SEO your site and get more traffic


Recently I attended Affiliate Summit ’08 to learn more about the powerful tools and great companies that we can work with to help grow the Zazzle Affiliate program and the Zazzle Associate Program. One of the talks that I found interesting was the “Future Proof SEO Efforts” presented by Wil Reynolds. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the idea that your website or blog needs to include certain things to increase the amount of organic or natural traffic (non-paid placements) in major search engines like Google.

Wil talks about how to make sure you are building a site that is easily “crawlable” by search engines, and with good content, so that you can get the most out of natural search engine traffic. This means that you should keep some of his principles in your head when posting to your blog or building a new web page that links to your gallery, because the more traffic you get to your gallery, the more possible sales. Check out this video from Wil about SEO best practices. Also check out the Wil Reynolds; page for more great SEO tips.

Also check out the Zazzle Associate Program to learn more as to how to make money from referrals from your websites.


3 Responses to “SEO your site and get more traffic”

  1. Wil Reynolds Says:

    Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed the session!

  2. Wil Reynolds Says:

    Oh, can you link my name above over to our blog too, that would be excellent, thanks!

  3. Joleen Spatafore Says:

    Hey Good post! Simply curious, how efficient is search engine optimisation by way of selling an offline product or service. I see pages all the time that promote an internet based mostly product (ebook, etc), but when I wish to promote say a personal trainer – is the online an effective manner to do that? Do you know of any examples of this? Anyway, thanks prematurely for any help. :)

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