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Napping T-shirts!

March 10, 2008

Good Morning!

What’s wrong, not feeling so hot right now? Daylight savings and springing forward take the spunk out of your morning? Well that’s ok, because it’s National Napping Day! So tell your boss that you have the right to that hour of sleep in the office (I suggest right after lunch….I can never been found at Zazzle HQ then…). Check out some of these great nap t-shirts to help you celebrate your napping pride in style.

daylight Savings t-shirt peace love and daylight savings I love naps

sleeping kitten snooze life good night world

Also, don’t forget…..zzzzzzz…….


A Remembrance of FolkArtBlonde

March 7, 2008

FolkArtBlonde Poster Yesterday, long time friend and contributor to Zazzle, Amy Jordan (FolkArtBlonde) passed away. Our community has lost one of its most uniquely talented artists, but Amy’s legacy will endure through the thoughts and prayers of her friends and family.

Zazzle contributor and friend of Amy, Phrank Ochoa (captphrank) had this to say about Amy:

The Light of Amy…

I have been writing and talking to Amy for about a year. I knew Amy was having health problems, but at what extent, was unknown. One night we were playing a game of Scrabble online and chatting between moves, like we did many times. I happened to mention to Amy that I was having painters block. I had offered to paint a picture for KABSANNIE, but couldn’t be motivated to start. I’ve been painting all my life, some 46 years. I’ve been recognized as an artist, with shows, exhibits, Awards, Television reviews, News paper write-ups, everything an Artist could hope for. Over the years I guess I felt there was nothing more to do and I stopped painting. I saw a Photo of a Nun and a Donkey on KABSANNIES site. I fell in love with it and knew I had to paint it. After I prepared the Board and drew the outline of the picture I couldn’t do anything but stare at it for days. Nothing was coming to me. . Amy began to tell me about how important it was for us artist to paint. How we have an obligation to the outside world to create and bring Joy to everyone. “We’re Artist,” she said, “we can’t let things like blocks stop us from bringing happiness to others through our art.”

She then began to explain to me how she got over painters block. What and how she did this isn’t important right now, but what was to follow was for me and I hope for others also. About three weeks ago she told me about her plan to stop all her meds and to leave all this pain and feelings of being a burden to her family (financially mostly), She knew she would be bed ridden and didn’t want that. She wanted her dignity and to leave this world with better memories for her family than lying in a bed wasting away for who knows how long. She was still painting. Trying to get out as much work as possible no matter how much pain she was in. She got to the point where she couldn’t paint at all but was guiding her Mother’s hand to finish a piece. She laughed and said her Mom was really nervous, but did her best to help and try to complete the work. I don’t know if they finished the picture or not, but the point is she never gave up. I was stunned at her perseverance and her loyalty to her craft. I was never so ashamed of myself for my laziness and arrogance. I was touched by this beautiful artist’s Light. She is an inspiration to me and I will never forget what she taught me, even though I don’t think she knew that directly. I did thank her for her help and I did finish my painting. I’ve started another…Thank You Amy. Funny how something as simple as a Scrabble game can break your Heart….


Our deepest sympathy and love go out to Amy’s friends and family. Please visit Amy’s Zazzle gallery to see the amazing work that will help keep her memory in our hearts forever.

folk art blonde print folkartblonde greeting card folkartblonde postage


New Profile Card Templates!

March 6, 2008

It’s only been ONE DAY since we launched Zazzle Profile Cards and we’ve already got tons of amazing profile card templates designed and for sale from Zazzle contributors!

Here are some that I found really quickly, see all the profile card templates on Zazzle.
Skinny Card Island Template Retro Skinny Card template Pink Swirl Skinny Card template

Hippy business card template Business Card Template Afro Hippo Business Card

Plasma Chubby Card Olive Flower Chubby Card Daisy Chubby Card

Man I love launching new products, seeing all these cool contributor templates is awesome. If you want to start designing profile cards, check out the create profile cards page to make your own!


New Product – Zazzle Profile Cards!

March 5, 2008

zazzle profile and business cards

Last night, we launched a brand new product offering – Zazzle Profile Cards! Zazzle Profile Cards are perfect for meeting up, connecting up, and maybe even hookin’ up .

We’ve got three sizes to choose from skinny, traditional business, and chubby – and, 11 different paper types (including a gold paper type – I love goooolllllldddddd!). Also, the profile card design tool allows you to automatically populate your MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn information onto the cards.

Zazzle Skinny Cards Zazzle traditional business cards Zazzle chubby cards

But, the crème de la crème is the ingenious skinny card ejector. This little gadget, allows you to sport your cards with a touch of James Dean meets James Bond suave, which is sure to impress everyone when handing out your skinny cards. skinny card ejector

So check out the Zazzle Profile Cards and get started designing one today. Choose from more than 1,500 card templates, or, if you want to start selling your own profile cards, head over to the profile cards design tool and get crankin’ on your own amazing designs!

Also check out the business cards page for you business savvy folks.


Primary Fever – Ohio & Texas who ya got?!

March 4, 2008

I got a fever and the only cure is more primary results! Today is a big day as members of both parties square off in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont, trying to collect those last few precious delegates. Help your favorite candidate secure a nomination by showing your support with a McCain t-shirt, Obama sweatshirt, Clinton shirt, or Huckabee hat (don’t forget about Ron Paul t-shirts and Nader shirts too).

Check out some of the recent election t-shirts available at Zazzle below.

Hillary Clinton T-shirts Obama t-shirt McCain sweatshirt Huckabee Hat Ron paul apparel Ralph Nader

See all Election 2008 t-shirts and gear »


New design tool features…

March 3, 2008

These new features are so cool, I just have to cross post here in the Tech Blog! Line things up accurately…check! Space things out evenly…check! Follow the link for details…

Please form an evenly spaced single line

To keep things on the tech topic, here’s a little CSS tip on how to center a block element inside another block element. Here’s a CSS class:

.centerme {
  margin-left: auto;
  margin-right: auto;
  width: 140px;

And here’s the HTML:

<div style="width: 400px">
<div class="centerme">This is text inside a DIV tag.</div>

The idea here is that we are setting the left and right margins of the parent DIV to be equal (auto), and the inner DIV, with a width of 140px, automatically gets centered. Neat.

Please form an evenly spaced single line…

March 3, 2008

One thing that has always frustrated me when designing a product on Zazzle has been the inability to place text and images precisely and accurately. For example, when adding two or more text objects, I usually want them to line up with each other. Until now, that was a manual trial and error process that usually ended up with a comment like, “Close enough!”

Well, we can now say goodbye to the eye strain, goodbye to slightly irregular designs, and goodbye to micro-mouse attempts at non-attainable perfection. Introducing the align dialog!

Align Dialog

Now, when you have multiple items selected in the design tool, you can bring up this dialog from the Edit menu and select what type of alignment you need! YAY! It is finally possible to accurately line up all your text or images!

Align left

How cool is that? What? You want more? Wow, you guys are picky. Fine. Hmmm, let’s see. What else do we have in our little bag of tricks?

How about Vertical & Horizontal Spacing!

What is that, you ask? Well, in very simple terms, it’s an algorithmic construct designed to eschew random or unequal voids in the midst of visually rendered binary objects. (duh!)

Ok, maybe it’s easier to show you an example:

Space evenly
Yes, from the Edit menu in the design tool, you can space selected objects evenly either horizontally, or vertically! Combined with the Align dialog, this gives you a great set of tools to start you on your way to precision-greatness, and save you from prematurely going bald by pulling out all of your hair. Word to your mother.

St Patrick’s T-Shirts

March 3, 2008

The best day of the year is almost upon us….ST PATRICK’S DAY!!!!! In case you hadn’t noticed, my name happens to be Patrick, and while I’ll be celebrating my holiday (yeah, it’s mine) in my throne as my adoring fans carry me around the city, many other people are looking for ways to celebrate. For those out there that need ideas, may I suggest some amazing St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts? Check out some of the St. Patrick’s Day shirts at Zazzle. And as my pot ‘o gold gift to you – here is $4 off each shirt! Use this code: ZAZZLESTPATS (ends Wednesday).

So get crackin’ and check out some great St. Patrick’s t-shirts, St. Patrick’s mugs, St. Patrick’s buttons, St. Patrick’s hats, and more.

Eire Irish Pinching t-shirt Irish drinking team t-shirt

Kiss me t-shirt Irish T-shirt on irish princess t-shirt

Ireland vintage design Irish Hottie design Irish Bomb t-shirt



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