Zazzle Helps Students Become Lawyers


So you’re at law school and about to take the final exam, and guess what? Your favorite company is on the tests! I object! Well actually I don’t, I just wanted to say that…Yup, that’s right; Zazzle was the topic of an interesting question about custom postage and its uses. See the question below.

Zazzle in law school

With Zazzle being in a law school exam, it seems that we’re just one step from people saying “Zazzle it,” when they have a great artistic idea (I say it all the time and it’s starting to catch on in, I can feel it….).

Also, I thought I would remind everyone that you can create your own photo postage, or sell your designs on postage with Zazzle. Custom postage is perfect for those big events in your life, like say Valentine’s Day, or maybe a wedding HINT, HINT (your significant other told me to say that).

Check out these beautiful Zazzle custom stamps from the Knot’s wedding postage collection…HINT HINT (seriously, get moving on it)

The Knot Postage The Knot Postage The Knot Postage


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