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Put Your Spore Creature on Products!

June 17, 2008

Today, Spore announced the release of their new Spore Creature Creator! Now, users are able to download the free application from the Spore Website, and create their own creatures in anticipation of the full game release. Launched within the new Spore Creature Creator is the Zazzle Spore Store, completely redesigned so users can upload their beloved creatures and make Spore Creature t-shirts, Spore Creature mugs, Spore Creature Posters and more. Learn how to put your Spore Creature on a product now!

Spore t-shirts Spore poster Spore Mousepad

Check out the new Spore Store on Zazzle for more information and to get all your Spore t-shirts, Spore posters, Spore mugs and more!

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WALL*E T-shirts and more on Zazzle!

June 16, 2008

From the Creators of “Finding Nemo,” and “Monsters Inc.”, get ready for the newest Disney/Pixar character WALL*E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class). WALL*E is the last robot on a deserted Earth that inadvertently discovers the key to the planets salvation and meets the robot of his dreams along the way… Set to hit theatres in two-weeks, Zazzle has everything you’ll need for the big WALL*E premiere! Get your WALL*E t-shirts, WALL*E mugs, WALL*E mousepads, WALL*E posters and more WALL*E products. See below for a little clip when WALL*E meets a vacuum cleaner.

Shop WALL*E »

WALL-E Mug WALL-E kids t-shirt WALL-E mouse pad

Yes we also have Toy Story t-shirts, and Toy Story posters as well :)

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Soccer Fans, Support your European Team!

June 13, 2008

The biggest soccer (football for those on the other side of the pond) tournament in Europe is happening right now! Show your support for the 16 European teams (I’m 1/3 German, 1/3 Swedish, and 1/3 French, who do I support?) that are battling it out on the pitch (also known as a field) for the title of “European Champions,” with country pride gear from Zazzle. We’ve got Germany t-shirts, Italy hats, France sweatshirts, and more. See it all at the new Zazzle International Center today! See below for some of the designs from the International Center.

Shop the International Center »

greece t-shirt portugal t-shirt spain t-shirt

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Zazzle and Craigslist Foundation Hit the Town

June 12, 2008

Zazzle recently spent a night out on the town in San Francisco sponsoring an event with strategic partner Craigslist Foundation for their June “Nonprofit Night” on “Earned Income Strategies.” The event took place at Temple Nightclub and attracted dozens of community organizations and cause-minded individuals – all eager to learn about “Earned Income Strategies” including helpful information and tools for their organizations to succeed. The panelists included industry leaders Darian Heyman Rodriguez, Executive Director Craigslist Foundation; Jason Trimiew, Development Director of REDF; Cedric Yap, COO of Goodwill SF and James Heckman, Chief Strategy Officer of Zazzle.

Zazzle’s James Heckman explained to attendees how nonprofits can raise funds without risk and promote their causes at the same time through the Zazzle Giving Program – for every product created by a nonprofit or charity, Zazzle gives up to 27 percent to those organizations.

Attendees were able to see Zazzle’s high quality products, ask questions about how the Giving Program works, and how to get started. Overall, the evening was a great success and we were pleased to be part of it. If you missed the June event, not to worry, Zazzle will be sponsoring a series of Nonprofit Nights with the Craigslist Foundation throughout the year in both San Francisco and New York, so keep an eye out for those listings at

And, check out the Zazzle Giving Program to learn how your nonprofit or charity can get creative and start raising funds today.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Zazzle Craigslist Gallery to get all your favorite Craigslist t-shirts, Craigslist mugs, Craigslist bumper stickers and more!

From left to right:
Darian Heyman Rodriguez, Executive Director Craigslist Foundation, Jason Trimiew, Development Director of REDF, Cedric Yap, COO of Goodwill SF and James Heckman, Chief Strategy Officer of Zazzle.

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Chris Brown Joins Zazzle

June 11, 2008

Chris Brown, the multi-platinum recording artist, just joined Zazzle to sell “Exclusive” Chris Brown merchandise from his new album “Exclusive: The Forever Edition” and other works! That means you can get all your Chris Brown posters, Chris Brown t-shirts, Chris Brown mugs and customize each one to make it your unique Chris Brown product. See the Chris Brown Gallery on Zazzle.

Chris Brown T-shirt Chris Brown Mousepad Chris Brown stamp

Check out the Zazzle Chris Brown Gallery and see below for the video of his new Grammy nominated single “Kiss, Kiss.”


10 Fun Dad T-Shirts

June 9, 2008

Haven’t found that perfect gift for the big man yet? Well, you better hurry up cause father’s day is next weekend (AHHH!). Don’t worry though, we’ve got a collection of great Father’s Day t-shirts that are sure to be perfect for your Dad. Check them out below, or see all of the Father’s Day t-shirts at Zazzle.

Family Guy father's day  star wars dad

World's greatest Dad name tag dark t-shirt  Dad-o-mite sweatshirt

Super Dad t-shirt  BBQ King T-shirt

Greatest Dad t-shirt  Father off duty t-shirt

Top Dad t-shirt  Dad sports supporter t-shirt



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Oh Hillary…

June 6, 2008

While she has yet to formally bow out, everybody and their mom knows it’s over for Hillary. At Zazzle, our contributors have been crankin’ to get products out there letting a certain someone know it’s time to toss in the towel. Check out some of my favorite designs below or, see more of the “it’s over” and all the Hillary gear in the Zazzle 2008 Election Center.

Now that Hillary is out, you better start stocking up on Obama t-shirts, and McCain t-shirts to show your support!

Hillary sucks t-shirt Hillary It's over t-shirt Hillary it's done

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Custom Baby Postage

June 5, 2008

Make your baby a star! Use Zazzle Custom Stamps to share your bundle of joy with friends and family all over the world! You can create baby postage in minutes, just add your baby’s photos, a personal message and more to our Zazzle Custom Stamps and you’ll have beautiful postage for all your baby announcements. Get started today, creating your custom baby postage!

Baby Hannah stamp

Don’t forget there are millions of great community designs for baby shower announcements and baby shower postage to help before the baby comes too.

baby shower cards

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Clinch your Presidential Gear!

June 4, 2008

Clinch your Obama, errr Hillary?, and McCain T-shirts!

As of last night, Obama became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, with what appeared to be clinching the nomination from his counterpart Hillary Clinton. However, Hillary did take the popular vote (at least according to her camp)– you go girl! Now, the race is sort of set and it’s almost time to get out there and start campaigning for your candidate with great gear like Barack bumper stickers, McCain buttons and yes, Hillary t-shirts.

Shop Zazzle’s 2008 Election Center to find all the gear you’ll need for the Presidential hopefuls this November (and issue gear too!).

Hillary 2008 t-shirt McCain t-shirt


Mars or Bust!

June 3, 2008

NASA landed another mission on Mars! The little robot called “Phoenix,” will help to teach the world more about the famous red planet. I’m hoping that after this mission they will announce a human trip to Mars…But while I wait, I am content to check out some of the amazing space posters and great Mars t-shirts on Zazzle! Some of my favorites are below.

Mars Rover Poster Mars University T-Shirt Mars Planet Poster

Go to Zazzle to see all the out of this world Mars products.

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