Zazzle’s First International Billboard


Paul, one of our amazing QA engineers, just sent over this amazing story about his world travels and endeavors to bring Zazzle to everyone. Check it out:

As is often the case I seem to find myself off the beaten track in the Pacific. In this particular episode of my life I was relaxing on the island of Savaii in Western Samoa during August of last year. One day I decided to get out of my beach hut and take a stroll up Matavanu Crater, the remains off a volcanic eruption that occurred in the early 1900s. As I made my way up the crater I noticed a number of signs written in what looked like pidgin. Much to my surprise a tour guide was at the top of the crater in a makeshift blue hut made mostly of corrugated tin. Going by the name of Da Craterman, this guide supplements his income by giving tours of the crater and maintaining the trails that lead up the crater. I learned that he would also place a billboard as a momento of one’s visit for a very modest fee. Taking the opportunity to advance the name of Zazzle to the far corners of the Earth, I commissioned Zazzle’s first International billboard. As part of the deal, I told the Craterman that I would help him in his cause by posting a Zazzle gallery from which he would receive royalty proceeds.

Almost moved to tears, the Craterman was grateful at that someone would care to help him out. When I left Matavanu, the Craterman promised to place Zazzle’s sign in a prominent spot along the trail. True to his word, the Craterman photographed our signage and only recently had enough patrons to use up the roll of film. This photograph of Zazzle’s sign arrived in the mail a little more than a week ago. You can see the Craterman’s gallery at

And the first International Zazzle Advertisement is here! Thanks to Paul and Da Craterman.

Zazzle International Ad


2 Responses to “Zazzle’s First International Billboard”

  1. Rude Retro Says:

    That’s very cool. If we would like to donate a design to this store how would we go about it?

  2. capt. Says:

    I to would like to donate a design for the Cr8erman… How do I do this…heres another site I came accross of the Cr8erman…capt.

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