Pimp Our Logo Contest Winners!


The judges have spoken and the results are in! Today, I have the pleasure of announcing the winners of the Pimp Our Logo contest! Congrats to DustinFoust for his design ZazzleFinal02 t-shirt! Also congrats to all the winners and entrants, everyone at Zazzle was truly impressed by the creativity and off-the-wall thinking that you guys used to create your entries! See below for the full list of winners and a little blurb by each of the judges.

Grand Prize: DustinFoustZazzleFinal02 t-shirt

contest winner

  • Von Says: It was a tough choice between this one and number two. They are distinctly different in their approach but what pushed this one over the top for me is the underlining concept. The art is well done and executed with precision but the strength of the concept and how it integrates the Zazzle logo achieved what I thought was a unique and clever solution that embodied the purpose of this contest far more effectively then the others.
  • Sonya Says: Fun design with sparkle and pizzazz, a nice composition with dynamic flow.

Second Prize: Jfarrell12Where creativity Shines Through!

  • Von Says: Beautiful collage, colors and depth. The only thing missing is concept.
  • Sonya Says: A positive and neo-modernistic design. A flowing design bringing depth and futuristic elements.

Third Prize: BeckCalliRealms of Subconscious 4 Logo Contest

contest entry

  • Von Says: Interesting concept and decent illustration job. I don’t think the secondary type was needed though.
  • Sonya Says: This design struck me as very energetic and had a lot of depth. Very eye catching and dynamic. The tagline “Bringing Creative Imaginations into Reality” is what I believe to be the Zazzle way of thinking for producing artists, artwork and illustrations into the product market.

Honorable Mentions

Your Dreams. Delivered. by bakuninja

Zazzleology Poster by ZsTees

Dinosaur Market by mudgestudios

Zazzle Cannon of Creativity by zekeyspaceylizard

zazzle logo contest by spraypaint

zazzle contest by vitaliy

Zazzle Contest Entry by onthetoast

White Cloud by rottonrabbit

Zazzle Logo Spaceship by compixx

ZAZZLE * DRIZZLE by haitianart

13 Responses to “Pimp Our Logo Contest Winners!”

  1. MickeyElvis128 Says:

    Congratulations winners!!!! Way to go!!!!

  2. trennea Says:

    Congratulations! These designs are wonderful!

  3. Guiltypleasures Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners, you guys did a fantastic job on your entries!
    Also congrats to all the others for taking the time to enter this great contest and having a lot of fun with it. I know for sure I had fun and enjoyed seeing what all the rest of you submitted. Great contest Zazzle!

  4. captphrank Says:

    Kind of anti-climatic after the long wait, but BIG congrats to the winners and the Honerable Mentions…Way to go Zeke..(Amigo)…Great Work everyone…capt.

  5. Harry Says:

    Big congrats to all the winners … great work … great designs …

    But ya know … there really ain’t no loosers here. I think all the Zazzlers did a fantastic job!

  6. Artsanity Says:

    Congrats to the winners! So many fantastic entries.

  7. Lilly (zooogle) Says:

    Wow! Incredible creations. Congratulations all you guys, really amazing designs.

  8. totallygraffiti Says:

    Congratulations and very well deserved and to everyone that did partake in this fun contest-we are all winners-better recognize.

  9. Steve Says:

    Congrats to the Winners !!! Great Job !

  10. Cherie Says:


  11. sneakerdog Says:

    Congratulations to the winners. It was absolutely fascinating to see the creativity of all the participants.

  12. dtdesigns Says:

    Congrats to the winners all great designs :) .. no international honorable mentions? ..

  13. Paintedlynx Says:

    Nice work, congrats! >^..^<

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