Black History Month on Zazzle


Black History Month is coming to a close, and I feel like it’s time to reflect on some of the great designs on Zazzle that honor the people, movements, and ideas that helped end slavery, oppression and promoted civil rights around the world.

In this time, one can’t help but think that the presidential race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is proof of the progress this country continues to make toward equality and justice for all. Check out all of the great election designs for Hillary Clinton t-shirts, John McCain t-shirts, Barack Obama t-shirts, and Mike Huckabee t-shirts to help support your favorite candidate.


One Response to “Black History Month on Zazzle”

  1. Abby Says:

    More important than the individuals who made history pursuing peace and tolerance, are the ideas and perspectives they introduced. We all know biographical details about Martin Luther King Jr., for example, but how many of us have contemplated, or can quote, his words? See this artwork!

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