Well That’s Different


Interested in a little Friday fun? Yeah! I knew you would be…..check out what maximus7 is doing with his Zazzle products. He created a chess set out of photo sculptures.


So I am wondering what interesting and different things you do with your Zazzle products. Let me know in the comments….


3 Responses to “Well That’s Different”

  1. Mark Says:

    So let’s see…32 chess pieces (these 32 photo sculptures) costs $448 plus shipping with no chess board included. Ver cool idea, but this could get just a bit expensive!

  2. laura sierra Says:

    abit pricey yes..but, you would have a one of a kind chess set…you could have your family or all elves or space personel and objects..could be a nifty present?

  3. Greg Bulmash Says:

    Problem with this post is that you can’t hit a page on Maximus’ store without being beaten over the head with anti-Republican propaganda. It’s not just liberal or espousing liberal viewpoints. It specifically attacks the Republican party and large corporations who have supported it.

    Plus it’s repetitive, not well written, and poorly integrated in the design, all of which adds up to a WTF on why Zazzle chose to promote it. Sure, the chess set is neat, but not neat enough to justify making people deal with the terrible design, bad writing, and overt pamphleteering attached to it. The LEAST they could have done was linked directly to the chess set instead of the store front page, saving people from a good chunk of the collateral craptaculousness of the store.

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