time by the deadline… but I really do NOT want that shirt judged since you can’t see a thing on it. ~_~ Here’s is the poster I made of the same picture, so I hope that the judges will judge this one instead.

    Since it is the exact same picture after all, I hope that will be allowed.

  80. LadyOyuki Says:

    Whoops… well, I had to try and make the print again.. gah, how many times will I mess things up already? >_< This is what I get for staying up past 4am…

    Here’s the correct link for the poster:

  81. captphrank Says:

    You guys (Zazzle Team) say you’ll let us know who the winner is after Monday… But doesn’t that mean Tuesday, and FOREVER!… Give Us a BREAK. Your Killing Us Here!!!!….capt.

  82. Trixter69 Says:

    @captphrank Give the Zazzle Team a break! There are a LOT of good entries they have to choose from. They have a right to take their time, look over all the entries before they make the final choices. NOT to mention the judges have to do this in their SPARE/FREE time!!

    With a $2500 prize up for grabs people should have a bit of patience and understanding!

  83. Artsanity Says:

    Most contest judging panels do take the better part of a week to make the selections.
    After looking through all of these, this would be a difficult choice for anyone.

  84. Perlyyyy Says:

    Trixster, I think you might be coming from a good place, but I also think you could be brown nosing zazzle just a bit, hoping for the win. Anyone with an entry is most probably anxious about finding out the winner. I have to admit to getting anxious too, and losing some patience! Its NORMAL…So captphrank is not off base! Please don’t tell captphrank or anyone else here at zazzle, what to do. Just do what works best for you. It’s all in the way that you put things to people. Calmly asking for patience without insulting one’s intelligence would have been the best way for you to get your message across.

    Thank you!

  85. captphrank Says:

    Your absolutely right Perlyyy. I didn’t write that post in ANGER!. I was only saying the Zazzle Team was a Little Vague , to say the least, in their deadline for a winners choice. Yeah, I’m anxious to hear who won, I know it’s not me..LOL, but I do have friends I’m cheering for and “After Monday” should mean that…When Zazzle says The contest Is closed Sept. 18th, we abide by this… shouldn’t they do the same…I admitt the wait does add to the excitement of it all but a week later, and no Update as to whats going on borders on rude. Thats my feeling, and I’m sorry if some of you are a little miffed by it…”Don’t hate me because I’m Anxiuos!”..LOLOLOL…capt.

  86. captphrank Says:

    O.K….my spelling isn’t the best…Thats something to laugh about…LOL..capt.

  87. Perlyyyy Says:

    Capt, I know that you didn’t write the post in anger. I also understand your anxiety, I feel the same way. That is why I spoke up, not to tear anyone down, but to help others to understand just how some of us feel about this waiting. Everyone has a different patience level. Mine lately sucks because I am on my 7th day of quitting smoking. So I am really trying to keep it all together :)

    Hopefully we will find out soon! Best of luck to you and EVERYBODY who has entered this contest!! TGIF

  88. LadyOyuki Says:

    I have to agree that I also am a bit anxious. Whatever the outcome may be, I would like to know what the results are because it’s just keeping me on edge. After working for so long on my entry, I just want to get the whole thing over with and move on. It’s rather hard to do that if you don’t know anything…. not even a “this is harder then we thought to judge, please have patience with us” message. Some update is better then none… right? Wishful thinking smacked with a nice dose of reality often makes my artistic mind just reel in circles. I never am settled until I know the outcome, but still… I will wait like everyone else and cross my fingers and toes. :P

  89. Trixter69 Says:

    Perlyyyy@ I never said i wasn’t anxious about the results and brown nosing was not what i was trying to convay.I just know what its like to be on the other side of the fence when it comes to judging, AND how annoying it is when people start posting for us to hurry it up. I agree that the normal judging time it 1-2 weeks, 3 if its a really LARGE\GOOD contest with quite a few good entries (like this one) but its only been 1week from the close of the contest and people are already fidgeting. That is what I was trying to convey before.

    It is nice when the judges post updates like LadyOyuki said but that doesn’t always happen.
    I’d say if there still hasn’t been any update by the 10-11th of November then I’d start sending reminders and asking for an update to be posted.

    Good luck to everyone in the contest (Myself included) :P

  90. Trixter69 Says:

    Oh forgot to say that Zazzles wording of “This contest is now over. Winners will be announced after Monday.” is a bit misleading and open ended and that does add to quite a few peoples anxious levels. So I’d suggest they change the wording. but nothing we can do about it so I’d suggest everyone to take it to mean “This contest is now over. Winners will be announced [u][b]SOMETIME[/b][/u] after Monday.”

  91. momzdesigns Says:

    I am anxious to wee what design won. There were a lot of very talented designs submitted. It has been a week let us see!!!!!!It is going to be interesting.

  92. bkstowell Says:

    On top of choosing the winner, they also said there would be an “honorable-mentions-but-no-prizes” category for the designs that didn’t ‘follow the rules.’ So technically, there’s twice as much judging to do! I know we’re all excited, but it’s cool that we have a new contest to get our minds off of it for a little while!

  93. MickeyElvis128 Says:

    Hi, I don’t mind the wait… I just wish zazzle would give us some updates on how soon we will hear the results of the contest! This contest has us excited like waiting for Christmas…. But we know… Christmas comes on the 25th of December every year! It’s the not knowing when part… that has many of us in a tizzy. Good Luck! Judges, Zazzle & Everyone who entered this exciting contest!!! I’m sure they will get back with us soon!!! God Bless! Warm Regards, Diane & MickeyElvis

  94. stop smoking information blog Says:

    stop smoking information

    stop smoking information

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