Primary 2008 T-Shirts


So it’s primary fever all over the country and if you haven’t seen the Zazzle Election Center by now then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! We’ve got your Huckabee t-shirts, your McCain mousepads, your Obama shirts, your Clinton stickers, and every other candidate you can think of. And heck if it’s not in the Election Center, like say you want a shirt for Gorlaf the write-in candidate from Mars, then you can just create it! Never heard of Gorlaf? Well that’s your loss (he’s big in the northern states)…

Check out Zazzle’s Election Center to get all your campaign gear. I have included some of my favs below….

Obama Mama Conan Made Huckabee Hillary Clinton
McCain Ron Paul Love Mitt Romney


2 Responses to “Primary 2008 T-Shirts”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Clinton 2008

    Get this custom shirt
     at Zazzle

    You must not have sen MY political shirt! The only Clinton I’m voting for is Socks. He’s a cat, you know he’s independent. Of course he did smoke catnip in college, but he did NOT inhale!

  2. azac Says:


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