Hug a Pit Bull


Check out contributor gracie111 on the news sporting her Zazzle shirt! She is wearing her shirt to support pit bull awareness and fight these lovable but sometimes misunderstood dogs. Check out the full article and link to the video, also here is the link to The Pit Bull Awareness project that helps these guys out.

pitbull awareness on Zazzle

Zazzle Pitbull Awareness

20 Responses to “Hug a Pit Bull”

  1. Peter Says:

    i’m a peta-type, but that’s one dog the world could do without. i’m not saying we need to go the extermination route, but if some fool buys a pit-bull to walk around because they’re insecure, make fun of them – after you’re safely in your car, with the windows up, and in motion.

    seriously, if you need to take care of a pit-bull or rottweiller or whatever because they have no place else to go – fine, but damn, breeding them and keeping them around to look cool? all while trying to convince people that these dogs are not dangerous?


  2. Sarah Says:

    Wow, Peter your comment seems so naive and I sense you have never been around pit bull dogs. These dogs are beautiful creatures and just as loving as any other breed of canine. It is up to the dog owners to train their dogs properly and address any behavioral issues. Pit-Bulls do seem to have more of an instinct to protect their masters and they can be territorial. However, once a Pit Bull feels comfortable they can be a most lovable companion.

  3. margaret cassidy. Says:

    i really think your t-shirt is quit amazing. i am a big fan of the pitbull,i think they are getting a bad rap just because people can’t raise them properly.i join every cause there is on saving the pitbull in ontario.maybe it should be the owner’s of the visious dog’s should be destroyed not the is not the fault of the dog’s the owner’s are so stupid and don’t learn.let’s be kind enough to put the owner’s down as humane as possible and let their dog’s live the lives they should have.sincerely margaret cassidy.

  4. draconyz Says:

    I agree with Sarah. One of my friends has a pit bull. She is the best little gal I could ever want as a friend. Bangle had sense to watch out for my 2 year old toddler, wouldn’t let her go up the stairs, wouldn’t let her go far out of our site. She kept just letting my little toddler yank on her ears and pull at her skin.

    This was one bangle pit bull that changed my mind for life. The love she had for her “partner” master and friend of mine was great. He taught her to get down on her haunches and crawl over to kids to say hi. She doesn’t even jump on people like some big friendly dogs do when they first see a new human (like goldens).

    Seriously – go find someone who has a pit bull that isn’t interested in just looks or protection – those people tend to be stupid and I would bet any dog trained by them would be territorial and mean – not all, but most would be at least. Just like any animal, weapon or item that can be used wrongly – it’s the person, not the creature/thing that’s ultimately responsible. Look past the idiots for a change. (Peta is included in the idiocity)

  5. crazytees Says:


    I got a pit bull as a puppy. We found him in the woods. It seems the owner had deserted the whole littler. At the time we didn’t know what breed my dog was, but now that he’s older, you can tell he’s definitely Pit. He is the most loving, caring dog I’ve ever met. He loves people. He takes wonderful care of my infant and plays great with my cat. Couldn’t ask for a better dog!
    I agree that they are territorial dogs and they need to be trained and treated properly to maintain good behavior. That doesn’t mean they are bad dogs though. Heck, Poodles are territorial too and no one wants to exterminate the poodles! Leave the Pits alone. Prosecute the owners who don’t take care of them properly.

  6. Dog Care Tips Says:

    Dog Care Tips

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

  7. Cory Says:

    I completely agree with Sarah and draconyz. Before you start bashing a breed due to rumors, you need to research yourself. And let me tell you, the information needs minimal effort to find. As a “peta-type”, educating yourself should be a first prioirty. Peta promotes awareness, not ignorance based on rumors. Not only have I been raised with Rottweilers my whole life (they were around when I was a toddler), but I work at major animal shelter and the majority of dogs are pit bulls or pit mixes. Let me tell you, these shelter pits, coming from neglected and abusive backgrounds are by FAR the best in temperment when comparing breeds. My rotties were patient and wonderful. TLC, consistency and postivie but firm reinforcement make these “dangerous breeds” some of the safest and best companions. I too am a “peta-type”, and I would hate to live in a world where these gentle giants do not grace our presence. People are dangerous, not animals.

  8. Kyle Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Cory. I own a pitbull, and she is my first one. The loyalty these dogs have towards humans is amazing; we have such a connection. Another rumor is that these dogs are dumb, but my dog’s tricks and temperament would show otherwise.

    It makes me sad that people can hate a breed so much; especially without doing research. The majority of these dogs they show aren’t even pure pitbull. Most of them are mix of different breeds like Presa Canario, making them super large pitbulls. Anyways, because they absolutely CANNOT narrow it down and say that pure-pitbulls are the ones causing this, they should enforce on the owners.

  9. Lilly Says:

    Pits r the best know dog out there and they r so adoribal. My grandma has a puppy blue pit bull that is 4 mounths old and she is the cutest think i’ve ever seen. i com over to help take care of her and she is just a big baby and is very a lovable dog. If someone were to ask me ,”whats kind of dog should i get?” My respance would be “a pitbull!”


  10. Cheri Says:

    Any animal can be dangerous. The thing that can make them dangerous is brain damage or if they are trained to fight. I have a Pit Bull named Emily. She is the sweetest animal I have ever seen. She sees everyone as a friend, even our cat who is always attacking her. She thinks the cat is playing and gets all excited over having the cats attention. She is also very smart. Its as if Pits have a way of grabbing your heart. Before Emily came along, I was worried about Pits. Not anymore.
    We also have a lab. He is more likely to attack a stranger coming in the yard than Emily is. She is loyal, but to be honest not good protection. Anyone who THINKS pit owners like the breed for protection has never met a Pit. In fact, we got a squeeky toy for Emily and when she bit into it she acted as if she hurt it. She looked so sad and sorry for making it squeek She never bit into the toy again, but would gently nudge it around the room. Its clear she hates the idea of harming any living thing or toy….lol. I wish more animals had the spirit of a Pit.

  11. lkghg kjgfd Says:

    I love pit bulls and they are really sweet!!!! Hug a Pit Bull, today! The only bad ones are the ones that are treated badly by their owners! There are no bad dogs only bad owners!!!!

  12. MRDONKEY2U Says:

    I have several pitbulls, I was against the breed also because of the media crap…until I owned one ,the dog’s are wonderful companions ,loveable and protective of family. In peters comment (the first one) he says people own them to look “bad” or to make them selves look good….some probably do , but not all,I can handle myself,Ive studied various marshal arts in the past 20yrs and have no problem in that forum, I say look at the dog,it’s body structure screams power , but its all in what you want in a dog,I love the sheer muscular look of the dog…if you want a lab…get a lab, a poodle …get one. same as a car……not everyone has the same taste I want a real dog…and thats a pit,I own 10 now and do pitbull only rescue when I can…….they are VERY protective over my kids and as with any dog of good size common sense plays a role when leaving children with them. Its more the fault of parents who leave their children with larger dogs who can do damge, I have never been bitten/attacked by a pit , but have been by a retriever, mixed breed and the taco ball dog…lol

  13. Aaron Says:

    Funny how the uneducated white trash pit bull owner stereotype holds up online too.

    Letting a two year old child pull the ears of a friendly pit? Not having a pit to look tough, and then proceeding to brag about your “marshal arts” skills? Saying “Pits r the best know dog out there and they r so adoribal” just because your grandma has a puppy?

    People you’re not helping your cause. Just sayin…

  14. Morgan Says:

    I think the main problem here is with the owners and bad breeding. Just like the Rotties, Shepherds and Dobes, they all suffered from bad breeding and poor ownership. But we can’t really blame a breed ? I swear, people are more ignorant with pits than Rotties, Shepherds and Dobes. I would be completely biased and ignorant to blame an entire breed just because alittle bad press.

    But I think another problem is pit bull owners not realizing the damage these dogs can do if left unchecked. Unlike Rotties, Shepherds and Dobermans, the pit has the capability to hold on and not let go. While the other three have to be trained to do that, otherwise, they give up or get tired and go lay down somewhere. They just don’t have stamina and drive to keep going. And I think we really can’t compare pits to other breeds either. They’re either stronger or they’re not. Now, I can name a few breeds that have much more poetential to serious damage than a pit. But that’s not the point. The point is, when you have a pit bull, you really have to be experienced and know what your doing or you’ll just end up with an aggressive dog or a dog aggressive dog and that’s what’s really causing the problem.

    Alot of people who do own pit bulls are the exact ones that shouldn’t own any dog. I feel bad for pit bulls, I really do. I probably wont own one anytime soon but I would like to own one someday. Right now, my focus is own Rotties, Shepherds and Dobes because they’re reputation isnt shot to hell like the pits rep is.

    I love pits, but I will wait until there reputation dies down instead of getting one right now. Too much publicity and too much bad rep which isnt deserved. Right now owning a pit, you have to have alot of tough skin..

  15. Rebecca Says:

    I am so glad to see people sticking up for pit bulls. The owners are the problem. It’s like saying rooster s are vicious and scary after seeing a documentary on people betting on illegal rooster fights in which they’ve put razor blade bands on these creatures’ toothpick legs.

    Yes, some breeds of dogs are stronger. Some are tiny. Some have short hair and some have long. However, I have seen plenty of nasty tempered cocker spaniels. There are many Dalmations that are not good around children, but the fantasy of the sweet, spotted “101” guys from Disney lives on. I have also seen more unfriendly Dachshunds than pit bills, but since “Doxies” are tiny, everyone generally laughs at the ferocious weener dog.

    I think the Humane Society’s postage stamp “I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter” sums it up the best for Pit Bulls.

  16. Sweet Soul Says:

    I saved a female pit bull from an irresponsble owner when she was 4 weeks old. She is the sweetest, loyal dog I’ve ever owned. However, some neighbors are very nasty toward us. When a small dog growls at them, they say how cute she/he is, but when my dog approches them, they either walk over to the other side of the street or give a nasty look without even saying ‘ Hi.” One old lady actually yelled at me to control my dog when my dog didn’t even go closer to her. I will continue to love my dog and train her to be the best behaved dog. Ignorant people should realize that any dog can be dangerous in the hands of abusitive owners. Pit bull can be the nicest pet you ever have if you spend time and raise them properly.

  17. b Says:

    It’s just unfortunate that the majority of these dogs are owned by not so educated not so well behaved misfits, usually young men who have never owned a dog, nor understands the needs of a dog, so these poor dogs get chained up, not socialised and end up becoming frustrated and lash out, the reason why the poodle for example is never seen in the news for attacking someone is because the majority of people who own those dogs are respectful people who treat and raise their dogs right, any dog regardless of it’s breed can potentially cause harm to a human, one they don’t have fists to defend themselves nor a voice to warn people(besides to growl, but some choose to ignore that), their only means of defence is through biting, unfortunately breeds like pitbull terriers and rottweilers (larger dogs) can inflict more serious injuries if it were to bite someone compared to a smaller dog, people need to be aware that larger, more powerful dogs should be owned by those who have experience, i understand the intentions of these bans (Pitbulls are the most abused breed in the world) regardless of whether these bans or restrictions are in place these assholes will still be out their backyard breeding these animals and selling them to more little street bastards and these dogs will get an even worse rap. illegal trade wont stop, they go against the law. where as the respectful owners and breeders are those who will abide by the laws and these people will be denied the opportunity of showing this breed for the true nature it is, pit bulls are a beautiful sweet playful and goofy breed, i love these dogs. Usually those who make poor judgements on this breed have never owned one, nor possibly met one. these people are oblivous and easily influenced by what the media portrays, these people are narrow minded, however it s good to see their are people out there who understand the true nature of these dogs, this is not a lost cause, we will save the pit bull! :)

  18. Alicia Says:

    I am very happy to see people sticking up for the pitbulls, I love them, I have had 5 of them through out my life, and have grown up with them since childhood, they are friendly, caring, sweet, protective, loving, and patient, just please if you are thinking about getting one train it and be responsible.

  19. Paulo Souza Says:

    Hi every 1 I have to say 1 thing only,people who own pitt they have to trained the dog correctly so all this incident wouldn’t happend,see if you teach a kid that a gun that you own in your house is not a toy then you are doing your job as a parent,if you dont teach the proper training then expect to have seriusly injures.
    Basicly if a pitt attach some 1 dont blame the dog blame the owner,dog is not educate and there for the owner is responsible for getting a dog an not giving the proper training,please before getting a dog please learn and have patience other wise get another pet,thank you.

    P.S. Don’t be ignorant by accusing the dog that really shows how ignorant people can be lol

  20. Melton Says:

    I do the job with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I’m a strong believer in nurture and education. I have met Jack Russell Terriers that I would not go near once again, but have by no means had a poor experience with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are speaking about their owners- nicely, which is a several story. People are creatures as nicely, and we often every have our own strategies about “moral concepts”.

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