Zazzle wins USPS Strategic Business Development Award!


Last week (while I was gone, did you miss me?), Zazzle was recognized by the U.S. Postal Service with the Strategic Business Development Award for our commitment to a successful business partnership with the Postal Service! This “best in class” award recognized us for taking steps to implement new technologies and best practices to maximize efficiencies in the mail value chain that provide customers with a mail product that delivers increased value and business results. And that’s exactly what Zazzle Custom Stamps do!

Co-founder Bobby Beaver accepting the award for Zazzle

This is great for Zazzle and the USPS as we continue to grow a successful custom postage business together that is truly innovative for consumers. We are proud to be the only custom postage vendor that allows users to upload their artwork, photos, and text to custom postage (in three sizes) and sell designs in a massive online marketplace. Zazzle Custom Stamps gives a new avenue for artists, collectors, and consumers to enjoy postage like never before. It’s incredible to just browse the Zazzle Custom Stamp community to see the millions of amazing designs made by creative postage lovers from around the world.

Check out Zazzle to learn more about making your own real U.S. Postage with Zazzle Custom Stamps.


3 Responses to “Zazzle wins USPS Strategic Business Development Award!”

  1. Occitania Says:

    Congratulations Zazzle!

  2. Cherie Says:

    FANTASTIC…FOR you and USPS AND us too!! Congratz you guys and thanks!

  3. azac Says:

    Way to put your stamp on the world Zazzle!

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