Zazzle and edun LIVE


live.gifWe are very proud to launch a partnership with edun LIVE, an ethical t-shirt company launched in 2005 by Ali Hewson and Bono with a mission to drive sustainable employment in sub-Saharan Africa. Many of you might have noticed the five new edun LIVE shirt styles while browsing the site and this means you can:

Whenever a design is purchased on an edun LIVE shirt, a portion of the sale proceeds go directly to edun LIVE so they can create more jobs and grow their business. In addition, the shirts are very high quality and incredibly soft … many of us here in the office are now wearing them. :)

Sell designs on edun LIVE shirts

If you’d like to help support edun LIVE, make sure that you select an edun LIVE shirt as the default shirt style. Then, potential buyers will see your shirt design on an edun LIVE shirt when they first view the page. In addition, you can spotlight the meaning behind the edun LIVE shirts in your product description and include a link to the edun LIVE info page on Zazzle as a way to give your buyers more background on the organization.

Lastly, we’re excited to spotlight the new edun LIVE shirts in the recently launched Merch Store application on Facebook. To show your designs on edun LIVE shirts within your merch store, you’ll need to:

  1. Add the merch store application on Facebook
  2. Make sure you’re Zazzle username is listed on the settings page
  3. Select the edun LIVE shirts as the default shirt style (either when publishing your product or on the “edit product” page)

Install the Merch Store App
Learn more about the edun LIVE and Zazzle partnership

- Josh Reeves

P.S. Show your support for edun LIVE by visiting the edun LIVE gallery on Zazzle and also becoming a fan of the edun LIVE profile page on Facebook.

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