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April 4, 2008, a website that allows users to feed live video to the web while interacting with users through chat, has just launched a gallery on Zazzle. Now you can get a t-shirt or hat and then wear it on live! on Zazzle justin tv hat on zazzle t-shirt

Check out the complete gallery on Zazzle.


Spore T-shirts on Zazzle

April 3, 2008

Spore, the latest video game from Will Wright (the guy behind the Sims), has created a gallery on Zazzle! Now you can get Spore t-shirts, Spore character posters, Spore mugs, and much more Spore stuff on tons of different styles and colors. Check out the complete Spore Store on Zazzle.

Spore t-shirt on Zazzle spore video game poster on zazzle spore character t-shirt

What’s Spore? Well, it is one of the most anticipated video games ever. Spore is a game that starts the player at the origin of life and as you play, your character evolves into a creature, then a tribe (you get more creatures at this point), a civilization and finally into the future. Read more about the game at the official Spore website.


Limited Edition edun Live Earth Day T-shirt

April 2, 2008

edun live earth day t-shirt edun Live, the sister ethical t-shirt brand of EDUN founded by Ali Hewson and Bono, have a new limited edition Earth Day t-shirt to help support the Wildlife Conservation Society. 10% of the sales for the entire month of April will go to the Conservation Cotton Initiative, which promotes sustainable cotton farming in Africa.

Check out the edun Live Earth Day shirt and make sure to get one before Earth Day (4/22) because this shirt will only be around for a little bit! Also, see all their ethically produced fashion at the edun Live gallery.


April Fools Day!

April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools’ day! Sorry I can’t write much of a blog today, I have to get ready for my big date! Tonight, Anne Hathaway and I will be dining out in the city and discussing her acting career, global warming, my presidential run and many other important topics. Don’t wait up – I’m quite the talker.

Here are some cool April Fools’ Day products:

Prankster T-shirt peace love and april fools April Fool t-shirt



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