Zazzle WINS a Crunchie


Remember about two weeks ago when we mentioned Zazzle was nominated for a Crunchie

Well, last night was the big event. Drumroll please…  Zazzle won the Crunchie Award for Best Business Model. This category was focused on “a company that’s pioneering new revenue-creation opportunities.”

Learn more about the 2007 Crunchies and see the full list of winners 

We’re excited about the award, and it’s dedicated to the entire Zazzle team who have put so much into building Zazzle, and to our contributors, partners, and customers who have supported us.  

Here are Bobby and Jeff sharing the Crunchies Award:

  the Crunchies 2007 photography sponsored by Zivity

the Crunchies 2007 photography sponsored by Zivity 

16 Responses to “Zazzle WINS a Crunchie”

  1. Rude Retro Says:


  2. Ed Says:

    WOO HOO! Hey, is Bobby wearing Jeff’s pants?

  3. Swazzle Says:

    Congratulations! Your win was well deserved!

  4. Mark Otto Says:

    Nice work, guys!

  5. dtdesigns Says:

    The rest didn’t stand a chance next to Zazzle ….. :)

  6. nicole Says:

    i’m new to zazzle and i love it! CONGRATS!!!! i’m sure there are many more awards to come!

  7. Kate Says:

    Well done, awesome award – this is a really cool site… although, has it caused contention in the Zazzle empire? You look like you’re fighting over the award! ;)

  8. Perlyyyy Says:

    Congratulations on your Crunchy Award!

  9. Congrats! Says:

    Congrats guys! You certainly deserve it!

  10. Sam Says:

    Congratulations Zazzlers! You take the long tail to a new level!

  11. Computious Says:

    Big Congratulations, Zazzle!

  12. Michael Says:

    Amazing job on winning the award! You should be very proud of the journey you have embarked on. Your site not only allows artists and photographers a new venue for revenues of their own, you also have created a niche market for yourselves with a one of a kind site! Truly amazing work and my company hopes to stay here for a long time to come!

  13. Michael Says:

    I made a mistake in my website link! Sorry, I thought it automatically generated the link to my site! Once again, congratulations!

  14. ElenaInd Says:

    My best congratulations Zazzles!! Your win was really deserved

  15. nefera Says:

    Congatulations to zazzle team on this well deserved award :) Zazzle has made so much progress since the begining ! this site is famous all around the world now :) best wishes for the future

  16. azac Says:

    Leave it to the Beavers! Congratulations Zazzle! Well deserved and I’m sure it is not the last honour. It has become obvious over the past year that Zazzle will be a major force to contend with in the POD industry. Zazzle has shown a serious commitment to constantly improving itself and has not been content to just rest on its laurels. I come from Canada where the beaver is one of our national symbols. Well the busy Beavers of Zazzle are showing that their eagerness will soon symbolize the zenith in POD service. Continued success to all. :)

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