Holiday Card Template Contest!


Break out your holiday ideas because we want to see what holiday themed card template you can create! These templates are great for that person who doesn’t have the time, or your creative abilities and wants a beautiful custom card (hint: they just want to BUY). So make it big, small, square, circular or just crazy, but make sure to make it a template!


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Contest entries must be received by November 9th, 2007 11:59p.m. (Pacific Time)

Holiday Card template contest


7 Responses to “Holiday Card Template Contest!”

  1. shannon Says:

    OH! OH! Sounds like fun…do we get celeb judges again???

  2. dtdesigns Says:

    Heres Mine

    Good Luck everyone .. another great contest zazzle :)

  3. Holder Says:

    Good luck everyone!
    Here is my entry.

  4. captphrank Says:

    I’m in , but I didn;t size the teplate correctly and now that I’ve submitted, it’s to late to correct…Good Lick Everyone…capt.

  5. wolffreeborn Says:

    my entry for the holiday contest:

  6. wolffreeborn Says:

    disregard the other one:
    this is the correct entry url,sorry..

  7. captphrank Says:

    just remove the zazzletemplatecontest2007 tag from your card and make another correct one and submit it. The old one will not appear in the contest.

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