New Office Humor Contest!


office_humor_mug_contest.jpgIt’s time to shake off your “case of the Mundays,” and get designing for the new Zazzle Office Humor contest! We’re looking for the best “I hate my boss” mug, “I’m retired” t-shirt or any other design that is sure to be the hot topic at the water cooler. So grab a TPS report and start designing your perfect office humor product today! Oh, and Yeahhhh…..we’re gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday for this one… (j/k)

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>>Contest entries must be received by November 28, 2007 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time)<<


For the best design, we’re giving away a $1,000 Holiday Bonus! The top 10 honorable mentions, will receive a $25.00 Zazzle gift certificate. Finally, The best designs will be featured in an upcoming office humor email campaign.


3 Responses to “New Office Humor Contest!”

  1. Terri Wilkerson Says:

    When are people going to read the rules of a contest. Example: New Office Humor Contest. One person has already entered 4 different products. Geez, will it not end.

  2. wolffreeborn Says:

    my entry:

  3. Jessica In Seattle Says:

    Here is my entry…*/product/144257406027087324
    When does the contest end?

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