Office Humor Contest


office_humor_mug_contest.jpgNote: This contest is now over. Winners will be announced after Monday.
It’s time to shake off your “case of the Mundays,” and get designing for the new Zazzle Office Humor contest! We’re looking for the best “I hate my boss” mug, “I’m retired” t-shirt or any other design that is sure to be the hot topic at the water cooler. So grab a TPS report and start designing your perfect office humor product today! Oh, and Yeahhhh…..we’re gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday for this one… (j/k)

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>>Contest entries must be received by November 28, 2007 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time)<<


For the best design, we’re giving away a $1,000 Holiday Bonus! The top 10 honorable mentions, will receive a $25.00 Zazzle gift certificate. Finally, The best designs will be featured in an upcoming office humor email campaign.

How to Enter

  1. Create a Zazzle account
  2. Create your entry
  3. Post your entry for sale in the Zazzle marketplace with the tag “zazzleofficecontest2007″ (find out how to tag your product).
  4. You’re done. Good Luck!

Note: Only one entry allowed per person. Read the Official Office Humor Contest Rules

85 Responses to “Office Humor Contest”

  1. tshirtfun Says:

    How can a new contest already be started, when the last one didn’t even follow the rules? There are still 3 honorable mentions that are not working templates, and should not be receiving prizes. There should also be 3 new winners announced to make up for the mistake.

  2. txgeckko Says:

  3. DT Says:

    Good luck to everyone who will be taken part in this contest .. but I’ve had my fill of zazzle contests .. so I’m sitting it out .. its sad that someone has to mention international honourable mentions before any are posted … those guys deserved a mention too

  4. Kelly Says:

    Okay… IF I decide to work my but off during the holiday week/weekend, I need to know:

    Does it say ANTWHERE how many designs we can enter? Or are we limited to one, like previous contests?

  5. DT Says:

    Yep Kelly .. one entry per person as always .. heres the official rules … good luck :)

  6. tshirtfun Says:

    ONE entry per person!!! There are already two people who have submitted more than one entry! Is Zazzle going to enforce the rules with this one, or not???

  7. Kerry Says:

    It is ALWAYS one entry per person. How many contest have you heard of where you can submit unlimited entries? We’re not talking about some postcard mail in where people are selected at random here.

    Under section 2 of the rules it says one entry per person.


  8. captphrank Says:

    Last Time for me…Why do people ALWAYS submitt more than One?.. Whats up with that?…and The Zazzle Team never does anything….capt*/product/168094296359233289?CMPN=ltt

  9. captphrank Says:

    Sorry, wrong ID:…

  10. Matt Says:

    Zazzle has already proved many times that it is not fit for running contests. I’m surprised that it hasn’t faced any legal action yet.

  11. Andy Says:

    look and comment please

  12. MacFaux Says:

    Hey now…I don’t mean to throw any benzene (C6H6) on this here wee shrub fire…but would you shirleys like a bit o’ cheese to go with your whine? Zazzle does a remarkable job considering the circs (you have to know the Beaver), and to bemoan getting sheisa on the wee technicalities is such bad form….I will share with you a truism…want to win the big prize? PLAY BETTER! It is what those of us who lose the big contest money do (smirk)..Play better…Don’t get on the cats judging..Sure I think I should have one the Zazzle logo contest, but did I send lots and lots of hate mail to Glitschstschkaa …(who can spell that?)..No, well yes, but no….have some fun, and if you really need to cop some cash off of the adulation of others, carry your style over to Threadless and be content with the shirt snobs and four colors…just sayin…Zazzle rules.

  13. Jamie L. Keller Says:

    i’m gonna have to go with mr. faux on this one….
    on mondayy……

  14. Kelly Says:

    It seems the only acceptable comments for some people on this site are “nice designs” or “congratulations to the winners,” types of things. Anytime anyone comments on inconsistency with rules it’s seen as “whining” or being a sore loser.

    TSHIRTFUN: “There are still 3 honorable mentions that are not working templates, and should not be receiving prizes.” Rules are rules, and this is a valid point. They have clearly made exceptions to their contest rules, but in the end they are Zazzle’s contests to judge however they want to.

    The LOGO CONTEST: there were designs more qualified to win, and captured the ‘idea’ more effectively, as much as I love my design.

    The CARD CONTEST: The design I hoped would win actually did. Yes, I like it even more than my own. I was dissapointed that I wasn’t chosen for honorable mention (along with 100+ other people.) It’s human nature to be dissapointed when you put a lot of effort into something you believe in, and it doesn’t turn out how you want it to. It’s not ‘whining.’ It is what it is, and that’s life.

    MACFAUX: “want to win the big prize? PLAY BETTER! It is what those of us who lose the big contest money do (smirk)..Play better…Don’t get on the cats judging..”
    I think the point is that there are contest rules that we are required to follow. The comments are that the judging has not been consistent with the rules, so how does one “play better” when there is alleged inconsistency in the rules of the contest.

    KERRY: “It is ALWAYS one entry per person. How many contest have you heard of where you can submit unlimited entries?…TOO MANY PEOPLE CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO CLICK THE LINK…”
    I’ve entered contests where multiple entries are accepted (for art, photo, & design). I didn’t see an OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES link on this page, which is why I asked. I’m surprised you would get heated about something that required a simple answer. (*See DT’s polite comment- the link was helpful, and answered my question) There IS such a thing as internet etiquette. You can’t see me, and you may not know me, but that doesn’t permit being rude and insulting. There’s no excuse for using IM’s, blogs, and internet forums as a release for their hostility and inappropriate behavior.

    So…That said: EVERYONE: RELAX. This is a t-shirt / product design website. This is not a place for anger & controversy- a creative outlet that is supposed to be enjoyable. A special thanks to everyone on here who inspires me in one way or another, to design & create (and improve)! I said this before, but if everyone would concentrate less on winning contests and making ‘sell-able’ merchandise, we would all be making $1000 a month instead of needing to win it.

  15. CAlaw Says:

    I find this all very interesting because contest rules are actually a legal contract. I’m familiar with the CA codes, and thought you may all like to see this. I have removed irrevelant information, however you can view the complete codes at

    The last line seems to be the information you’re all looking for. It seems to me that if a company doesn’t follow the legal contract they have drawn up, it may be best for them to avoid contests altogether.

    17539. The Legislature finds that there is a compelling need for
    more complete disclosure of rules and operation of contests in which
    money or other valuable consideration may be solicited; that current
    methods of disclosure are inadequate and create misunderstandings as
    to the true requirements for participation and winning of prizes
    offered; that certain problems which have arisen are peculiar to
    contests; that the provisions of Sections 17539.1 through 17539.3 are
    necessary to the public welfare and that the terms hereof shall be
    interpreted so as to provide maximum disclosure to and fair treatment
    of persons who may or do enter such contests.
    17539.1. (a) The following unfair acts or practices undertaken by,
    or omissions of, any person in the operation of any contest are
    (4) Misrepresenting in any manner, the rules, terms, or conditions
    of participation in a contest.

  16. Retroversity Says:

    Hey all this has absolutely nothing to do with all the negativity going on in these posts. I was just hoping that you all could take a look at my submission for this contest. I have never entered a zazzle contest before and hope my experience is better then what it seems like some of yours have been. That being said, I look forward to your votes and comments on my entry. Good Luck to everyone else that has entered this contest.

    My Contest Entry.

  17. AJsGraphics Says:

    Am I reading the rules incorrectly? It says:

    There is a limit of one entry per person. If you submit multiple designs, only the first entry from any individual will be judged as part of the Contest. Additional attempts to enter will be disqualified.

    It doesn’t say that there is a limit to submissions, just entries and that the first entry (submission?) will be part of the contest. I also read it that “Additional” attempts (submissions?) will not be part of the contest. I’m not reading it that “all” entries will be disqualified.

    I’m not taking it that you can’t have more than one submission, just one entry.

  18. rules Says:

    The way I read it, only the additional entries are disqualified… not the original entry. The first one is the only one that is eligible.

    But the next section does say: Disqualified entries will be removed from the Zazzle Website without notice.

    I’m sure nobody would want to see any designs deleted from the website… but they should probably be removed from the contest page. I think people get frustrated seeing multiple entries from the same person, because it takes attention away from the eligible entries. It also makes it too difficult to know which ones to vote on.

    Any negativity regarding the contests has been caused by Zazzle. They have been asked over & over to address this, and they choose to ignore it. They are creating the conflict because they aren’t following their own rules.

  19. AJsGraphics Says:

    I think that the next section is referring to just that section on copyrights, acceptable content, etc and not entries.

  20. Kerry Says:

    Kelly – I”m sorry you think my behavior was rude, but there are an awful lot of us that are fed up with people not reading the rules every single solitary time there is a contest. My section in bold was directed to Zazzle – not to you. That was very clear. There are already a lot of people with multiple entries. A lot of contributors have been asking over and over for Zazzle to please put it on the main contest page that it’s only one entry per person. I put it in bold in hopes that Zazzle would read it – so please don’t give me your condescending net etiquette talk when you clearly do not know what is going on with the whole contest situation.

    Click the Running Contests link and you will see all of the info Zazzle has about Running their Contests. It was right next to the link to come and post a comment here – not to mention on the right hand side of the page. Also on the right side of the page under Blogroll is a link that says Find Out About Zazzle Contests that would have told you what you wanted to know . And just an FYI – if anyone had clicked the Find Out How To Tag Your Product to get the tag you needed in order to enter the contest, you would have seen the Official Rules. Try looking at the forums or blogs on this site and you’d have seen awfully quick that not only is it just one entry per person but that it is a VERY hot topic.

    It’s not just you, but way too many people who can’t take a few seconds to look around and find the answer. And I can’t imagine how anyone, if they didn’t know, would assume they could enter countless entries, especially when they see most only enter one. At least you did ask, and thank you for that. But it’s the fact that the info is there, and not hard to find, and there is always multiple people who either don’t care or can’t be bothered to find out what the rules are. That’s simply a fact. Not a comment about you specifically, but a fact that is already in evidence if you look at the latest contest entries. Because of this, many of us have asked Zazzle to take steps to prevent it, and THAT is what is most frustrating and THAT is what my section all in caps was for. Again – for Zazzle – not for you.

  21. Kerry Says:

    “And just an FYI – if anyone had clicked the Find Out How To Tag Your Product to get the tag you needed in order to enter the contest, you would have seen the Official Rules.”

    Sorry – that should have said “tag info”

  22. josh Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We’ve made it more clear in the contest intro that only one entry is permitted, and added a clearer link to the rules. You are right – this is important.

    But on the other hand, Macfaux makes a point too – the contests really are intended for fun and the chance of winning – and we really would like to keep these running around that. If people think they are more trouble, we could consider pausing the contest program, but we’ve loved the entries and results so far. We wish everyone could win… but that’s the challenge of contests. Overall, we think the real thing at Zazzle is still to create great products and sell them through your galleries and enjoy interacting around that – not just complaining about multiple entries. In fact, potatocrisps who has multiple entries here is a Zazzle employee – not eligible to win – but just included some sample ideas to kickstart the contest.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the multiple entries, but you can be assured that do carefully review multiple entires when we create the final review and select the winners. Our contests are based on our tagging system – and while we do our best to scrub entries, some users do tag more than one item. We’ll be building some better tools for contests next year which should make this all a lot easier.


  23. Kelly Says:

    KERRY: “…there are an awful lot of us that are fed up with people not reading the rules every single solitary time there is a contest.”
    The button below says “SUBMIT COMMENT,” and I’m not sure I read anywhere that they all need to be approved by you first. I am trying to enjoy being part of the Zazzle site. This is a forum that promotes communication between fellow Zazzlers. No one wants to be insulted because they ask questions, and it doesn’t matter if you think it’s a valid question or not. It’s simple- just don’t respond.

    “At least you did ask, and thank you for that.”
    Don’t thank me for asking when you didn’t even have the decency to answer my question.
    “you clearly do not know what is going on with the whole contest situation.”
    Your poor attude towards your fellow designers on Zazzle is dissapointing. I hardly think a t-shirt design site is worthy of the level of negativity you’re putting into this. Please don’t communicate with me any more, and try to be mature about this and have more respect for your fellow designers in the future.

  24. Perlyyyy Says:

    Hey Kelly! Listen up….KERRY has been here a heck of a lot longer than you, and SHE DOES know exactly what is going on with zazzle, and with the contests. You would be wise to listen to HER, as you might learn a thing or two. Kerry, talk to me anytime, and Kelly don’t bother speaking to me, I don’t care for your attitude, period!

  25. Donamaria Says:

  26. Kelly Says:

    I asked one question. (How many entries we could make to this contest?) I got my response. The end. Then I read a post that was negative towards me, responded to it positively and directly. I never insulted Kerry’s intelligence about Zazzle. I told her that her response and approach to me was unfriendly. I will listen to advice from anyone wise to the issues with the site. I was not given any by her or you. I was just ridiculed for not finding a link to my answer on my own. I didn’t think there were comment police on this site, and that I or anyone else for that matter would be free to ask anything I wanted.
    Instead of showing a new girl the ropes around here, you’re ripping me a new one for not knowing how to find my way around. I have been sucessful on another site for five years. I was trying new things using Zazzle, but maybe not. It’s been a turn off after seeing how this forum treats new people. I’m glad you all have been on here for so long that you don’t have any questions anymore and have spare time to make fun of us that do, or that question how contests work when we haven’t been involved in that many. I would have enjoyed talking with either of you about the issues with the site, not getting put down for being new here. I don’t have an attitude, I am trying to positively understand why there are such angry people on a t-shirt design site? I love designing on Zazzle, but wish there were friendlier people on the forums.
    So Kerry and Perlyyy… I’m not sure where this went wrong, but clearly it’s off track and out of hand. The only question I ever asked was how many entries we could have. I am sorry if anything about that upset either of you. Contact me so we can talk this through. This is useless bickering. We can all make this a better place to showcase our talents. In the spirit of the holidays- I’ll say I’m sorry.

  27. Kelly Says:

    PERLYYY: Just to clear this up, I don’t think I said what you think I said. The statement:
    “you clearly do not know what is going on with the whole contest situation.”
    was in quotes because Kerry said that to ME. I did not say that to her. I wouldn’t say that because i don’t know her or assume to know what she knows about Zazzle. I fully agree with the statement that I don’t know what’s going on with the contest issues. Again, all I asked in the beginning was how many entries we could make.
    And again…tis no way for us to interact with each other. I’m sorry this innappropriateness has gotten this far. The only problem I had was the way I felt I was spoken to for asking a question.

  28. Donamaria Says:

    Kelly… If you stick around long enough (and I hope you do), you will see that there are ” rules, tags, keywords, comments” and then some POLICE on Zazzle. Thankfully, none of them are employed by Zazzle. Try not to worry about what other people think here… there is negativity, however, there are more folks who don’t complain than do. Zazzle is like every other POD site… they can’t and won’t please everyone. Good luck to you.

  29. perlyyyy Says:

    I am willing to forgive, forget, and apologize as well, and as a matter of fact Kelly you are right, I did read that wrong, I am very sorry about that. I really don’t like harbouring ill feelings towards anyone, its not my nature so, lets forget about it. I do have my own issues with zazzle and that is up to me to deal with. Some people here are angry and for good reason. Its difficult for a newcomer to come in and understand what has been going on that has people upset. On that note I will close and bid everyone a good night.

  30. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed that to stay with this site. Your comment and having had a few good sales today made me feel a whole lot better about being on Zazzle. Happy Thanksgiving week to all and good luck on the contest to all those entering. I think I might give it a whirl now.

  31. Amber Sharp Says:

    This is my first contest entry ever………here goes nothing!! :)

  32. Amber Sharp Says:

    OK, I’m new to this and I’m not sure how to really get this entry thing to work.
    It’s not showing up in the contest entries even though I tagged my product.

    Here is another link to it:*/product/168904128968213278?style=ringer_mug&color=black&size=15oz&lon=90&CMPN=ltt

  33. Amber Sharp Says:

    Got it to work! :)

  34. Kerry Says:

    Kelly – part of the problem is you insist on taking the part of my original comment that I addressed to Zazzle – NOT to you – personally. That is why I mentioned that you do not know about the history of what’s been going on with the contests. If you did, it would have been much more apparent to you that I really did intend that part in bold to be directed at Zazzle and not at you. You are the one with the poor attitude because you refuse to see things for what they are and insist on taking everything personally and out of context. It was not a shot at you that “you clearly do not know what is going on with the whole contest situation.”, it was a way of explaining why you were unable to see how and why the part I addressed to Zazzle truly was meant for them. You want to take statements not directed at you personally, I can’t help that. You want to take other statements out of context or twist them to mean something other than what I intended, I can’t help that either. The part in bold was directed towards ZAZZLE for not responding to our very many requests to make the rule about entries more apparent. Re-read it – that’s why it says “ZAZZLE” first – because I was addressing them – not you. The “too many people can’t be bothered” part was because every single contest there are so many people with multiple entries. Again, something you would have understood if you’d known about the history of the contests, but as you don’t know, you took it all wrong. It wasn’t about you personally, but about the contest situation as a whole.

    Oh – as for the Submit Content button – I was not talking about this page where you post comments – I was taking about the Contest page where you had to click the link to come here to post a comment to begin with. That was the page that had the Running Contest link.

    Josh – you have an employee post multiple entries knowing how every time there are contributors who get upset over people not adhering to the rules?!?!? WOW! Not cool.

  35. tshirtfun Says:

    I agree with Kerry…

    “Josh – you have an employee post multiple entries knowing how every time there are contributors who get upset over people not adhering to the rules?!?!? WOW! Not cool.”

    As we’ve said before, any conflict with the contests has been caused by Zazzle not following their own rules.

  36. kickstart Says:

    Josh: “In fact, potatocrisps who has multiple entries here is a Zazzle employee – not eligible to win – but just included some sample ideas to kickstart the contest.”

    who said we needed a kickstart? why “kickstart” by pissing people off? you really should ask potatocrisp to remove their entries – if they’re not eligible, the should NOT be on the contest page

  37. perlyyyy Says:

    AMEN Kerry, tshirtfun, & kickstart! How can you, ZAZZLE, yes I’m talkin to you, how can you expect the masses to follow rules that you don’t even follow. I’m logging out, this is too strange for me! Later…………….

  38. Kelly Says:

    Kerry… Re-read my earlier statement:

    So Kerry and Perlyyy… I’m not sure where this went wrong, but clearly it’s off track and out of hand. The only question I ever asked was how many entries we could have. I am sorry if anything about that upset either of you. Contact me so we can talk this through. This is useless bickering. We can all make this a better place to showcase our talents. In the spirit of the holidays- I’ll say I’m sorry.

    Really. It’s cool. Just a bunch of misunderstood comments by all. Blogs, IM’s, and forums are not a good source of communication. It leaves too much for misinterpretation. (The submit comment button wasn’t referring to anything you were talking about specifically, btw).

    Have your issues with Zazzle, but I apologized so let it end.

  39. Kelly Says:

    That was said in a positive way. happy happy. smile everyone.

  40. KRIZNO Says:


  41. Kelly Says:

    Krinzo- I laughed out loud. very funny.

  42. bkstowell Says:

    contest entry…

  43. perlyyyy Says:

    Kelly remember we are fine now? Did you forget? I have no issues with you, please drop it. You keep involving yourself in things that have nothing to do with you. If you really want to do something meaningful, go vote & comment on that entry that you laughed out loud about. That would be a very nice thing for you to do with your spare time. Really positive too!

  44. Kelly Says:

    Perlyyy. sorry again- that was a re-quote for Kerry to illustrate that we need to drop it. No issues with you at all. also, no more spare time to comment on this non-issue. I don’t know what’s going with anything on this site. I’m new here. Don’t know anything except that I know how to design and I’m sticking to that. Not getting involved or trying to be involved in anything.. never was.. don’t want to be. Just designing.. and selling.

  45. perlyyyy Says:

    Happy thanksgiving all! Be safe, have fun, be blessed.

  46. dtdesigns Says:

    There has always been a few examples in most if not all contests so far by a zazzle employee … potatochips has done nothing wrong and neither has zazzle .. as for the comment ” if they’re not eligible, the should NOT be on the contest page ” … why not? .. I cant win but I can take part .. if I want to .. thats what being part of the zazzle community is about isnt it? .. anyway I just wish people would stop bickering … its getting depressing around here … just lets vote on the contest entries we like .. and wish everyone the best of luck .. namaste … peace

  47. Donna Says:

    DT, you effectively addressed several issues in one small paragraph! Is there an award on zazzle for that? ;) ;) ;) Wise words spoken, Booboo.

  48. dtdesigns Says:

    LOL … you have me blushing Donna .. an award huh … how about my award can be that everyone just gets along … people are not setting good examples to the kids on here ( ie me lol )

  49. Donna Says:

    Heheee…well honeyman – I love it when you blush… it’s such a pretty shade of pink ;)

  50. dtdesigns Says:

    I know I said I wasnt gonna take part in the contest … but I cant help myself .. I blame zazzle for this addiction ..

  51. Donna Says:

    That’s the spirit, DT! :) I don’t do contests, but I couldn’t help myself with this one, either! :)

  52. FICA Says:

    Good Luck to Everyone…. here is my entry…

  53. FICA Says:

    is that how we get the link in there? LOL

  54. ChocolateLoversLabs: Jackie Says:

    submit for contest

  55. ChocolateLoversLabs: Jackie Says:


  56. maximus7 Says:

    My entry in the office humor contest.

  57. Zeke Says:

    Here is my Zazzle Office Humor Contest entry:

    ¡Buena Suerte, amigos!

  58. Mudge Says:

    Here is my unique take on the office theme.
    If you like my sense of humor please vote here…


  59. ttfisher Says:

    Sup my artistic brothers and sisters? Just wanted to say that I have just went through all the entries and there are some really funny designs out there! Good luck to all!

    To view my entry:

  60. Dragonflywatcher Says:

    Hey ttfisher – I predict that you have the winner here. Boo hoo for the rest of us. So by default you need to give the rest of us 5 stars each. Here’s mine

    And that goes for the rest of you too!! Good luck everyone.

  61. Latasha Says:

    My entry

    Not a lot of bells and whistles here. I felt that dry humor should be expressed with a dry appearance.

  62. kATRINA Says:

    Hi there!

    If you have a love/loathe relationship with your boss, (well, more loathe than love) then please feel free to throw me a vote or two if you like my mug design. If you don’t, then I’ll rat on you about how you REALLY feel about your boss! (ha,ha!)

    Thanks so much for visiting Katrina Art! Good Luck to all who dared enter the contest. (While their bosses weren’t looking!) We could all use a nice, fat Christmas bonus. Baby needs a new pair of shoes! :-)

    Thanks for offering the contest, Zazzle! Happy Holidays to everyone!

  63. KATRINA Says:

    Duh! I get to gabbin’ and my link never seems to get added to the post!

    Hope this time it will work. :-) ~Katrina

  64. JessicaInSeattle Says:

    Here is my entry:*/product/144257406027087324

    Yesterday was my birthday! I’m 29 again! He he he
    I am hoping to win this contest as my birthday present this year!
    Wish me luck!

  65. JessicaInSeattle Says:

    Oops, just realized that my link doesn’t work… here it is again…

  66. JessicaInSeattle Says:

    Just curious…the rules state that the contest is over on 11/28.
    However, it also states that they will be notifying the winner on 11/26.

    Can someone explain how they can notify a winner before the contest is over?

  67. Kelly Says:

    The following is what it said in the rules: “Potential winners will be notified by e-mail on or about November 26, 2007, after the selection of the winner, and the potential winner will be announced on the Zazzle Blog and the Contest page at”

    So…I’m guessing that they narrow it down to the best of what’s currently entered by the 26th, then if any other bests are submitted, they will still be considering them, since it says “on or about.”

    Or better yet, it was a typo.

  68. Retroversity Says:

    It must be a typo, because I haven’t received any notifications.. joking.. but still I would think it would have to be a typo, they can’t choose a winner before the contest is over. I guess they said potential winners…

    Has anyone received any notifications that they are potential winners? Chime in if you have..

  69. Amber Sharp Says:

    I just read the contest rules again and it does say that potential winners will be notified on or about Nov 26 HOWEVER the contest ends on Nov 28th and it says the judges have 2 days to announce the winner. I would say it’s a typo. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Good Luck everyone!

  70. Jessica In Seattle Says:

    Well, in that light…I think my original hypothesis that it is probably just an error must be correct.

    Best of luck to all who entered!

  71. Treehuggin_hippie Says:

    here is my entry

  72. Jessica In Seattle Says:

    Well, who won?

  73. Latasha Says:

    Hmm, no announcement yet. Maybe they’re being extra careful about selecting a winner.

  74. ttfisher Says:

    Man what a lot of hurt feelings! I think Zazzle needs to invest in a big, massive, MUD PIT. Then we can all jump in and slug it out. It may not solve anything but it would be a lot of FUN!

    TO ZAZZLE: I really like the contests that you run. It gives me a creative outlet that I can’t get at my 9-5. Don’t really care if I win or not. Not that important. I get much more from the comments and ratings that people leave on my designs. I love loggin’ on to see some new comments. Very validating. I also like viewing everyone else’s entries to see other concepts and styles on the same subject matter. It is great reference material for any graphic artist. Many of times I have looked at someone’s design and thought…”Man why didn’t I think of that?!” It’s very valuable validation. So in closing PLEASE don’t pause the contests, I love them. I NEED THEM! And if people don’t like the way you handle them….they shouldn’t enter. Simple.

    BTW having a Zazzle employee put up some preliminary entries is a great idea. They are not eligible and it really is meant to get the ole creative juices flowin’. So we have a few more designs to look at. So what. In fact I’ll admit that before I design anything for the contests I take a quick look at the entries to get some ideas and to make sure that I don’t design anything that looks too similar to someone else’s concept. So keep it up. Not all are disenchanted with your efforts.

  75. Dragonflywatcher Says:

    Finally, someone is talking sense! Thanks ttfisher. You’re right, logging on to check out the votes and comments is the best part of these contests.

  76. Cheries_Art Says:

    I just get the feeling that the ZAZZLE people are all watching this and just laughing their AZZLES off…LOL

  77. Cheries_Art Says:


  78. JessicaInSeattle Says:

    I agree…keep running the contests! And ditto to everything else ttfisher said.

  79. flashfox Says:

    Well I hope being late to the game doesn’t hurt me, they don’t show off these contests well on the front page so I was like oh wow theres a contest ON the 28th and completed it just before entry acceptance ended. I had to illustrate like the wind. :)
    My entry was this one:

    Good luck everybody!

  80. Retroversity Says:

    So when do they announce the winners.. I know it said “after monday” lol, but there are lots of days after monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday.. i could go on, but i think you get my point..

  81. Jessica In Seattle Says:

    I was just wondering the same thing Retroversity.

  82. asyrum Says:

    general Q: when do they announce winners for these contests? this is the 1st one ive participated in… though, i know im not going to be a winner, im just curious….

  83. YANMOS Says:

    My congrats to all!!!

  84. captphrank Says:

    Congrats to the Winner and all the HM’s… way to go Asyrum, Donnamaria, Talisbird, and Spice…Goood Job…Just to put my two cents in, (…and it’s probably 1 cents worth), When there are Multipule Entries, I don’t vote on them, whether they’re Great designs I DO like or hate.. I just ignore them…Thanks everyone…capt.

  85. Apocalypse Says:

    licking the cock

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