Face the Typeface…or Meet FontZee!


I gotta tell you…playing around with Zazzle’s text tool is fun. There are so many cool fonts to choose from that I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen them all. I always end up finding one I like before I explore deeper.

But therein lies a problem…with so many fonts to choose from, it takes a long time to test each one out to see if it works in your design. Add to that the fact that you would find a font, select it, the font chooser would go away, your design would get updated, and THEN you make the decision whether it works or not. If it doesn’t, you start all over and open the font chooser dialog again. Phew.

Well, be weary no longer, folks! There’s a new font selector in town, and he’s kicking picas and taking names! I call him FontZee. (Hey, why not? We have Maggie the magnifier!)

Bask in FontZee’s glory:

Cool, beautiful, easy...it\'s Fontzee!

So what’s so great about it?

  • Fonts are organized better…each font category now lists how many fonts it includes
  • Select a font and see it update on your design immediately! This is the big one for me. Now I can scroll through and select a font, immediately decide whether it works, choose another one, etc.
  • Recently used fonts are now saved in the dialog
  • The font dialog actually loads a bit faster :-)

See, people? It’s the little things that make me happy!

The name FontZee is not official, nor does Zazzle promote the use of it. It is simply a product of this editor’s sick mind, and any similarity to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The end.

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10 Responses to “Face the Typeface…or Meet FontZee!”

  1. Zazzle Site Updates « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] font lists again. I’d say the new font selector puts the fun back in fonts! Read more about the New Design Tool Font Selector at the [...]

  2. pam Says:

    Already tried it…like it a lot…Thanks Zazzle!

  3. Ricky Buchanan Says:

    It’s very nice looking and looks helpful, but could you please check that the fonts are properly categorised – the ones that jump out every time I use the damm thing are “Courier” and “Prima” listed as sans serif… they really REALLY aren’t.

    A great font selection tool isn’t worth much if the category names don’t match the fonts in them :/


  4. Debbie Says:

    Worked great to start off was really enjoying it. Now I can’t get the list on the left side so I am stuck with only the ones in the column. Maybe add them all to the display? So even if their is a bug we can still get to the fonts we need, like the scripts.

  5. azac Says:

    I like the new font selector setup but it seems to be slowing down my system sometimes (Firefox) and stops working altogether. I imagine once the kinks are worked out, I will be able to appreciate it more.

  6. Ed Caggiani, Interaction Designer Says:

    FYI, we just fixed a bug for people using IE6 not being able to see the full list in the font selector.

  7. Carter Boylston Says:

    I was absolutely floored when I saw the amount of fonts available on this site- quality fonts too. I’m inspired by two things – color and type and you guys have provided so much.

    Thanks Zazzle!!!!

  8. Ryan Says:

    how do you get the text to curve up or down?

  9. Caza Creations Says:

    Ryan, you can only do that for embroidery.

  10. bryan Says:

    Thank, now i can set up my account, thanks guy for your effort for the font selector.

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