The Who, KISS, Slash and More Sell T-Shirts on Zazzle!


Better than a CD release party or first in line for concert tickets, is being the first to hit up the Zazzle and Signatures merch release! Zazzle and Signatures (the premier merchandising solution for musicians and concerts alike) have partnered up to give you all the best in custom products from your favorite bands. What bands you say? Well how ‘bout The Who, Velvet Revovler, Fergie, KISS, Maroon 5, ZZ Top, Tommy Lee, Slash, Black Eyed Peas, Alice Cooper, Pantera, and Rob Zombie. Now you can show that you’re the biggest Slash fan with a custom Slash t-shirt (perfect for adding those Guitar Hero trash talkin’ slogans to) and more. Check out all the custom band merch here, it’s going to rock your socks off.

custom Slash T-shirts

All the new bands:


3 Responses to “The Who, KISS, Slash and More Sell T-Shirts on Zazzle!”

  1. Rude Retro Says:

    Excellent. Hopefully Zazzle can attract more high profile bands and that will also raise awareness of the excellent product that Zazzle produces.

  2. Frissell Says:

    Don’t forget the smaller bands such as The Tex Mex Experience!!!

  3. azac Says:

    How about getting some Lynyrd Skynyrd?

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